How to edit a video

After reading my guide on how to post a video on Facebook, you have decided to upload to your profile some videos you made during the concert of your favorite singer. First, though, you would like to improve its quality and make some changes, such as cutting out some unnecessary parts and adding effects and filters. Not being particularly knowledgeable on the subject, you would like to know the solutions at your disposal to be able to edit your movies. Is that so? So I don't see where the problem is: if you want, I'm here to help you succeed!

Be my dedicate every minute of your time, free, posso spiegarti how to edit a video both from computer and from smartphones and tablets. In fact, you must know that there are solutions for every need and, above all, for every type of user: there are free programs that allow you to make simple cuts and add transitions and filters to movies with ease; other paid software (but with free trial) that have more advanced features aimed at more experienced and demanding users. In addition, there are online services that work directly from the browser and applications to edit videos directly from smartphones and tablets.

If you agree, let's not waste any more time chatting and let's get to work immediately. Take five minutes of free time, dedicate to reading the next paragraphs and choose the solution that you think best suits your needs. Read carefully the instructions I am about to give you, try to put them into practice and I assure you that editing a video will really be a breeze. Enjoy the reading!


How to edit a video on PC

Among the first solutions to consider for edit a video there are programs to install on your computer. Here are some of the ones that I think are the most interesting.

Avidemux (Windows/macOS)

How to edit a video

Among the best solutions for edit a video there is Avidemux, one of the most popular open source video editing software. Despite an apparently minimal and low-functionality interface, with Avidemux it is possible to crop the video, add effects and filters, edit the audio track and much more.

To download Avidemux on your computer, connected to the program's website, click on the button Download e seleziona l'opzione FossHub related to the operating system of your interest. Completed the download, if you have a PC Windows, double-click the file avidemux_ [version] .exe e pulsing sul pulsating Run, then click on the buttons Next e I agree, pigia sul pulsating Next three consecutive times and click the button install to start the installation.

If you use a Mac, april il dmg package just downloaded, drag Avidemux in the folder Applications macOS and open the latter, then right-click on the program icon and select the item apri from the menu that appears to avoid macOS restrictions for applications from non-certified developers (this is only necessary at the first start).

Now, start Avidemux, click on the icon folder present at the top left and select the video to edit to import it into the work area of ​​the program. Proceed, therefore, with the changes of your interest: for example, if you intend to make aesthetic changes by adding filters and effects to the movie, select the item Video present in the top menu and presses on the option filters give the menu to compare.

In the newly opened window, choose one of the options visible in the left sidebar (Transform, Interlacing, Color, Noise, Sharpness, Subtitles e Various) and choose the modification of your interest among those proposed. If, on the other hand, you want to make changes related to the audio of your movie, click on the entry Audio present in the top menu and select the option filters give the menu to compare.

Once you have finished editing your video, select the format in which to save it using the drop-down menus under the items Video output (to choose the video codec), Output audio (to set the codec to use for audio) e Container output to choose the size (MKV, MP4, REVIEWS, FLV etc.). Then click on the icon floppy disk present at the top left and presses the button Save as to export the movie. To learn more about how the software works, I leave you to my guide on how to use Avidemux.

iMovie (macOS)

How to edit a video

iMovie is a valid solution for editing videos on Mac. It is a video editing program from Apple and is installed as standard on all devices of the bitten apple, including iPhone / iPad in the form of an application. Alternatively, you can download it on macOS directly through the Mac App Store.

If you are using a Mac and believe that iMovie is the ideal solution for your needs, start the latter, click on the item Create new e seleziona l'opzione Footage from the menu that appears. Then click on the icon of freccia rivolta verse il basso present at the top, select the video to edit and press the button Import selected to import the video of your interest to iMovie.

Now, click on thepreview image of the video just imported and presses the button + to insert it into the iMovie workspace, then start making changes that interest you. If your intention is to cut a part of the movie, select it, pause with the mouse pointer on one of the two end video and as soon as the icon appears two arrows, drag the edge of the video right or left to shorten its duration.

Also, after selecting the video present in the iMovie timeline, you can correct its colors, apply effects and further trims, increase or decrease its speed, etc. using the commands at the top right above the player. By selecting the items instead Audio, Titles, Wallpapers e Transitions you can add one or more sound effects, text, and transition effects between clips to your movie.

