How to use keyboard shortcuts in GIMP?

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Graphic design software contains many features. To prevent their manipulation from becoming laborious, it may be interesting to learn some keyboard shortcuts. These allow you to use your mouse as little as possible and save precious time when editing images.

Don't want to click anywhere within GIMP? No problem: we have gathered the most practical keyboard shortcuts in the tutorial below.

The Best Keyboard Shortcuts to Use in GIMP

Here are the shortcuts you absolutely need to know to make your task easier within this editor.

General manipulations

Classic keyboard shortcuts work in GIMP:

  • Click "Ctrl + C" to copy an item. 

  • Click "Ctrl + V" to paste an item. 

  • Click "Ctrl + X" to cut an item. 

  • Click "Ctrl + Z" to undo an action.

  • Click "Delete" to delete an item. 

  • Click "Ctrl + S" to save your changes.

Selection tools

Regarding selection actions in GIMP, here are the most useful shortcuts:

  • To create a rectangular selection, simply click "R".
  • To create a circular selection (Ellipse), click on "E".

  • To use the lasso and make a freehand selection, click "F".

  • To use the magic wand, click on "U". 

  • To select the smart scissors, press "I".

Painting tools

To use the paint tools, here are the shortcuts you need to know:

  • To use the pencil, click "N".

  • To use the brush, click "P".

  • To use the eraser, click "Shift + E".

  • To use the eyedropper, simply click on “O”.

Transform Tools

Here are the shortcuts to activate the transformation tools:

  • To use the snipping tool, click "Shift + C".

  • To use the move tool, simply click "M". 

  • To flip an image, click “Shift + F”.


The keyboard shortcuts for using layers are:

  • Click "Ctrl + Shift + N" to create a new layer.

  • Click "Ctrl + Shift + D" to duplicate one.

  • Click "Ctrl + M" to merge layers. 

  • Click "T" to open the Text tool.

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