How to change my Twitter password?

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Protecting your Twitter account is essential and notably involves setting up a password. But in order to ensure your security and that of your personal data, consider modifying it, or even recreating one from scratch regularly!

To help you, let yourself be guided by this tutorial dedicated to teaching you how to manage your Twitter account which will explain to you step by step how to change your Twitter password.

Change your Twitter password

  1. Open your account Twitter and go to the Menu by clicking on your profile icon at the top right of the screen. Then click on Settings and privacy.

  2. In the left column, open the section Password.

  3. Complete the various fields of the form, then click on the button Save Changes.

Your password has been changed! Don't forget to make this small change regularly, which only takes a few seconds, in order to protect your Twitter account as much as possible from hacking attempts.

Do not hesitate to use and abuse lowercase, uppercase, numbers and symbols and avoid at all costs to put your date of birth or the eternal 1234! If during the manipulation, you realize that you no longer remember your current password, click on the blue link Forgot your password? Twitter will then send you an email to manually reset your password.

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