Here's how Netflix recommends setting up your TV for the best picture quality

Netflix recommendations

Without the help of a professional or a dedicated technical probe, it is difficult to properly calibrate a TV. The final quality depends on many factors and it is possible that an incorrect adjustment will generate visual aberrations. That's why companies, like Netflix, recommend going for the simplest solution, which is simply to leave the image “unimproved”.

Each TV lets you adjust a series of specific settings, but here is the general recommendation Netflix makes for movies like Roma:

  • Picture mode : Cinema or Film (never sport or gaming mode)
  • Sharpness : 0% or 50% (if this is the default number)
  • Contrast : 100%
  • Brightness : 50%
  • Colour : 50%
  • Color : 0%
  • Gamma : 2.2

If you have access to advanced image options for different brands, here are some recommendations to follow:


Dynamic Contrast:Off Black Tone:Off Flesh Tone:0 Gamma:0 Motion Lighting:Off Digital Clean View:Off Smart LED:Off


Super Resolution:Off Dynamic Color:Off Clear White:Off Motion Eye Care:Off TruMotion:Off Real Cinema:Off


Noise Reduction:Off MPEG Noise Reduction:Off Dot Noise Reduction:Off Reality Creation:Off Smooth Creation:Off Motionflow:Off CineMotion:Off Black Corrector:Off Auto Light Limiter:Off Clear White:Off Live Color:Off Detail Enhancer:Off Edge Enhancer:Off SBM:Off


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