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    How to unlock an iPhone?

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    An iPhone is said to be simlocked when it can only be used with a SIM card from a particular operator. To be able to use it with the network of another operator, it is necessary to unlock it. let's see
    how to unlock your iphone.

    D茅simlocker son iPhone

    Only the operator with whom the iPhone is simlocked is able to unlock it to allow the use of the smartphone with a competitor. Note that the operator is in most cases obliged to respond favorably to your request.

    1. Contact your operator by phone and follow the procedures to unlock your smartphone. Note that it is sometimes necessary to wait a few months if your iPhone was recently purchased from a telephone operator.
    2. Once carrier confirms unlocking your iPhone, remove the SIM card from your iPhone.

    漏 Apple
    3. Insert the new SIM card into your iPhone and follow the reconfiguration instructions.

    If you don't have another SIM card available, back up your iPhone, reset your iPhone, then restore your iPhone.

    Your iPhone is now unlocked. All you have to do is enjoy your smartphone with the operator of your choice.

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