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    How to restore your iPhone?

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    Your iPhone is malfunctioning, you want to recover deleted data or want to switch to a stable version of iOS after trying a beta? You must therefore go through the restoration in order to debug and repair your iPhone. But how to do it exactly? We tell you everything in this tutorial!

    There are actually two ways to go about it. The first takes place entirely from your phone, but will first require you to reset your iPhone. The second will take you through iTunes, but does not require a reset first.

    Restore your iPhone from iCloud

    1. Start by reset your iPhone (see the tutorial)

    2. When you first start up your refurbished iPhone, a pane titled Apps and data will be displayed, and will offer you to Restore from iCloud. Choose this option

    3. Fill in your Apple IDs to sign in to your iCloud account

    4. The preliminary restoration procedure begins, and lasts a few minutes

    Once back on your iPhone's home screen, the rest of your backed up content (photos, apps, music, etc.) will automatically restore in the background.

    Use iTunes to restore your iPhone

    1. Open iTunes on the PC or Mac where you backed up your iPhone, and connect your smartphone to it

    2. Click on the small iPhone-shaped icon that appears at the top left of iTunes to access the device configuration

    3. In the Backups panel, click on Restore backup copy, then choose the most appropriate backup for your needs

    4. Leave your iPhone connected to iTunes, and wait for the process to complete.

    Restoring your iPhone is often the best way to overcome recurring problems on your device. It's also the only way to downgrade iOS if you're unhappy with the current version, or if you've joined Apple's beta testing program.

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