How to download videos from Instagram TV (IGTV)

IGTV is the recent service video the Instagram, which gives the possibility to upload videos up to a maximum duration of 1 hour and accessible even after 24 hours from publication, as opposed to the stories that thesappear after 24 hours and last a maximum of 15 seconds. In this new guide, we'll look at what all the best methods are for download videos from IGTV.

The main methods to be able to download videos from Instagram TV are essentially two, namely via place, using some online services, or through Whatsapp for mobile devices (smartphones and tablets).

Find the explanation of both methods in the next paragraphs, if instead you want to increase your followers or prefer to download other types of content from Instagram, you can take a look at our insights on how to download photos and Stories. We always invite you to respect the rights of content creators, the ethetorial staff of GiartheniBlog is always for the respect of intellectual property.

How to download videos from IGTV via site

downloading any video found on Instagram TV is really simple, thanks to the free service offered by the site IGTV Saver. But first, we need to copy the link of the video to download, for those who do not know how to do it, find the explanation below

To copy the video link, please follow the steps below:

Now that you have copied the link of the video to download, open your browser and connect to the site IGTVSaver and follow the steps below:

When the download is complete, you will have the video downloaded in mp4 format.

If IGTV Downloader doesn't work properly, here are three very similar alternative sites:

  • Download IGTV videos
  • IGTV Videos Downloader

If you want to convert the downloaded video to another format or create a new video to your liking, you may be interested in these free video etheting programs.

If you prefer to use an app instead of the online services just proposed, find the solution in the next paragraph.

Download videos from IGTV via app

The procedure also in this case is very simple and quick. First you need to install the free Video Downloader for Instagram app from the Play Store.

Then copy the link of the IGTV video you are interested in on Instagram, open the newly installed app and follow these steps:

Here are some of the many sharing operations that you can play with the video you just saved (see image below). You can share it on any messaging service o social networks, send it by email or upload it to in cloud on dropbox, google drive or other similar services.

You can also choose to perform any operation at a later time, as the IGTV video file comes saved in a specific folder on your smartphone, which you can reach thanks to the basic file manager on your smartphone or by installing one from the playstore, among those suggested in the article just linked.

To find the folder where the videos are saved, simply click on the 3 lines at the top to open the menu and then you have to:

This app is very versatile as it allows you to download other content on Instagram such as photo, video and even hashtags used by users in the content we are copying, useful option for reposting saved content.

Our in-depth study on how to download videos from IGTV has ended, we have tried to bring together in one post all the ways available on the net so that everyone can choose the solution that best suits their needs.

How to download videos from Instagram TV (IGTV)

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