How to install an APK file on my Android smartphone?

If, for various reasons, you wish to install an application on your Android smartphone by means other than the Google Play Store, it is quite possible. All you have to do is manually install an .apk file, or Android PacKage, which is like a small pack that brings together everything you need to run an application.

Learning how to manage applications on your Android smartphone also means learning how to manage .apk application files. Installing an .apk file can have many advantages, such as immediate access to new features, including updates, which are not yet available on the Google Store, or even downloading the Beta version of a program. You can also find files that have been deleted there or that have simply not been accepted on the store. Installing an .apk file directly also allows us, if it is important to us, to maintain a certain independence from the American giant Google.

During the installation, remain vigilant and remember to check the source that emits the program, because these files are less secure than on the Play Store. If you allow the file to access some of your information, avoid transmitting valuable content, including your bank details.

Allow access to unknown apps

Before you can install an .apk file, your phone must be granted access to unknown applications, i.e. for Android, programs that are not managed by Google.

  1. See you in the Parameters found in the general applications menu.

  2. Scroll to Safety and press it

  3. Now touch the line Install unknown apps

  4. You have in front of you a list composed of some of your applications. Touch the one with which you intend to install the .apk file. Right here, Ecosia. Depending on your device, you may not see this list but the principle will be the same. You will have to press the button named Unknown sources which will authorize access from all the applications then confirm by pressing OK.

  5. Finally touch the button Authorization from this source, which appears under the name of the chosen application. Once checked, the box will be blue, which means that the program is accessible to unknown sources.

You will now be able to install the .apk file you want.

Notes : once the installation is complete, it is preferable, for the security of your device, to redo this path and re-lock the chosen application.

Install an .apk file on Android

  1. After finding the file you were looking for and choosing a safe source and a reliable intermediary - here Expertsconnecting, of course - press Download.

  2. The file will start downloading. To then complete the installation, find your .apk file in your phone. Knowing its location will also be useful at the end of the journey to delete it. Leave the download page to go to the menu of your telephone and locate the search bar.

  3. type My files in this bar and touch the folder of the same name when it appears.

  4. Once in the files, select the icon with the inscription APK placed above the mention Installed files.

  5. Then touch the button Download.

  6. Now press the filename+.apk, ici aptoide-latest.apk.

  7. After possibly a few seconds of loading, the application will ask you if you wish to proceed with its installation. Touch the button Installer at the bottom right of the screen.

  8. Installation usually takes several seconds.

  9. When the installation is complete, press Open at the bottom of your screen.

Your .apk file is now downloaded and your application installed. It is advisable to delete the .apk file after installation to avoid overloading your Android device and preventing damage to it. All you have to do is go back to the same path and select the file then delete it. The application will remain well in its place near the others.

Install an .apk from your computer on your Android smartphone

For this operation as for the previous one, you must have authorized access to unknown applications on your smartphone.

  1. Download the software in .apk format you want to your computer. Remember to choose a safe site. On the appropriate page, click Download.

  2. Once your file has downloaded, tap on the folder that appeared at the bottom left of your screen. In the dialog box that opens, click Save as .

  3. Choose the location of your file, rename it to find it more easily later, then validate everything by clicking on Save.

  4. Then connect your phone to your PC using a USB cable. Then open the folder on your computer that contains your new .apk file and select or cut it.

  5. Tap on the name of your phone then choose the folder where you want to save the .apk program, for example Download (or Download). Then drag, or paste, your file onto the folder.

  6. See you now in My files with the help of the search bar if necessary.

  7. Now press the button Download

  8. Then touch your .apk file, here named apk file

  9. Validate the installation of your application by touching the button Installer

Your new application via an .apk file is now installed on your Android smartphone! Again, we advise you to delete the .apk file after this installation. Once your file has been downloaded to your computer, you don't need an internet connection to install it on your smartphone. This operation is particularly practical if you want to download several .apk files, so you will only have to cut and paste them all together.

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