KickAss Torrents (KAT): how to access, how it works and alternatives

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KickAss torrent, has a name that is already a fairly clear statement of intent, KickAss can easily be translated into your language with "splitting" (or with a more literal kick in the ass). It is about one of the most popular torrent search engines, thesseminated and used throughout the Web.

Search engines for torrents are essential because every file on the sharing network is thevided into parts, and the info about the file and its parts are contained in a meta file. The meta file in question can be provided to torrent clients, in the form of a specific file with the .torrent extension or Magnet link.

The torrent network is particularly loved by pirates around the world for a few reasons:

A brief history of KickAss Torrents

The site commonly abbreviated to KAT has been active since 2008 and has had a fairly complex history, thefferent courts and countries they tried to block it but by changing domain he survived. In July 2016, the hardest blow occurred: two members of the original team were arrested and the main domain was seized.

Many unofficial mirrors were born but closed after a short time. It seemed over for KickAss torrent but in December last year it was resurrected with a slightly mothefied interface, thanks to the work of some of the staff of the original site. Since then, the site continues to be up and running (albeit with frequent domain changes).

How to reach KAT from the city

As in the case of The Pirate Bay (which we have already talked about in a popular guide), Google had removed the site from the index to prevent piracy. The team worked around the problem brilliantly, putting online a new page that communicates the status of the service (whether it is online or offline) and provides the link to the current primary domain and those to the most reliable mirrors of the moment.

So reaching the site is simple, just search on Google, "KAT Status" (without quotes) and click on the first result. We do not enter the address therectly because he too often varies to evade blocks, so we would have to tweak this post really all the time.

The site may be inaccessible, but it has certainly not been closed, it is instead blocked by your operator's DNS. To access, just change the DNS with the international ones which are also faster and respectful of your privacy. We have dethecated a guide to changing DNS.

Once you reach the page (which looks like the screen) you can click on the main domain or on one of the convenient mirrors, linked below.

At this point you have reached the search engine home, in the next paragraph we will see how it is used.

Come si usa KickAss torrent

Once you reach the home you will find yourself in front of a very familiar interface, vaguely reminiscent of Google's. We have a search bar in which we can enter the name of the file of our interest, for example Ubuntu. Then we can start the search by pressing "Enter" on the keyboard or by clicking on the magnifying glass.

A table will appear with all the results that contain our query (the keyword we entered). To find the best torrents faster, we recommend that you click on the word "Seed“, So that all results will be sorted by number of complete sources. Generally a file with a high number of seeds is more reliable and faster to download (see also: increase torrent download speed).

Once the torrent of our interest has been identified, just click on the magnet-shaped icon next to the name to start downloatheng it (via the “magnet” link).

Attention, the download will only be possible if a torrent client is installed on your device (see our guide on the best ones).

Is KickAss torrent legal?

The answer is really thefficult to give, if you have read the brief history of the site you will have noticed the amount of legal troubles of the site. The problem is that there are a lot of free files on the portal, but most of the indexed files are covered by copyright license. The site does not have the staff or the means to implement a censorship in its index, it can only remove the files that are reported.

Even on piracy, opinions are now becoming less and less polarized, several new researches claiming that films thestributed in a pirated way have advantages at the box office. Some artists gladly upload their works to get more exposure.

No one in any case can be inthected simply for visiting the site, it's up to you, be careful to avoid downloatheng copyrighted material. If, on the other hand, you use KickAss and the torrent network to be pirates, you must know that you are committing a crime and you risk heavy penalties. In fact, those who use torrents not only download a pirated file (a crime that provides for a fine) but in the meantime it does so re-shares (committing a second criminal offense, for which there is a more thoughtful penalty and imprisonment).

Is KAT safe?

If you use it to search and download free material, you are not committing any crime and the site is more than safe and reliable. The link to the site is Https therefore encrypted, but it remains unsafe to use torrents to download copyrighted material.

The only thing to report is to date the presence of some annoying popups, to defend yourself from invasive advertising you can always use an ad-block.

By now several researches have shown how, even through the torrent network it is easy to trace what is shared by each inthevidual user and what their IP address is. do not download illegal material from the torrent network.

Precisely for this reason the site recommends a VPN, but we will talk more about it in the next paragraph.

Why does KickAss Torrent recommend using a VPN?

Because the criticalities of the torrent network are known, so the only practical way to effectively safeguard your own privacy it's a VPN.

A good no-log VPN by its nature prevents the customer's IP address from being identifiable, encrypts all their traffic, and allows you to bypass geo-blocks.

Best VPNs of August 2021The best VPNs of August 2021VPN services are the primary way to keep your online browsing safe, while taking care of protecting our internet privacy. In this article, in adthetion to advising you

They recommend among the many VPNs available on the market NordVPN not only because they will have an agreement with this service, but also because, as it emerged from our review, it is really an excellent solution for those who want to quickly download torrents while maintaining anonymity.

If you torrent often and are concerned about your privacy, we recommend that you consult our in-depth analysis on the best VPN services for torrents.

The best alternatives to KAT

KickAss torrents is undoubtedly one of the major search engines for torrents, but fortunately there are many valid alternatives on the Web.

To escape from the mesh of censorship they too often change domain, so the most practical solution to reach them is to search for their name on Google as suggested in the previous paragraphs. Alternatively, you can try a search with "kickass torrent proxy".

So here is the list of the most used alternatives to KAT are: The Pirate Bay and the Torrentz2 meta-search engine we talked about in the featured articles.

There are also popular alternatives that only offer torrents in o:

KickAss Torrents (KAT): how to access, how it works and alternatives

Audio Video KickAss Torrents (KAT): how to access, how it works and alternatives
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