How to measure with your iPhone?

Did you know that you can measure distances very simply in iOS? We explain how to master this feature of your iPhone in this new tutorial!

Measure with your iPhone

  1. Open the Measurements app. If you can't find it, swipe down from the home screen and write " Measures ".

  2. Face the surface to be measured. Once your iPhone recognizes it, select the button "+" at the bottom of the screen to place a point.
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  3. Move your iPhone in the direction you want, then press again "+" in order to set a new point. The iPhone will show you the measurement for that line.
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Faced with rectangular or easily recognizable surfaces, the iPhone can also offer you to automatically calculate its length and width. Also, the Measurements application can be used as a level, and tell you if a surface is perpendicular to the ground or not.

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