How to manage subscriptions and comments on YouTube?

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YouTube , it's more than a billion videos viewed every day and just as many interactions. To take advantage of this immense wealth, it is important to learn how to properly manage your subscriptions and comments. That's good, by reading the tutorials that we have concocted for you, you will know everything on the subject!

Comments and subscriptions are the sinews of war on YouTube. The former allow communication with other members and content creators. The latter are the perfect tool to not miss any media. Don't panic: we explain how to use this platform like an expert.

Everything you need to know about subscribing, unsubscribing and blocking

You've just signed up for YouTube and you're ready to take the plunge. Among the multitude of videos and themes, you have probably found media that you particularly liked. Why not subscribe to those who created them? Subscribing is a way to support your favorite Youtubers. It's also a great way to keep in touch with them. YouTube provides you with a “Subscriptions” feed in which all the videos you follow are uploaded. Convenient, isn't it? So, no more hesitation: find out how to subscribe to a YouTube member.

Of course, nothing is set in stone and you can grow your subscription list as you see fit. You don't like a creator that much anymore? No problem: with just a few clicks, you can learn how to unsubscribe from a YouTube member.

If you have a channel, know that you can even go further. When a member posts derogatory comments under your content, it is quite possible to hide these messages. How ? By blocking this unwanted user. We explain everything to you in the tutorial “How to block the author of a comment on YouTube”. Again, nothing is set in stone and you can always go back by learning how to unblock a member on YouTube.

The art of communication on YouTube

YouTube promotes interactions, especially through comments posted under videos. They are the ideal way to chat with a content creator, encourage him, ask him questions... So why deprive yourself of them? Learn how to comment on a video on YouTube and get started! It is also possible to interact with Youtubers in posts intended for the community. We explain everything to you in our dedicated tutorial.

In order to find yourself in the discussion stream, options exist to sort through the messages. You can indeed decide to consult the most popular or the most recent comments first, whether you are a creator or a simple member. Learn now how to filter comments on YouTube.

It is also possible, as the owner of a channel, to highlight a message so that all its members can read it. The tutorial "How to pin a comment on YouTube" explains everything in detail. You can also limit comments by choosing who can comment on your videos on this service. A very useful daily tool!

Finally, don't forget that it is possible to interact between members by liking or replying in the discussion thread. We tell you all about the subject in the tutorial “How to react to comments on YouTube”.

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