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    How to install Windows 10 on a Nokia Lumia, first test

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    Another novelty is that it is now possible delete notifications one at a time; we can therefore remove a single email and not the whole Outlook group. You can still dismiss all notifications of an app with a single gesture, by swiping the title bar.

    Still on the subject of notifications, Windows 10 reminds us of important commitments when we turn off the phone: a last warning, for example, to remind us that it is mother's birthday and we still have time to call her and wish her well.

    Notifications are also now interactive, so you can reply to a message or email directly from the Action Center without opening the relevant application.

    File Explorer

    Windows 10 include un File Explorer (File Explorer) ie an application to move between files and folders as we do on the desktop. There are already applications (Windows Phone and Android), but it is the first time that we find this tool integrated into the operating system. The application is called "File Explorer" but apart from the name the rest is in English.

    At the top right we find a menu that allows us to choose between recent files and the whole device. Next to it is the current path, on which we can click to return to the previous folder or to the root. Further to the right, an arrow pointing upwards is used to go back one step only.

    The central part of the interface shows the folders and files, while at the bottom we find the tools available. The first is to select the items that we can then move to the trash, rename, move to another folder. The second button is used to create a new folder, the third to alternate between the two possible views, and the fourth is a magnifying glass to use to search through the files.

    Then, at the bottom right, we have the classic symbol of the three dots for the additional options which are: "update", "select" all or "delete selection" and "properties".

    New keyboard

    Another interesting new element of Windows 10 for smartphones is the keyboard. Now there is a new button for navigation, a virtual trackpoint placed between the "Z", "X", "Language" and ".com" buttons. Pressing it displays four arrows to move through the text with more precision than can only be done with your fingers.

    It is not a tool that will change lives and those who live on bread and touchscreens, but for others it could represent a big step forward when it comes to correcting a wrong letter in the middle of a word. This virtual trackpoint is not yet present in all apps, a sign that perhaps developers will need to change something to make it usable.

    We will then see a microphone, at the top, to start dictation. For now, however, this detail is only available in the United States as well as the voice assistant Cortana - however, it should not be long before the debut of the Italian version. By holding down the number button, Windows 10 gives quick access to the emoticons. The current Windows Phone 8.1 feature associated with long press is missing, but Microsoft may reintroduce it with future updates.

    Aesthetics and new apps

    Windows 10 is very similar to Windows 8.1 in appearance but there are some minor differences. If you look closely, you can see that the tiles are reproduced a little differently, because the transparency that lets you see the background image has been revised - this is also one of the new possibilities introduced with Windows 10.

    In the future, Microsoft is also expected to restore the full transparency that can be achieved today with Windows Phone 8.1, but we don't know when that will happen. We find new versions of Office in the Universal version, a new calculator and a new Photo application. There is no Spartan browser.


    Windows 10 for smartphones is already at a very advanced level and those with a compatible smartphone can try it immediately following a few simple steps. During our short test did not give any problems, but we tested it on an unused phone, with few saved data, few registered accounts and above all "expendable". It seems that Windows 10 for smartphones is stable, but it is still a preview and therefore it is not recommended to use it on the main phone.

    Nokia Lumia 830 Smartphone, 16 GB Nokia Lumia 1320 Smartphone, 8 GB

    At first sight it appeared a little slower than Windows Phone 8.1 on our Lumia 630, but it is not the case to judge the performance of a software that is not yet complete. That said, the progress made by Microsoft is evident. Windows 10 for smartphones realizes the promises made by the company in recent years.

    The new keyboard is very comfortable, although I'm not sure if the virtual trackpoint is really useful. The new function that can be activated with the "Numbers" key is interesting but I preferred it as it was in Windows Phone 8.1 because I hardly use emoticons. Hope Microsoft reverts to the previous version at least as an option.

    Le new functions of the photo application Automatic image enhancement as well as album creation directly from the app are more than welcome.

    All things considered, Windows 10 for smartphones is a pretty mature product to be a preview, and we believe Windows 8.1 users around the world will be happy to have it as a free update in a few months. 

    How to install Windows 10 on a Nokia Lumia, first test

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