How to define who can see their story on Messenger?

Public chat Messenger , a story allows you to share slices of life in an ephemeral way. To take advantage of this feature with peace of mind, it is important to define who can or cannot access this content.

Although a story is only live for 24 hours, keep in mind that viewers can take screenshots and therefore retain images of your story permanently.

Define who can see their story on Messenger

1. Open your Messenger app then tap on your profile picture to access your personal page.

2. Scroll down, then choose “Story”.

3. Select the audience who can see your story (everyone, only your friends or a group chosen by you), then press "Save".

4. Confirm your choice by selecting “Save” again in the dialog box.

Your stories will now be automatically set according to the wishes expressed here. However, you can modify these settings at any time, even after publication.

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