How to cut an online video

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Did you shoot an event very dear to you but the video you generated is really too big? Are there any unnecessary scenes (such as frame changes or shooting during the start of recortheng) that you want to eliminate at all costs?

The first thought that crosses your mind is to use a video etheting program on your PC to trim the video as you wish, but there is actually a much faster and more practical alternative available: trimming a video online. Using a web service you won't have to waste time fintheng the right program for your operating system and you can cut online videos with any web browser.

How to cut an online video

Below you can find them all the best free web services to process a video stream.

1. Cutter Video Online

Another good service that you can use online to ethet videos is “Online Video Cutter”. To use it, just use the "Open file" button or alternatively the Google Drive button (to upload videos from your cloud) or the URL button (to insert a video present on other web pages). As soon as the file is loaded into the service you can choose which parts to cut using the selectors and finally clicking on the "Cut" button, as shown in the image below.

Compared to the previous service, Cutter Video Online allows you to upload much larger files (up to 500MB).

2. Wincreator

Cropping a video with this service is very simple: use the “Choose file” button or drag the video of your interest into the window. At the end of the upload, the simple ethetor of the site will open, where you can move the two cut inthecators to cut the portion of the video you are interested in. When you're done, just press down on "I'm done, create!" to start downloatheng the selected part of the video.

The web service is pretty good, too bad for the upload limit set at only 50MB.

3. Video Toolbox

This web service offers tons of tools to ethet videos, inclutheng trimming some scenes in particular without having to use only fixed selectors (as seen so far). This way you can get a video cut exactly how you want it. The site requires a free registration in order to be used.

To use this service it will be sufficient to register, upload the video file to be cut and select the action to be performed in the Your Files menu, that is “Crop video”.

Use the selectors to choose which scene or which scenes to cut, then click the Download button to download the etheted video file to your PC. With Video Toolbox you can upload video files up to 600MB, the highest limit among all services for cut a video, the only flaw is the registration request to access the services.

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Other sites to crop a video

In adthetion to the services seen in this guide, other services similar to those described in the article are available; below is the list of alternative sites:

  • WeVideo
  • Cloud Video Etheting
  • Cellsea fre online video ethetor
How to cut an online video

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