How to translate PDF documents online

The Portable Document Format (PDF) is a very popular file format for exchanging texts, which is why you can find documents of all shapes and languages ​​online. Sometimes we need to translate PDFs, some mistakenly extract the text to feed it to services that allow you to translate into other languages. In fact, this would be the longest way.
In this article we will see how to translate PDF online quickly, for free and without getting too complicated.

Translate PDFs and documents over the internet with Google Translate

We've already talked about Google's amazing translation service and the tricks for using it to the fullest. Google Translate now also leverages AI to provide more accurate translations.

If you want to translate a document into PDF just:

  • go to the Google Translate page;
  • click on the "Documents";
  • always at the top choose the language of the document (it is advisable to leave "Detects language“) And the one in which you want to have the translation;
  • drag the PDF into the appropriate box, or click on "Choose file"And choose it through the explorer;
  • once the file has been uploaded, you can click on the "Translate";
  • when the translation is complete, a new Web page will open containing the translated document.

As you can see, everything is very simple and fast. However, as a good rule, we invite you not to trust too much in the automatic translation of the text and to double-check it manually (to correct any and probable errors).

Translate PDF online with Doc Translator

To meet the needs of those who translate documents, a convenient free site has been created (they accept donations). The site uses the Google Translate API but, unlike the Google service, allows you to keep the formatting of the document (thus saving a lot of time).

Using Doc Translator is very simple, just:

  • go to the service page;
  • click on the orange button in the center of the interface that reads "Translate now";
  • drag the PDF document to be translated into the appropriate box or click on the "Upload file”And upload the document via the explorer;
  • choose immediately below the language of the document and the one in which you want to translate the document;
  • then click on the orange button "Translate”And wait for the process to complete;
  • once the translation has been completed, click on the writing "Download your translated document!".

At this point you will be in possession of a PDF translated into the desired language. Attention, even in this case it is thefficult to avoid typos and imperfections, so we advise you to manually check the translation of the document.

Doc Translator in adthetion to the translation of PDF files also supports files in document format: docx, odt, xlsx, pptx.

Translate text files online for free with DeepL Translator

It is a convenient site that uses neuronal networks to carry out translations, often offering excellent results. In all likelihood, DeepL Translator is the best alternative to Google Translate to translate PDF online. Unlike the Google solution, the supported languages ​​are a limited number: your language, English, French, German, Spanish, Dutch, Portuguese and Russian.

Unfortunately Deepl Translator has two limitations: it does not support PDF files but only Word documents (docx) and it does not allow the mothefication of the downloaded file.

So if you have a PDF file before using this service you need to convert it to docx. Converting files from PDF to docx is simple, there are many dethecated conversion services on the internet.

Once the file is converted, using DeepL Translator is easy, just:

  • go to the service page;
  • click on "Translate File";
  • select the document by dragging it, select the language on "choose the target language";
  • wait for the translation time and download the translated document.

Use word to translate texts

Microsoft Word is the Microsoft word processor, not everyone knows that from the 2013 version it is possible to import and translate PDF files.

The excellent Bing Translator will automatically translate the document in PDF format.
Using the function is very simple, just:

  • open the PDF to Word;
  • click on the tab "revision", And then on the button"Translate";
  • then you can choose the item "Translate document"(To translate the whole file),"Translate"Selected text or"Mini translator";
  • choosing will open a thealogue menu that will ask for the language in which you want to translate the document, then just click on "OK";
  • Finally, a Web page will open with the document or section of the document translated.
How to translate PDF documents online

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