Once the editing of the movie to be edited is complete, press the button of one freccia inside a quadrato (top right) to export it to your computer. Then click on the item Fillet and, in the new open window, presses the buttons NEXT e Save to export the video. To learn more and learn more about how the program works, you can read my guide on how to use iMovie.

Adobe Premiere Pro (Windows/macOS)

How to edit a video

Adobe Premier Pro is among the best professional programs for editing and editing videos. It is available for Windows PC and macOS and is included in the suite Creative Cloud, available as a subscription service starting at € 12,19 / month (for Adobe Premier Pro starting at € 24,39 / month). By downloading the trial version of Premier Pro, you can test its operation free of charge for 7 days.

To download the trial version of Adobe Premier Pro, connected to the official Adobe website and click on the item Free trial version present in the top menu. Once the download is complete, to install Premier Pro on your PC Windows, double-click the file Premiere_Pro_Set-Up.exe and presses the button Run. If, on the other hand, you use a Mac, april il dmg package downloaded, double-click the file Premier Pro Installer and enter the Password of your user account on macOS to start the installation.

In the new window open, whether you have Windows or macOS, click the button Log in and enter your account login details. If you don't have one yet, press the button Sign Up, enter your data in the fields Full name, Last name, Email address, Password e Birthday and click on the button Registration.

After logging into your account, indicate your proficiency level in Adobe Premier Pro (Beginner, Intermediate o Advanced) and click on the button Continue, then follow the wizard and press the buttons Continue e Start installing. Then wait for the installation to reach 100% and that's it.

You are now ready to edit a video with Adobe Premier Pro. Then start the program and click on the button Ignore to access the Adobe Premier Pro workspace, then click on the item Fillet present in the top menu, select the options New e Project e pulsing sul pulsating OK to start a new project. To import the video you want to edit, you can use the box at the bottom left by clicking on the option Browser multimedia and selecting the file to import, otherwise click on the items Fillet e Import from the top menu and select the video of your interest.

After importing the video, drag it to the timeline visible below and proceed with editing the video by selecting the options available at the top (Assembly, mounting, Color, Effects, Audio etc.) depending on the changes you intend to make. For example, if you want to add text to the movie, select the item mounting and click on the icon letter "T" at the bottom, while to change the colors of the video select the option Color and make the changes you want using the tools in the sidebar that appears on the right.

Once you've finished editing your video, you can move on to exporting the video. Then select the item Fillet present in the top menu and click on the options Export e Multimedia files from the menu that appears. In the new window opened, select the export format using the drop-down menu next to the item Format e pulsing sul pulsating Export to export the edited video.

Other programs for editing a video

How to edit a video

If the programs that I have proposed to you in the previous paragraphs have not completely satisfied your needs, you must know that there are so many software to edit your movies that you are spoiled for choice.

  • Final Cut Pro (macOS): it is among the most used professional software for video editing and editing on Mac. It has a multitrack timeline, an easy-to-use interface (very similar to that of iMovie) and allows you to apply all kinds of changes to your videos. In addition to the basic functions, it allows you to add additional functions, to be installed using special plugins. It is available in a free 30-day trial version, after which it costs 329,99 euros.
  • Lightworks (Windows/macOS): is another good program for video editing. It has all the features of a common video editing software, but in its free version it allows the export of movies exclusively online (YouTube, Vimeo etc.). In order not to have limitations and to export the video also to your computer, you need to purchase the version Lightworks Pro starting from 19,99 euros.
  • VideoPad (Windows/macOS/Linux): it is the ideal solution for users who are new to video editing. It has an easy-to-use interface but equipped with all the main features that a good video editing program must have. In addition to allowing you to import videos on your computer, it allows you to edit and edit videos imported from online platforms, such as YouTube and Facebook. It is available in a free 30-day trial version, after which it starts at $ 29,99.
  • OpenShot (Windows/macOS/Linux): it is a free and easy to use program. It offers a multitrack timeline and is the ideal solution for those who want to edit a video without special needs.

How to edit an online video

In addition to the programs proposed in the previous paragraphs, to be installed on your computer, you must know that there are also services for edit an online video, which work directly from the browser: here is a list of those that I think are most interesting.


How to edit a video

Not everyone knows that about YouTube, the famous Google video sharing and viewing platform, there is an integrated editor that allows you to edit the videos uploaded to your channel, applying quality improvements and adding effects and filters.

