How to activate your RED by SFR SIM card?

How to activate your RED by SFR SIM card?
Activating your SIM card is an essential step for you to be able to use your operator's mobile network. Here's how to do it depending on your situation.

If you have just subscribed to a RED by SFR mobile plan, you must activate your SIM card in order to be able to use your smartphone normally and to be able to connect it to your operator's mobile network (here the SFR network, RED's parent company). The operation must also be carried out if you were already at RED but you needed a new SIM card for any reason (theft or loss of mobile, change of smartphone for a model supporting another SIM format , subscription to the Multisurf option, faulty SIM card, etc.).

We detail the procedure to follow below. It may vary depending on the situation you are in.

Activate your new RED SIM card while keeping your phone number

This is the easiest case to deal with. If you left your old operator and asked RED to port your phone number, the SIM card is then automatically activated. The average activation time is six days after placing the order. It is also possible to choose a later date when subscribing.

The exact date on which the SIM card will automatically be activated is communicated to you by e-mail or SMS according to your contact preferences. It is possible to modify the activation date of the line up to three days before the scheduled date. All you have to do is access the "Order tracking" section of your customer account.

Activate your new RED SIM card with a new phone number

If you have opted for a new telephone number, you will have to activate your SIM card yourself when you receive it (or later if you wish). To do this, log in to your RED customer account. In the “Offer and Mobile” section, go to the “Mobile” tab and scroll down to the “SIM card” section. You can then click on “Activate your SIM card”. Fill in the SIM card number (available on the card itself and the documents sent to RED) and click on the validation button. Once you have received confirmation from RED by message, your SIM card is activated. Check that everything is working fine by trying to send an SMS, make a call and connect to the 4G network.

Activate your RED SIM card when you are already a customer

In another scenario, you were already a RED customer and you ordered a new SIM card from the operator. It is sometimes necessary to change the SIM card in the event of a new subscription formula (but this is not systematic, it is even rather rare) with the same supplier. If the SIM card is no longer in your possession (due to a stolen or lost smartphone, for example - remember in this case to block your old card), if you have changed your smartphone and the compatible SIM card format is different from that used by your old model or if you have subscribed to the Multisurf option which allows you to share the mobile data of your plan between several devices via different SIM cards (for a tablet or a 4G box for example), then find out, below, the procedure to follow.

Using your credentials, log in to your RED customer area. Then click on “Offer and Mobile” to enter your line options. Then go to the "Mobile" tab and scroll down until you see the part devoted to the "SIM card". Click on “Activate your SIM card” then type the card number to finalize the operation.

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