Internet and the dangers of the dark web

Internet and the dangers of the dark web

The network we frequent every day is only a small part of the web, a guide to its 'slums'

Did you know that the Internet, as we know it, does not represent the totality of the world network at all? Indeed, the World Wide Web constitutes only a small percentage of the contents of the network: it is estimated that over 95% of the Internet is composed of deep web, that is, from data not indexed by search engines and / or protected by passwords, therefore not freely reachable. Of these, a lot of contents are illegal or in any case connected to illegal activities, and then in that case we are talking about Dark web, 'dark' web.

The Deep web
deep web is the name used for all those contents not freely accessible by users: among these, if you think about it, there are all the sensitive data of individuals and institutions. Mail, financial and health data, government files, and in general everything that is protected by Password. Very often these are data that are still accessible from the browser, provided that you know the access keys as authorized subjects. I am therefore content that is not illegal but hidden for security or confidentiality reasons. However, the situation is different with regards to the Dark web.

The dark web and illegal content
Il Dark web represents that portion of the deep web which instead hosts illegal content: speaking of 'web', that is 'network', in this case is an imprecision, given that the portals present within it have a very limited number of reciprocal connections (just 13%), precisely in order not to be easily found. What's on the dark web? A recent research of the Senseable City Lab, a department of MIT, recently attempted to map the dark web and shows how literally everything is inside. First of all, in the Dark web it is possible to buy and sell any kind of illegal material: counterfeit software, weapons, drugs, drugs, identity documents, credit card numbers, child pornography material etc. Furthermore, communications from criminals and terrorists often pass through these channels.

Visit the Dark web, of course, it is not easy: common browsers are not used, but appropriate clients, often modified, or software for anonymous browsing such as Tor. Equally obviously, the Dark web is a 'territory' constantly in the sights of police and investigators, due to its illegal contents, and periodically subject to cyber 'raids' by security forces around the world. Last summer, for example, theFBI has managed to take control of Playpen, an illegal store, to then reach almost 200 indictments among its patrons.

The advice, therefore, is to avoid inappropriate and improvised 'trips' to the Dark web: the 'visible' network is already full of contents of all kinds and put further your safety is at risk (IT and personal) with raids in the 'slums' of the Internet is not exactly a good idea.

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