To edit an online video with YouTube, connected to the main page of the Google platform, click on the button Log in (top right) and select the Google account associated with your YouTube channel. Once logged into your channel, click on yours photo collocata in alto a destra e seleciona la voce YouTube Studio give the menu to compare.

In the newly opened page, select the item Video from the left sidebar, hover the mouse cursor over thumbnail of the video to edit e clicca sull'icona della pencil that appears next to him. This will open a page through which to modify title e Description of the movie.

To access the actual editor and have the ability to cut scenes, add audio tracks, etc., select the itemEditor from the left sidebar. To learn more, you can read my guides on how YouTube works and how to cut a video from YouTube.

If the editor included in YouTube doesn't seem advanced enough, you can edit your videos offline, with a more complete editor, and then upload it to the famous Google platform. In this regard, I recommend you Wondershare filmora: a video editor that manages to combine ease of use in an excellent way (it has a very intuitive interface fully translated in 2022no) and advanced features.

How to edit a video

Wondershare Filmora allows you to cut, merge and resize videos, apply effects, add background music, text and much more. It also includes a library of clip audio royalty free it's one store One-Stop with royalty-free audio clips, media and video effects for free to use. 

It can be downloaded and used at no cost on both Windows and macOS and allows you to work with all major multimedia file formats. It also supports exporting optimized movies for YouTube posting.

If you want to try Wondershare Filmora for free, connect to the official website of the program and click on download button, to download it to your computer. Once the download is complete, if you are using a PC Windows, start the .exe file obtained, click on the buttons Yes e Install, wait for all the files necessary for the software to function to be downloaded from the Internet and complete the setup by clicking on the button It begins now.

How to edit a video

Stai using a MacInstead, extract the file .zip you got, start theexecutable contained within it and complete the setup by clicking on the buttons apri e Install, waiting for the files necessary for the functioning of the program to be downloaded from the Internet and then clicking on the button starts.

How to edit a video

At the end of the installation, once Wondershare Filmora is launched, choose whether or not to follow the initial tutorial application and click on the button to continue using yours free trial. Then go to the menu Fillet (top left) and choose to create a new project indicating a aspect ratio among those available (eg. 16:9 widescreen o 4:3 standard).

Once this is done, drag to the box Import media files here the YouTube video you want to edit and then add it to the timeline of Wondershare Filmora, which you see below (if a warning appears, choose whether to match the resolution and framerate of the project to those of the video just added). Well: now you just have to use the many tools available in the program to complete your project.

Selecting the tabs Audio, Titles, Transition, Effects ed Elements (above) you can select these contents from the program library and add them to your project (always dragging them on the timeline), while clicking on one scene in timeline and clicking on the icons placed in the toolbar above you can apply various changes to the video: cut it (icon of scissors), resize it (icon of scissors), change its speed (icon of speedometer), correct the colors (icon of the palette), apply the green screen effect (icon of the green fabric), adjust advanced image parameters (icon of adjustment rods), add an audio narration (icon of the microphone) and so on.

When you are satisfied with the result, click on the button Export (above) and choose if export the video with watermark (free) or if purchase the full version of Wondershare Filmora which also includes free technical support and other benefits and costs € 44,99 / year or € 59,99 one-off. More info here.

How to edit a video

If you choose to export the video with watermark, click on the appropriate button and fill in the form that is proposed to you to create your free Wondershare account (you can also log in with an account Facebook, Twitter o Google).

Then click again on the export buttons with watermark, select the tab YouTube, log in to your account (by clicking on the appropriate button), enter title, Description, tag etc. in the appropriate fields, choose the quality where to upload the video online and click on the button Export, to start exporting it first and then uploading it to YouTube.

If you need advice on how to change the title, description and tags on YouTube, consult the appropriate guide on the Wondershare website.

Other online services for editing videos

How to edit a video

Your video is not intended for upload to YouTube and are you looking for an alternative way to edit your videos without resorting to installing computer programs? No problem! Here is a list of others online services for editing videos that might be right for you.

