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Fake location on Android it is an operation that is not necessarily done for illegal purposes. There are many reasons that can lead to seeking such a solution. For example, Android app developers whose apps have location-based functionality may need to fake the location of their phone to make sure everything is working properly. Non-developers, by camouflaging their location on Android, can bypass geo-blocks, test apps, protect their privacy, avoid being spied on, and so on. Or many decide to fake their position on Android just to show their friends or family that they are in "dream" places. Do you want to wander the sands of the Sahara or appear on the other side of the world? This trick it won't help you do it, but it will help make people think you did!

Here's what to do to fake GPS location on android in a few simple steps.

# 1. Enable Developer options

If you haven't done so already then enable "Developer Options" from the settings menu on your Android.

1. Find the "About phone" menu in the settings (may also be in the "System" category)

2. Scroll down and tap the “Version Number” button 7 times until a message appears telling you that you are a “developer”.

3. At this point go back to Settings and at the bottom you should find the button "Developer options"

#2. Install GPS spoofing app

Now you need to install an app that provides "false locations" to your phone. There are really a lot of these apps and below we want to point out a few.

1. Fake GPS location

Fake GPS location is probably the app free most popular for location spoofing (which means “spoofing”), and it's very simple to use. Just drag the map marker to the position where you want to view the phone and press the green button "Play”In the lower right corner. The "Pause" button in the left corner stops it. This app also offers the ability to search for an address, but this doesn't always work as it should.

2. Mock GPS with joystick

Fake GPS location is great for basic spoofing, but if you want to appear in movement (and not always in one place) you will need something with a few more features, like Mock GPS with joystick. With this app you can set the GPS to a certain location, and then use the joystick to make your device appear as it moves. You can also change the speed to simulate different travel modes and the joystick will, by default, remain on the screen as you switch between apps, allowing you to track your "movement" in other interfaces.

You can start spoofing by tapping anywhere on the screen and stop by pressing the red button at the bottom.

3. Fake GPS Location

For the truly demanding location spoofer, there is also Fake GPS Location - GPS JoyStick. All the extra features that are present in such an app make it a little more complex to use, but it does a great job of rendering real movements of your GPS and it even lets you send your GPS on a predetermined route - no manual control is required. It includes plenty of controls that stay on-screen even when you're using other apps, making it quite useful for situations where you may need to shift your position on the fly. Understanding all of this app's controls and settings might take a few minutes, but it's not impossible if you're willing to experiment a little.

# 3. Select the "fake position" app

To enable the location falsified on your Android, you will need to select the app you are giving GPS control to. Whenever you want to use a different spoofing app, you'll need to change this setting again.

1. Go to “Settings -> System -> Advanced -> Developer options“.

2. Scroll down to “Select the dummy location app” and click on it.

3. Choose the app you want to use to simulate your location. Selecting "Nothing" prevents any app from doing this.


The hard part is done! You are ready now. Open the spoofing app that you set up as a dummy location app and do what you need to do. If you have to pretend you're in another country to circumvent some sort of geo-blocking, you could also use a VPN with a server in the country you're pretending to be in, as some apps / services will double-check your location and address. IP.

If you have any problems you can also try turning off "Google Location Accuracy" in your location settings, as this may provide conflicting location information to your app based on the Wi-Fi and mobile networks that are in your location effective.

Of course, now that you have this awesome power of fake location on android, you have to try to use it in a way responsible. Avoiding the rules of an app or company could end up doing you more harm than good. Try to use this spoofing feature to protect your privacy or even to maybe play some funny pranks!

Is it legal to fake the location of your cell phone?

  • Yes. However, as we also wrote at the end of the article, these apps should be used to protect your privacy and not to "cover up" any illegitimate actions of yours.

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