How to add a video to your TikTok favorites list?

TikTok , it's thousands and thousands of videos posted per day. This social network is known to be quite time-consuming and the content is all more varied than the other. Do you particularly like a video? It is possible to add it to a list of favorites, named “Collections” in a few clicks.

The TikTok platform allows you to select videos worthy of interest and classify them in a list of favorites. Collections are available on the user profile and can be sorted as desired. To do this, all you have to do is create subcategories and store your videos there. We show you how to do it in this short tutorial.

Add a video to your TikTok collection

When a video is interesting, it can be stored in the Collections list by following these few steps:

1. Long press the video to favorite. 

2. A menu appears: it is possible here to send the video to your friends, to report it if it turns out to be inappropriate, to tell TikTok that you do not like this theme but also, and above all, to add this content to your favourites. To do this, click on “Add to favorites”.

The platform confirms that the video has been recorded. Click on the black confirmation banner to create a collection.

3. If you've never added a collection, TikTok will prompt you to create one by typing a title into a field. You are allowed 30 characters. It's all good ? Click the red “Save” button to create the new collection. 

4. If you have already created a collection, you will have the choice to classify your video in your different directories or to create a new one.

Once this has been done, it is possible to find the recorded video at any time by going to your user account and clicking on the bookmark icon, located next to the “Edit profile” button.

You can also add sounds, effects and hashtags to your favourites.

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