How to boost home Wi-Fi using an extender or Powerline adapter

How to boost home Wi-Fi using an extender or Powerline adapter

Why choose one or the other

When you live in a very large house, or on multiple floors, it can be really frustrating to see that there are places where the signal does not arrive or is very weak. Unfortunately it is a very common scenario, which can be solved thanks to special products.

For convenience, they can be divided into two large groups: the extend Wi-Fi he Powerline adapters.

As far as the to extend: Imagine that the only place you can place the Wi-Fi router in your home is too far from the room where you need the connection. It is therefore necessary to have a device that is able to "extend" or "repeat" (this is why these devices are also called "repeater") the existing signal.

There are two components of an extender: one connects to the existing wireless network, transmits the signal to the other component, and your devices (smartphone, pc etc.) connect to the latter. The configuration is carried out by connecting to an address via browser, from which you can enter the login data of your network.

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It is obvious that the extender cannot be placed anywhere, because it must be able to connect to the main router. Choose an area that is within the area covered by the router, but closer to the area that needs extended coverage.

If you need to extend the signal over a really large area you can connect multiple devices in a way known as a "daisy chain". Keep in mind, however, that the signal decreases as it passes through more repeaters.

I repeater single-band receive and return packets using a single radio and a single channel. They are therefore very limited as regards the available bandwidth. The dual-band ones instead have two radios, and the problem is much less pronounced, but the price is higher.

- Powerline adapters instead they are devices that, unlike common extenders, transmit the Wi-Fi signal from one part of the building to the other but do not necessarily have to be within the range of the router.

To convey the internet signal, they simply use the home electrical network. Just plug one of the two components into a socket near the router, and the other into another socket where you need the internet connection. At the other end you can connect a device via Ethernet cable.

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One of the biggest drawbacks of the extend Wi-Fi is their reliability: if on the one hand you use a fast connection, on the other you have to resign yourself to the fact that there may be times when you will suffer slowdowns or in extreme cases signal interruptions. Very frustrating if you are in the middle of an online gaming session with friends, and embarrassing if you have to do smart working video conferences.

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