How to set Brave as default browser?

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Belonging to the category of alternative browsers, Brave does not automatically open hyperlinks or Internet shortcuts. To change the deal, you have to set it as the default browser.

Default browsers vary from operating system to operating system. In general, Windows favors Edge while macOS favors Safari. It is also possible that in the past you have set Chrome or Firefox as your default browser. We therefore explain to you how to properly configure Brave to make it your only ally online.

Set Brave as default browser

If you missed the mark when you first started Brave, there's still time to make it your default browser.

  1. Pull down the Personalization and Control Center to the right of the address bar, then click "Settings".

  2. A new page opens. In the “First steps” block, find the line “Default browser”, then click on “Use by default”.

  3. After an automatic refresh, the page confirms that Brave is acting as the default browser.

  4. Windows 10 users will need to complete an additional step. After clicking on "Use as default", a system window opens with the default application settings. Scroll down to the "Web Browser" category. Click on the icon of the browser used so far by default.

  5. In the dialog that opens, select “Brave”.

Brave is now considered by the system as your default browser. Now all links and shortcuts you click outside of the browser will automatically open in Brave.

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