How to withdraw rewards on Brave?

How to withdraw rewards on Brave?
Brave's rewards program primarily aims to reward frequently visited content sites. The browser, however, allows you to retrieve these funds in the currency of your choice.

Whether you want to donate to a non-Brave partner site or you've decided to break away from the browser, you might need to collect accumulated BAT through the rewards system. We explain here how to properly configure Brave to withdraw your rewards.

Withdraw your rewards on Brave

To make BAT transfers between your cryptocurrency wallet and your bank account, you will need to create and verify your Uphold account. Uphold is Brave's partner exchange. Verifying your account will require a photo of both sides of an ID, as well as a comparison selfie.

  1. Click the triangle icon to the right of the address bar. In the dialog box that opens, click on “Reward Settings”.

    How to withdraw rewards on Brave?

  2. A new tab opens. To the right of the settings, a purple box symbolizes your cryptocurrency portfolio. Click "Withdraw Funds" to be redirected to your Uphold account. How to withdraw rewards on Brave?

  3. If you haven't yet created or verified an account on Uphold, a dialog prompts you to do so. Click on “Check Wallet”. You are redirected to Uphold. Follow the account creation and verification instructions, then repeat steps 1 and 2. How to withdraw rewards on Brave?

Collecting rewards is therefore no problem once you have created your Uphold account. However, you will have to wait 30 days before Brave pays the accumulated BAT into your wallet.

Please note: Uphold takes conversion and withdrawal fees on cryptocurrencies. So remember to group your transfers at the risk of losing big on the exchange.

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