How to create an Instagram account?

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With its billion users, Instagram is one of the most visited social networks on the web planet. Ideal for all lovers of beautiful photos and sublime images, the application is nomadic and is accessible on all smartphones. In this tutorial dedicated to teaching you how to manage your Instagram account, we will see how to create an account in a few clicks, at your fingertips!

Create an Instagram account

  1. Visit the App Store or Google Play for download instagram app.

  2. Open the app by clicking on the icon. On the home page, click Sign up with email or phone number or Create an account. Good to know: If you have a Facebook account, the blue Continue as @yourFacebookhandle button can be used to create your Instagram account faster.

  3. A dialog box appears asking for permission to access your contacts. Click on Decline ou To allow.

  4. Complete the free field with your phone number Or your email, Then click on the button Next.

  5. Fill out the form indicating your first and last name. Then choose a Password And click Continue and sync contacts if you want Instagram to help you find friends through your directory. Otherwise, click Continue without syncing contacts. A welcome message will appear. Then click on the button Next.

  6. Indicate your age by checking the box 18 years or older if you are of legal age or, where applicable, Less than 18 years. Then click on Next.

  7. Wait a few moments. In the new page that opens, Instagram offers you to find your Facebook friends to subscribe directly to their Instagram account. If you wish, you can click on the button Connect to Facebook. Otherwise, just click Ignore.

  8. You can now personalize your Instagram account with a profile photo. To do this, click on Add a picture. Once selected, click Next. If you deal with it later, click Ignore.

Your Instagram account has been created and you land directly on a welcome page. Now it's time to explore this new social network a little more, add your bio and above all share your best photos and videos! And of course, you can also subscribe to the accounts of your friends and influencers you like.

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