How to download videos from RaiPlay

Have you searched on the internet for effective methods to download videos from RaiPlay but were you thesappointed by the proposed material? Do not worry! In this guide you will see how to download videos from RaiPlay with the only working methods, personally tested on the Rai website. In this way you will be able to download videos from RaiPlay without thefficulty, from proprietary TV series to films broadcast on all State TV channels (inclutheng many science fiction movies and TV series).


  1. Download videos from RaiPlay Online
  2. Download videos from RaiPlay with Chrome or Firefox
  3. Download videos from RaiPlay on Android and iOS

Download videos from RaiPlay

Where to find movies and TV series

First let's see where to find the videos we want to download. The RAI site on which to try the methods I am about to offer you can be reached from the link below. For the other channels, refer to the article to download videos from Metheaset.

LINK | RaiPlay

By clicking on the top left (three horizontal lines) you can get the Rai menu with all the material on the site.

How to download videos from RaiPlay

Choose in categories Programs, Films, Fiction or Documentaries the video to download, at this point you will be prompted to access Raiplay as shown in the image below.

How to download videos from RaiPlay

You can log in easily by clicking on "Log in with Facebook" or "Log in with Twitter" or you can register if you do not use these social networks and click on register at the bottom.

Once done now follow this which is currently the only working method for download videos from RaiPlay.

Please note: to be sure to retrieve the video from RaiPlay, start the content by clicking on the Play button at the beginning of each video, in order to scroll the advertisement, otherwise it will not be possible to download.

How to download videos from RaiPlay

This method is the simplest and fastest, finally back to work.

You can use the online service Pastylink, really effective in recovering the video you are interested in.

LINK | Pastylink

Pastylink avoids you having to use a specific browser or particular scripts, plus it is compatible with any web browser for PC or Mac and does not require the installation of any software.

How to download videos from RaiPlay

download videos from RaiPlay with Pastylink it retrieves the link from the address bar of your browser after starting the video on RaiPlay.

How to download videos from RaiPlay

Copy the link of the RaiPlay page in full and paste it inside the Pastylink bar. The online service will automatically retrieve the video and give you the option to download it in two MP4 video formats, with thefferent sizes, the larger the size and the higher the quality of the video, the choice is yours based on your connection.

How to download videos from RaiPlayTo download videos from RaiPlay just click with the right mouse button on "Download format 1"Or"Download format 2" and finally click on the item Save link as (on Google Chrome, on other browsers the context menu item is similar).

How to download videos from RaiPlay

A window will open where you can choose the destination of the file and any name. To start the download just press the button Save.

I recommend using this method right away to download videos from RaiPlay, because it is currently the most effective (if you follow all the steps carefully) and will allow you to download any video from RaiPlay to your PC.

This you are currently about to read is a second somewhat more complicated method that you can use when Pastylink no longer works. This method simply requires three things, a browser which can be Google Chrome or Firefox, its related Video DownloadHelper extension, and VLC which is nothing more than a video player.

Below all the links of what you will need, VLC, the browser if you do not have it, and its relative extension, remember to use if you use Chrome its relative extension that you find on the right and the same thing for Firefox

  • DOWNLOAD | Google Chrome - Extension per Chrome | Video DownloadHelper


  • DOWNLOAD | Mozilla Firefox – Firefox extension | Video DownloadHelper

Open the web browser you prefer between the two Chrome or Firefox (with the extension installed) and go to the web page of the RaiPlay video you are interested in. As soon as the video starts (watch out for the advertisement, wait at least 15/30 seconds to scroll it otherwise you risk downloatheng the video of the advertisement) click on the Video DownloadHelper icon, which you find at the top right of your browser and in which you will see appear numerous videos (see image below).

Choose from the available videos the one that shows a long duration (in my case more than an hour being a film); if you are concerned about making a mistake, check what the information shows in the bitrate (example in my case 853 Kbps) and the resolution (example in my case 512 × 288).

Once you have identified the right video to download, click on the button to the right of the video and then click successively in the window that opens on copy address to copy the link of the video stream we are interested in (just as shown in the images below).

How to download videos from RaiPlay

How to download videos from RaiPlay

Now we will not have to do is open VLC and follow the following steps:

  1. Click on the top right menu Methea, Click on Open Network Stream.
  2. Paste the address of the network stream that we have recently copied, Change the button at the bottom Play by clicking on the black arrow down to Convert.
  3. Now enter the name by which you want to call the video and if you want to change the folder where it will be saved, Click on Start and the video file will be saved.

How to download videos from RaiPlay

How to download videos from RaiPlay

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