  • Video Tool Box: is a powerful online editor that allows you to upload your own movies and apply numerous video editing operations. Registration is required to use it, but it is completely free and supports numerous video formats (3GP, AVI, FLV, MKV, MOV, M4V, MP4, MPEG, MPG etc.). The maximum upload size allowed for files is 1,5GB.
  • WeVideo: in addition to offering itself as an online video editing service, it allows you to upload and edit both the videos on your computer and from other services, such as Facebook, Google Drive, Dropbox and Instagram. In its free version it allows you to import movies no longer than 15 minutes and export them with a maximum resolution of 480p. To remove these limitations and take advantage of additional features, you need to subscribe to a subscription plan starting at $ 4,99 / month.
  • Clipchamp: is a free online service that allows both conversion and compression of videos. In addition, it is an excellent online editor that allows you to cut, rotate and mirror movies, but also to add photos, text, filters, transitions and balance colors. Registration is required.

How to edit a video from your phone

If you are wondering how to edit a video from your phone, you should know that there are applications to download and install on smartphones and tablets that allow you to cut, rotate, add effects and transitions to the movies in the library of your device. Here are some that you can consider.

KineMaster (Android / iOS)

How to edit a video

Among the best applications to edit a video from smartphones and tablets there is KineMaster, available for Android and iOS devices. In its free version it applies a watermark (the application logo): to remove it and access all the features, you need to subscribe to a subscription plan for 3,56 euros / month or 28,46 euros / year on Android and 5,49, 45,99 euros / month or XNUMX euros / year on iPhone / iPad.

After downloading KineMaster from your device store, start the application by pressing its icon (the letter "K" on a red background), then tap the button + e seleziona l'opzione Empty project to access the workspace. Therefore, press on the option Media and select the video to edit to add it to the KineMaster timeline.

Now, choose one of the available options depending on the changes you intend to make to the movie: Audio to add sound effects, either by downloading them from the KineMaster store or by selecting songs and recordings from your device; Students' Testimonials to add voice recordings to be recorded in real time e Layer to insert effects, text, stickers and to draw freehand on the video.

Furthermore, by clicking on the icon of the rotella d'ingranaggio present in the menu on the left, you can manage the volume and apply fades to the movie. Once the changes are complete, tap on the icon of one freccia inside a quadrato to export the video by choosing the resolution (4K 2160p, FHD 1080p, HD 720p, 540p, 480p e 360p), the frame rate and quality, then presses the button Export And that's it.

iMovie (iOS)

How to edit a video

As mentioned above, iMovie it is also available as an application for iPhone / iPad. Although it has fewer features than the desktop version, it is still a powerful free tool that allows you to make changes to a video using your mobile device.

To edit a video with iMovie, start it, tap on the item Create progetto e seleziona l'opzione Footage, then select the video to edit and tap on the item Create movie to import it into the iMovie timeline.

Now, tap on the icon rotella d'ingranaggio present at the bottom right to add filters (Bianco e nero, Duotone, Blue, Silent film etc.) and apply a theme to your video (Travel, News, Perennial, Funny etc.). Also, by moving the lever next to the items Fade from black e Fade out from black da OFF a ON you can set a fade.

If, on the other hand, you want to change the speed of the video, cut parts of it or add text, tap on the video in the iMovie timeline to select it and press one of the icons available at the bottom: the scissors to split, separate and duplicate parts of videos; L'clock to increase or decrease the speed of the movie; the megaphone to manage the audio volume and the letter "T" to add custom text to the video.

Once you have finished editing your video, tap on the item end and presses on the icon of one freccia inside a quadrato to export the video. Then select the export quality (Average 300p, Big 540p, HD 720p e HD 1080p) And that's it.

App to edit a video

How to edit a video

If the solutions mentioned above haven't met your taste, here is a list of app to edit a video alternatives that might be right for you.

  • InShot (Android / iOS): is a free video editing application that allows you to make numerous changes to the videos in the library of your device. Among its main features, it allows you to cut videos, apply filters, effects, borders and writings and rotate movies made with the wrong orientation.
  • VideoShow (Android/iOS): is another application that allows you to edit videos via your mobile device. In addition to functions such as cutting and rotating movies, it allows you to increase the speed, insert subtitles and music and even use ready-to-use templates to customize your videos. In the free version it has limited functionality and allows you to export the edited video by applying a watermark that can be removed with an in app purchase of 1,09 euros. To access all the features, however, it is necessary to purchase the Pro version (14,99 euros are Android and 9,99 euros are iPhone / iPad).

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