How to switch from Yahoo to Outlook?

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Creating an email address is easy, but migrating emails to another address is a more complex operation. In this tutorial we will proceed with the migration of a Yahoo account to an Outlook address.

Prepare your Yahoo account for migration

  1. Log in through your browser to your email account Yahoo.

  2. Select your account (at the top right of the screen, then Account Info :

  3. Select Account security and Allow applications that use the less secure connection.

You can now fermer your browser and you disconnect from your Yahoo account.

Switch from Yahoo to Outlook

  1. Connect using your browser to your new email account

  2. In your Outlook mailbox click on the Parameters (gear wheel), then on View all Outlook settings.

  3. In the left column select Mail and Synchronize mail , Other Mail Accounts.

  4. Inquire the identifiers of your Yahoo email address (to be migrated to Outlook) then choose your preferences :

  5. Your Yahoo account is now Managed by Outlook, all you have to do is wait for the Synchronization time.

Once synchronization is complete, your Yahoo emails are visible in your Outlook mailbox.

Now that your Yahoo mailbox has been migrated to your Outlook mailbox, you can easily connect this address to your Microsoft Outlook email client. Do not forget to inform your contacts of your change of Email address (Outlook).

Setting up your email address in the Outlook email client

  1. In the control panel, choose Mail:

  2. Choose Show profiles...

  3. Click on Add and appoint your new email client profile, then validate with the button OK

  4. Inform them informations then identifiers from your Outlook email account, then validity

  5. Your email client will now tests the account

All you have to do is perform the Outlook email client and enjoy your new address.

The use of profiles with Microsoft Outlook makes it possible to manage several mailbox profiles on the same user session. You can choose to launch a profile automatically, or display the profile of your choice when launching Outlook. The advantage is that the content of your emails is not lost and you can separate the different email addresses. You can relaunch a profile each time you open your favorite email client.

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