How to remove censorship on Twitter?

By default, the Twitter social network does not display offensive or sensitive content. It is however possible, if desired, to display this type of publication to see them appear in its own news feed or by following the famous hashtags of the site.

When you want to know how to manage content and publications on Twitter, it is imperative to know how to display hidden content. Here's how.

Remove censorship on Twitter

  1. Open Twitter and click " Plus »In the navigation bar.

  2. Then click on " Settings and privacy In the drop-down menu.

  3. A page opens. Select " Confidentialité et sécurité on the left side of it.

  4. Then go down to the section " Safety »And click on« Show media that may contain sensitive content ».

If you publish or retweet sensitive content yourself, it is imperative to specify it to Twitter, otherwise your account will be reported by other users. On this same section Safety", Check the box " Mark media you tweet as containing material that may be sensitive if this is your case.

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