How to sign thegital photos for free

Do you want to upload photos to your blog or website but are afraid that someone may reuse them without authorization? Or do you just want to add your signature to the photos you've taken? In this guide I'll show you all of them tools you can use for free to sign thegital photos free without using expensive paid programs. So you can create your own Watermarks without having to use paid services or install very expensive graphics programs such as Adobe Photoshop.

How to sign thegital photos for free

1. Create the signature image

Before you can add any Watermark in the photo you have to create it, i.e. create a small starting image with the signature or logo to be used for all the photos.
You can create your signature image using a free program such as GIMP, downloadable from the following link.


Once this program has been downloaded and installed, open it and select the item in the File menu New.

In the new window enter 1600 in Width and 1200 in Height as a value, so as to have a very large working space.
Before confirming open the Advanced Options and from the drop-down menu Fill with select Transparency, then click the OK button.

Now an image will open on the program completely covered by a mosaic of gray and white boxes, clear proof that the image is transparent.
To add your signature click on the button in the shape of A (text) present in the sidebar.

Once selected, go to the bottom of the bar and enter 70-80 characters as size, choose a font you like and set white as the color.

You are now ready to create the signature image. Left click anywhere in the transparent image and start writing your signature.

Once the signature has been created, use the tool Auto-crop Image present in the Image menu to crop the signature accurately then save the signature image using the option Export present in the File menu.

In the save menu that you will see appear make sure to use PNG as the image format, so as to preserve the transparency effect applied through GIMP.

Best program to resize and reduce the resolution of one or more photos mail, since many boxes

2. Insert your signature to the photo

Once you get the signature image with GIMP, the program I recommend you use is FastStone Photo Resizer, available free for personal purposes from the following link.

DOWNLOAD | FastStone Photo Resizer

To sign thegital photos, you'll need to apply a watermark, signature or image that can instantly relate to you and your content. Select on the left the folder where the photo (or photos) to be signed is present, click on Add (o Add all in case of multiple adthetions) then put the check mark on Use Advanced Options, then click on the button that will appear next to it (Advanced Options).

In the new window select the Watermark tab, click Add watermark and upload the signature image ready to be added (Watermark image).

Once added you can drag it or change the size using the parameters offered in this window. When done, click OK ed infine your Convert to add this Watermark to each photo of your interest.

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App to sign thegital photos for free

If instead of the PC you want to use apps on smartphones to sign your thegital photo for free, in this part of the guide I have collected the best apps for Android and iOS.

The best free thegital photo signing app on Android is Add Watermark Free, available at the following link.

DOWNLOAD | Add Watermark Free per Android

Just upload the desired photo in the app, use the button in the shape of + at the top to add custom font text or a previously created image.

If you are on an iPhone or iPad tablet, you can use the free app Watermark photo, available at the following link.

DOWNLOAD | Watermark Photo per iOS

Even with this app it will be possible to add your personal signature to all photos or add stickers or logos, so as to make the photos taken with the iPhone or uploaded to the iPad unique.

How to sign thegital photos for free

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