How to recognize plants with apps for Android and iPhone

Are you walking in a wood or in a meadow and would like to get all the information you can about the flowers and plants you meet? You can take a picture and get help from a nurseryman or botanist by showing him the photo, or you can try to identify plants and flowers with the help of some handy apps available for portable devices. In this guide I'll show you the best apps to recognize plants available for Android and for iPhone, so as to awaken the botanist in you!

How to recognize plants with apps for Android and iPhone smartphones

CAUTION: do not use the following apps to evaluate the danger of mushrooms! For this type of analysis entrusted to an expert in the sector or contact the relevant ASL.

PlantNet (Android, iOS)

Among the best apps to recognize plants stands out PlantNet, a free app available for Android and iOS.

DOWNLOAD | PlantNet (Android)

DOWNLOAD | PlantNet (iOS)

With this app you can recognize any plant in the database starting from a photo already taken, or by typing the name of the plant or tree in the search field available at the top.
The search will show plants that are similar or that match the name entered (there may be multiple plants that belong to the same name).
Among the other functions available there is the observations database in which to keep your recognized photos and functionality Explore to view the database as a whole.

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Garden Answers Plant Identifier (Android, iOS)

Another interesting cross-platform app to recognize plants is Garden Answers Plant Identifier, available from the following links.

DOWNLOAD | Garden Answers Plant Identifier (Android)

DOWNLOAD | Garden Answers Plant Identifier (iOS)

The app allows you to photograph any plant, leaf or shrub with the rear camera of the device and to recognize it immediately through the efficient internal search engine (with over 20.000 plants cataloged).
In adthetion to recognizing the plants, it also provides information on the theseases and curiosities of a specific species, so as to know in advance if the identified plant is sick or presents some problems.

PictureThis (Android, iOS)

Among the apps to recognize plants could not miss PictureThis, one of the most immetheate to use! You can download it for free for Android or iPhone from the links below.

DOWNLOAD | PictureThis (Android)

DOWNLOAD | PictureThis (iOS)

This app looks like a camera app, to be pointed at the flower or plant to be identified.
Once the plant is framed, the app (in less than a second) will recognize the species and show you all the information available on it.
The app has a zoom function to bring the shot closer and a convenient feature that allows you to thescover all the plants of a nation, both native to the place and imported from other regions.

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Other apps to identify plants

Looking for some other app to identify plants using your smartphone? I have collected in the list below all the best alternatives to the apps already recommended:

  • FlowerChecker (Android e iOS)
  • Herbarium - Offline Herbarium (Android)
  • And what flower is this? (Android)
  • Smart’Flore (Android)

Just try all the apps until you find the one that's right for you, as they are all free! Recognizing plants will become a pleasant and engaging pastime also thanks to your smartphone and camera.

How to recognize plants with apps for Android and iPhone

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