How to sync your bookmarks on Safari Mac and iPhone?

Safari is the browser that has the best integration with the Apple universe, which naturally includes the iPhone and iPad. Thanks to iCloud, it is possible to synchronize your bookmarks and your open tabs to find your favorite websites from one screen to another.

The option is easily activated in the phone settings, as shown in this tutorial to learn how to properly configure Safari. The only requirement: you must be signed in to iCloud on both devices with the same Apple ID.

Enable Safari Bookmarks Sync on iPhone

  1. In the menu Settings of the iPhone, click on your user account (your name) .

  2. Tap the menu iCloud.

  3. Activate the option Safari.

Enable Safari Bookmarks Sync on Mac

  1. Open the menu of System Preferences.

  2. Click on the menu iCloud.

  3. Make sure that the option Safari is well checked.

Bookmarks sync works on Mac, iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. To find your bookmarks and open tabs, they must have been updated to iOS 11 (or later) or MacOS Sierra (or later).

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