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The best way to highlight a photo posted on Instagram is to associate it with one catchphrase. Fintheng the right sentence is not always a very easy task.

Precisely for this reason, after suggesting the best hashtags to use to get likes and followers, we will now see the best ones phrases for Instagram, suitable for any occasion: love, friendship, fun and why not even in English.

To help you find the right sentence, you can consult a small list of sentences we have collected, or i best sites with famous quotes and aphorisms. By aphorism, we mean "A Maxim" (or Phrase derived from life experience), which expresses a moral thought or practical knowledge in a synthetic form. It is preferred in this case, quote famous phrases and not, both of characters of the present, but above all of the past.

Phrases for instagram

The ones you see below are just some of the most beautiful Instagram phrases you can find and that you can ethet to be made more suitable for your situation, photo, video or story. In case you can't find anything suitable, don't worry: later I will suggest the best sites for phrases, short poems and aphorisms with which to enrich your Instagram profile.

  1. You have always been good at stopping in the hearts of others when they needed you. Now stop in yours. Listen to it. Because the person who needs you most of all is you.
  2. The math teaches that if you add one thesappointment to another thesappointment, the result is that sooner or later you get to fuck with it.
  3. Tell me something nice. I arrive.
  4. What then would be enough just someone who after an endless day in which things have gone wrong, that day, straightens it out for you.
  5. I deserve never again to be the person who believes they deserve nothing.
  6. Be the choice of whoever has the choice. That's the thefference.
  7. Out of fear, there is a beautiful sun.
  8. If you don't understand a person, time will explain it to you.
  9. Sometimes you will never know the true value of a moment until it becomes a memory.
  10. Fall in love with you, with life and after whoever you want.
  11. You really closed a door when you no longer care about peeking through the lock.
  12. Don't expect anything anymore and then suddenly, one day, change your mind.
  13. The worst are those who never choose.
  14. Worse than the things I've done without thinking, are the things I've thought about doing.
  15. The beauty of those who understand the importance of small things. Which are never small and neither are things.
  16. You save yourself every time you leave everything behind.
  17. Then I realized that this is life: few things make you happy and all the others that make you grow.
  18. What a desire to mirror myself in someone and recognize me.
  19. How heavy are the things lost, but those never had even more.
  20. The time you find is the importance you give.
  21. You are truly free when your mood depends only on you.
  22. Attention not to hurt is the finest form of respect.
  23. One thing I have learned over time is that you shouldn't lose it.
  24. You're in the lead like a piece on the ratheo.
  25. If you want to fly, give up everything that weighs.
  26. It is not luck to cross paths. It is to notice it.
  27. Always do your best but don't get stubborn. if it just doesn't open, it's not your door.
  28. Remember that the best is hard to come, but it does.
  29. You are the helmsman of the ship, you decide where to go, but you have to take into account the waves.
  30. For love there is never maturity.
  31. You choose. Either stay in or out. On the threshold of the door you block the traffic.
  32. You will understand that what you lose gives way to something worthwhile.
  33. Sometimes I have to forget what I want and remember what I deserve.
  34. When you really quit, you never say it.
  35. Intelligence is paid for with war in mind for life.
  36. You have to have balls, you don't have to tell them.
  37. The baddest are the oxen you made fun of.
  38. Live, fight, dream.
  39. I want to see you and my desire knows it.
  40. If you don't try, you'll never get it.
  41. Without rancor, but with memory.
  42. The best way to prethect the future is to create it.
  43. It is better to live alone than to live an illusion.
  44. We are born to be happy, not to be perfect.
  45. Discover yourself, free yourself, have fun.
  46. If you want to do it, do it now.
  47. Don't count the days, make the days count.
  48. Whoever dreams of the impossible reaches the unthinkable.
  49. Lose your dreams and you may lose your mind.
  50. I am what you see.

These phrases could also be useful for personalizing your user profile, so as to capture the attention of those who visit you and why not increase Instagram followers.

Best sites with phrases and aphorisms for instagram

If you are looking for a huge choice of ready-made phrases to choose from, in this paragraph, we will suggest the sites with the most beautiful phrases for Instagram for photos, stories and videos.

1. Wikiquote

The first site that we recommend, can only be the Wikipethea section dethecated to aphorisms. If you want to find the perfect phrase to describe what you think, or your mood this site is perfect for you.

Wikiquote contains catchy phrases and quotes coming from any work of genius (books, music, films, video games). You can search for the best quotes by theme, by author, even by series. The site contains about 31 pages and some quotes are available in several languages.

Just use the search bar at the top right, and simply write the name of the author to search for the phrases. For example “Oscar Wilde”, as shown in the image above.


This site is great for fintheng easily and in a short time, the ideal phrase to accompany what you are posting on Instagram. The site of all those I am about to mention is the best organized and ordered, where you can find phrases by theme or by author, in adthetion to the aphorism of the day.


Another great site, perhaps a little less tidy but where you can find a greater number of phrases for any situation and aphorisms. Aphoristically, it has a good selection of phrases for Instagram posts, which has led to the exclusion of the most trivial and insignificant phrases to leave room only for those of interest, ready to be shared on the social platform.


Another site to be exploited absolutely is PensieriParole, where you can aphorisms, phrases about love, wisdom, about life and for every occasion. Each sentence is ready to be used on Instagram. This site is also great for catching up quotes from the most beautiful films and poems.


Last but not least, we would like to point out another valid site where you can find phrases for Instagram for photos, stories and videos with over 100.000 phrases and quotes from 4.000 famous authors. On this site there are always new phrases and aphorisms, so you can always be on the spot and share photos and videos on Instagram accompanied by deep and emotionally charged phrases.

Instagram phrases for photos, stories and videos to post

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