How to properly manage your YouTube channel?

As indicated by his name, YouTube is a platform that allows users to create and broadcast their own videos. Since its creation in February 2005, the platform has continued to develop functionalities allowing subscribers to produce ever more attractive content. While many have relatively few subscribers, some Youtubers manage to reach the heights and build a solid reputation thanks to the platform.

Channels are a personalized space that can accommodate a large number of videos. They can be managed by one or more people: this is, for example, the case with brand or company accounts. To learn how to properly manage your YouTube channel, we have prepared a series of complete and quick tutorials. Learn now how to manage your channel like a real expert.

Customize your YouTube channel

The first thing to do when you have a YouTube account and want to broadcast videos is to create your channel. To do this, nothing simpler. Setting up a personal space on YouTube takes barely ten seconds. Find out now how to create a channel on the platform.

Once the latter has been designed, you have access to a home page. Horror ! It is totally empty. Fortunately, we have prepared something for you to customize your channel effectively. Boost your visibility by following the following tutorials: "How to modify the description of a channel on YouTube?" », « How to add a banner for your YouTube channel? », « How to add a watermark on your YouTube videos? » and « How to highlight a video on your YouTube channel? ".

It can also be appreciated, if you have more than 100 subscribers, to set up a personalized URL. The latter is essential to help your viewers find you more easily. We explain everything to you in the following tutorial: “How to define a personalized URL for your YouTube channel? ".

Organize your YouTube channel

You have indicated all the useful information to your subscribers on the home page of your channel? Now is the time to organize your content a bit. If you have a lot of videos, the platform has a handy tool: sections. Your users will thank you! Learn now how to define sections on your channel.

In order for your content to be pleasant to consult, you must not forget to segment the videos. Fortunately, the chaptering function is there for that. It can be used manually or automatically. Learn how to add video chapters in a few clicks via YouTube Studio.

Organizing is also recognizing when you need help. When the number of subscribers and videos increases, it can be useful to bring collaborators into the loop. Together, it will be easier to manage your channel and lead it to success. The tutorial "How to add administrators to a YouTube account?" explains everything you need to know to define roles among your collaborators.

Once all this organization has been carried out with a master hand, it is high time to look at the performance of your actions. To do this, you just need to know how to consult the statistics of your channel and your videos. A detailed tutorial awaits you on the subject.

Communicate around your YouTube channel

Do not forget one of the great tools to boost the visibility of your channel: communication! As a seasoned YouTuber, you have two ways to interact with other members: comments and community posts. We have already told you about the former in another section of these tutorials. For the latter, just read the following explanation: "How to create a post for your community on YouTube".

Finally, you can expand your network through the mention system. To integrate the name of a Youtubeur friend in the title or description of a video, nothing could be simpler: learn now how to add a mention to his YouTube channel.

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