How to master all the features of TikTok?

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The social platform TikTok offers various possibilities and contains many interesting features. To master them is to make sure to take advantage of all the riches of this network. For optimal use, we detail here the most useful features.

The more you use a tool, the better you get to know it. There is always something to learn to perfect your handling of TikTok. The tutorials below will allow you to use the full potential of the platform.

Take advantage of all the features of TikTok

Professional account, private account… It can be practical not to mix tea towels and napkins. To avoid mixing brushes, some do not hesitate to create several accounts and it must be admitted that this is a very practical possibility. TikTok allows you to quickly switch between these accounts. To find out how, just read the following tutorial: “How to switch accounts on TikTok? ".

TikTok is millions of videos broadcast every day and more than 5 billion content viewed per month in Spain alone. In order not to end up overwhelmed, it is important to know how to navigate. Fortunately, the platform has thought of everything: it is possible to search for interesting content by learning how to find a video on TikTok.

Found a video you like? To be able to consult it whenever you want, know that the platform allows you to pin it. The tutorial “How to add a video to your TikTok favorites list? » gives you all the steps to follow to never lose valuable content to you again. It can also be useful to find out how to share a TikTok video to your friends and acquaintances.

TikTok also allows creators and professionals to stream content in real time. This feature is called LIVE. To not miss a thing, read the article "How to participate in a TikTok LIVE event" and do not miss the news of your favorite accounts.

Manage your videos well on TikTok

For those who want to share their content, TikTok offers an extraordinary showcase. Videos are, indeed, the sinews of war on this platform. They are a great way to spread information, entertain subscribers and find new ones. The video creation module is easy to use, if you master its subtleties. And thanks to our detailed article “How to create a video on TikTok”, you will know everything about it.

Of course, to stand out from the crowd, do not hesitate to use the many effects offered by the platform to enhance the content. Do not panic: everything is explained in the tutorial: “How to add effects on TikTok? ".

To finalize your video, it may be a good idea to choose an attractive cover image. This will be the first thing your followers will see on your profile. It should therefore not be neglected. To do this, follow the tips listed in the article "How to add a cover to a TikTok video?" ".

Master the advanced features of TikTok videos

Once you've mastered the basics of creating videos on TikTok, it's time to go deeper and check out the advanced features.

For example, it is possible to use another member's video and integrate it into their own content. This feature is called Duo. It can, of course, only be used if the member has previously activated it in their settings (this also applies to your account). It interests you ? Find out how to create a duet on Tik Tok.

Another function can be very practical for creating quality content: collage. It allows you to select several videos and paste them one after the other. Again, it is only possible to use content that has been approved in advance. We also advise you to indicate whether or not your videos can be resumed in your account settings. Then, all you have to do is follow the steps of the tutorial “How to create a collage on TikTok? ".

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