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    How to receive text messages on Signal?

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    To make your life easier, you can configure Signal for the app to support your texting as well. You will only have one mailbox to consult.

    This parameter can be activated and deactivated at any time, it will have little impact on your messages which will always be well preserved.

    Receive text messages on Signal

    1. Open Signal on your smartphone then tap on your profile picture to access the app settings.

    2. Once in the settings, head to the "Conversations" pane.

    3. Then tap on the "Texts and multimedia messages" line at the top of the conversations page.

    4. Now choose "Use as default texting app".

    5. Now press "Yes" to confirm your choice.

    Text and multimedia messages you receive on your phone are now sent directly to the chats page of your Signal app.

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