How to automatically get the average of multiple cells in Excel?

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Did you know that Excel was able to automatically calculate an average? In this tutorial, we show you how to do it!

Automatically get average of multiple cells in Excel

  1. Select cell where you want to display the automatic average of multiple cells.

  2. In the tab Home on the ribbon, click the small arrow to the left of the icon AutoSum ( ∑ ) Section Packages, And then Average

  3. Excel will attempt to automatically detect the cells it needs to average. If the wrong cells are selected, then you will have to select them yourself. Note: hold down your left mouse click to select multiple adjacent cells. Click while holding the key Ctrl if they are distant squares.

  4. Once the cells are selected, press the enter key on your keyboard to have Excel calculate the cells you selected.

Automating your calculations with Excel allows you to save a lot of time without worrying about the syntax of formulas. With practice the handling of these functions will become a habit, but you still need to know that Excel can do it for you.

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