How to backup and save your data

Il data backup it is a fundamental practice today but its meaning and its usefulness are not clear to everyone. Periodically backing up your devices can prove to be a very useful habit to avoid losing months and months of work, documents and precious information.

The significance of Data Backup?

How to backup and save your dataBy data backup we mean the creation of a safety copy of files and folders that are usually kept inside a database, physical or virtual. It is about a real "copy and paste" than what is on the physical memory of the computer, smartphone or tablet that is saved in a different place from the memory of the device itself.

The secondary database can be physical or digital. In the first case, it can be an external hard drive, a USB key or even another computer. In the case of a virtual database, on the other hand, we rely on cloud-type storage which therefore uses the internet connection to store data on an online server.

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Why make a backup save?

Usually this type of backup is done for two main purposes:

  • Recover data in case of loss or damage. This process serves to protect important files from digital threats so that they can be restored in the event of an accident or simple system maintenance. Anomalies, failures, errors, thefts, viruses are just some examples of threats that can irreparably damage your files. Among these we cannot fail to mention type viruses ransomware more and more widespread. This type of virus works by blocking all documents on the computer or devices connected to it. It is often impossible to unlock them, except by paying a monetary ransom requested by the hacker
  • Retrieve data before a major change. This case applies to recovering an earlier version of a program or document than the current one. It is usually carried out before delicate operations or operations that require a clear vision of the “before and after” intervention or, if necessary, restore the situation to the moment before the intervention.

For these reasons it is necessary to periodically back up all the data considered critical or vulnerable. It is a tedious and time-consuming procedure (depending on the amount of information) but it represents a lifeline for companies and individuals.

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How to make a data backup

Now that we know the power and meaning of data backup, let's get down to the practice and find out how to protect our precious folders.

there 3 main types of backups to be applied according to the need or the quantity of files and are:

  • Full backup - is the simplest and most used type of backup. It consists of a copy of the files and folders as they are, none excluded
  • Incremental - This type stores the files created and modified since the last full backup performed, leaving intact those files that have not been altered. This is a quicker and more versatile procedure than the previous one
  • Synthetic suit - Similar to the incremental type except that the changes since the last backup are not stored in a separate file but are merged with the most recent full backup. This typology combines the advantages of the two typologies seen so far, requiring, however, a greater amount of time

Fortunately for us, virtually all the latest operating systems and devices come with internal software to allow us to make a backup quickly and easily.


How to backup and save your dataThe Windows operating system has already pre-installed a program that allows quick creation of backups. In the case of Windows 10, the latest generation operating system, you can use File History to back up your PC. To use file history:

  • click Home
  • Select Settings
  • Select Update and securityQuindi la voce Backup
  • click Add a unit and follow the instructions to complete the procedure

In recent years, Windows has also made the service available to users Microsoft OneDrive for anyone with a Microsoft account. It is a service of cloud storage which automatically saves files, usually contained in specific folders dedicated to OneDrive, a free solution that offers 5GB of space, expandable with a monthly subscription.


Mac provides the excellent tool time Machine, a program that, in a few simple clicks, allows you to create a complete backup of your device. To access Time Machine, simply:

  • Enter Pref Renze of system
  • Select time Machine
  • click Select backup disk and then add / remove disk from the list
  • At this point, just select the disk to save and that's it

The first backup must necessarily be complete, therefore it will require a large amount of time, however necessary for the protection of all data.


The operating system Android allows you to create different types of backups according to our goal. It is possible, for example, to create a backup of installed applications and their data, alarms, system password history, Wi-Fi and much more. For this type of procedure, the cloud di Google that, through the account gmail, can have quick access to our favorite settings, in case we decide to change smartphone or reset it to factory settings.

To activate the Google backup, just:

  • Enter the Isettings
  • Select Backup e Restoration and then Backup my data
  • Select the Gmail account to use

To save files, documents and photos, the most used type of backup is obviously the "manual" one, connecting the Android smartphone to a PC and manually copying the folders inside the computer.

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The mobile devices of Apple are supported by iCloud, an online space offered by Apple for backing up all your data. To activate this function, simply:

  • Enter the Settings and select your profile
  • Then select the item iCloud e ICloud Backup
  • Move the lever to ON and select which applications or system functions to connect to the cloud

In this way you will have connected to your account all the information and useful data in all Apple devices who use that specific account. Once logged in, iCloud will continue to work autonomously as long as the device has an internet connection, so as not to lose any data.

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The meaning of backup: security

We thus discovered the true meaning of data backup, its value and how to carry out the procedure. So let's remember to keep our data and information safe from internet threats to continue to make the best use of technology and be prepared for any unexpected events.

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