Monster Energy Supercross 2 Review - Between evolutions and track

The new Monster Energy Supercross 2 is proposed as a title capable of bringing to life, through the screen, all the adrenaline of motocross racing. Will he have succeeded in his intent? I tell you in this review!

A renewed physics

The new Monster Energy Supercross 2, apparently, it doesn't seem to have many innovations compared to its predecessor, a predecessor that had already allowed the team to Milestone to win the hearts of two-wheel enthusiasts.

However, the situation changes quickly as soon as you get on the bike and get out on the track: in that instant you can really put yourself in the shoes of a rider, also thanks to the wide range of customizations dedicated to your vehicle.

With this second chapter Milestone has shown all its commitment to solving the few problems encountered in the predecessor. The first fundamental change in this sense, especially to obtain an experience as realistic as possible, is the weight management system, which proves to be an excellent support when you are in the air between one jump and another.

As interesting and realistic as it is, however, a similar change forces you to pay even more attention to every maneuver and every jump, and can make the victory difficult to gain even for the most experienced and passionate. To restore the balance is the possibility of inserting the “Flow Aid” which, for each curve and jump of the track, will indicate the ideal trajectory to follow to face it in the best possible way!

Equally valid is the possibility of controlling the scrubs, a mechanism present only in semi-automatic form within the first Monster Energy. The term "scrub" refers to a stunt characteristic of two-wheeled disciplines which, if done correctly, allows the rider not to jump too high and save time on the circuit.

A champion's agenda

Absolute novelty added by Milestone in this new chapter dedicated to all lovers of disciplines such as Motocross and Supercross is the Agenda.

You want to be sure to plan the week in the best possible way, in order to prepare your Champion to face every challenge proposed by Monster Energy Supercross 2? This useful tool will be just right for you, allowing you to choose the task to complete almost every day of the week.

The days will thus be able to extricate themselves between training sessions, meetings with the media (journalists or fans), promotional day or pilot challenge. Once you have chosen the first option, at each session it will be possible to decide which category to try your hand at to improve your skills, including landing, lean, scrub, reflexes and cornering speed. By completing the training the pilot will gain more and more experience, and will be able to move to higher levels each time.

Meetings with fans and journalists will give our protagonist on two wheels the opportunity to accumulate fame, corresponding to a greater choice among sponsors, while choosing the promotional day will allow you to earn SX credits to spend on customization and, why not , clothing.

The pilot challenges are also useful for a possible continuation of career, respectively divided into a challenge with a rival driver and a time attack (a small fast race). Some days will instead already be assigned to "total relaxation" by the system, so it will be necessary to choose carefully how to manage the remaining days, also because each activity can only be carried out once a week!


Cornerstones and novelties side by side

The second chapter does not just present the player with the more classic possibilities, already present in the previous chapter, but tries to make them available alongside interesting new features.

To support the already known and appreciated Career, Championship and Time Attack modes, in fact, Monster Energy Supercross 2 in fact it can boast, among the additions, the presence of all the pilots of the three classes that make up the AMA Supercross Championship, namely 450, 250 East and 250 West.

Big changes have also been made to the inevitable Compound, available in this chapter from the beginning of your two-wheel journey, but the track editor really makes your heart beat faster.

The latter, although it has not undergone particular changes compared to the previous chapter, in fact manages to get noticed, thanks to an increase in the number of elements that can be inserted in the path and the possibility of spreading its creation to all other enthusiasts, always provided that the CPU passed the test run smoothly!

Is Monster Energy Supercross 2 worth buying?

A completely revamped physics, combined with a wide range of options to customize driving and the ability to manage down to the smallest aspects of the competition, demonstrates the commitment that Milestone has invested in this second chapter.

Alongside the milestones of the saga, such as the popular Career modes, the ability to compete in single races and even in the long Championship, there are in fact the innovations brought by the fun Track Editor and the agenda, perfect for organizing every single day in the best possible way. of his future champion.

Lovers of disciplines such as Supercross and Motocross will therefore be able to find bread for their teeth in this new one Monster Energy Supercross 2, second chapter with all the right points of the previous one, improved even more thanks to a few essential changes!

Monster Energy Supercross 2

  • Improved Physics
  • Ability to manage scrubs
  • Improved track editor
  • Classicism alongside novelties
  • Few changes compared to the previous chapter

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