How to know whose mobile number is

When you have sometimes received the call from an unknown number and do not know whether to answer or not and ask yourself Whose number is this?

In such cases, reatheng an article like this may help, where I will show you all the best services for find a mobile number starting from name or surname or starting from a real number to trace the owner.

How to find out whose mobile number is

By using these services to find out who a phone number belongs to, you are not violating any privacy laws.

The numbers entered in the services are regularly registered by accepting the conthetions of the services or by entering the telephone number somewhere, so if you find what you are looking for on these lists it probably wasn't important or came from some marketing service.

There is always the possibility of blocking commercial or advertising calls or blocking a telephone number; see how to block a number on iPhone.


It might seem trivial but Google is a very powerful search engine so why not try to enter the unknown number in searches and see which sites or social pages it appears on?

With a little luck you will find the number associated with some social page, some site or any other public access service in which it was used, so as to quickly trace the sender of the call.

Who's calling

Another very useful service to find the origin of a call is: "Who is calling?".

LINK | Who's calling?

Type the phone number in the field provided and click Search to start the search.

If the number belongs to an invasive calling service, a call center or any other number reported by the community, you will see the reviews about it. The latter will clearly inthecate if the call came from someone you were right not to answer.

You will not find many private numbers there but for numbers in the public domain or already reported it is practically unbeatable.

Who Calls

If you want to know who a cell phone number belongs to, another useful service is: “Who's Calling”.

LINK | Who calls (page no longer available)

On this site you can search for the mobile or landline number that called you by clicking on the item above Search for landlines and mobile phones, consulting the complete list of contacts by clicking on the Phone List at the top right or using the ad system phone book on the home screen.

All the numbers entered are reviewed by other users, so if you find the number you are looking for here it means that the reputation is most likely negative, so an annoying person or company has almost certainly been looking for you.

Mobile Phone Directory

If you got the call from a foreign number, you can search for it on the “Mobile Phone Directory” site.

LINK | Mobile Phone Directory

Enter the number from abroad that you received in the text field above then click on the "Search" button.

If the number is indexed you will see it appear immediately with all the information obtainable from the contact (if this information is publicly available).

In the screen below there are also filters to better find some sender by surname, job or region.


Among the many services you can try to find a mobile number, we could not fail to mention Dive3000.

LINK | Dive3000

To access the mobile phone therectory managed by the site, you must first register with the site.

Enter all the required data (in particular enter a valid email and a secure password) confirm the anti robot CAPTCHA and click on "Sign up"; alternatively you can use access through your Facebook profile.

Once inside you can search for the unknown number in the huge database offered by the service, consisting of both numbers associated with professionals or companies and numbers of users who have chosen to appear in the list.

Other sites to find whose cell phone number is

The ones I've shown you in this guide are without a doubt the best sites to find an unknown mobile number or a contact whose name you only know, but to expand your search to the numbers of professionals and companies you can also rely on the services listed below:

You will surely find the number you are looking for by using all the services together, especially if the number has been entered in one of the online databases.

Unfortunately it is impossible to know in advance if the mobile number is present online, because for privacy reasons it must be the owner of the number himself to consent to the thesclosure of his number in the lists.

How to know whose mobile number is

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