One Spring Night, the snow in spring: Why watch it?

Why look at it is the new Tech Princess column, edited by Mattia Chiappani and Veronica Lorenzini, in which they reveal why you should watch a certain TV series: the chosen series of the day is One Spring Night, Korean TV series available on Netflix.

Premise: it is only available audio in Korean. This means that you will have to fight, if you are not familiar with them, with subtitles.

One Spring Night and the snow in spring

Maybe some of you remember Something in the Rain, another interesting Korean creation available on Netflix that I told you about recently. Very well friends, if you liked that series, know that you can't miss this one we're going to talk about today.

One Spring Night is about Lee Jung-in, a librarian who has been engaged to Kwon Ki-seok for four years, and Yoo Ji-oh, a pharmacist and single father who attended the same university as Kwon Ki-seok. Lee Jung-in and Yoo Jin-ho they meet one morning, unexpectedly, when she walks into the pharmacy where the boy works to buy something that can relieve her of the previous night's hangover.

But the girl realizes that she has forgotten her wallet at her friend's house: Jin-ho reassures the girl and tells her that he can pay it the next day. After exchanging phone numbers, the boy also lends her money to take a taxi to work.

From that moment on it begins an intense but troubled love story which will need to grow and blossom, like a flower. This flower however must first survive the rain season which turns out to be harder than expected.

Here too we find 16 intense episodes of the duration of about an hour which, however, will fly in a few days if it manages to kidnap you and make you fall in love. By now we already know what Koreans are like, I myself have repeated it over and over again: tougher themes e Really. Apparently, in Korea, a single father it is not well regarded by society or, in this case, from his future girlfriend's family.

The famous discourse of learning by looking at something is also present here and will allow us to better understand the plot even from different points of view.

Spring snow: light and soft

One Spring Night, the snow in spring: Why watch it?

In the course of the series, poor Lee Jung-in finds herself at a crossroads: on the one hand she would like make his parents happy marrying a man she has known for a long time and with a stable job but with whom, unfortunately, the routine has overcome love, destroying it literally.

On the other it would like make herself happy, being with a man who, despite having a mediocre job and a child, makes her feel loved, respected and unique. A man able to give her everything even if he has nothing in his hand (or pocket).

We will see the parental concern about him, who don't know whether to trust this girl who claims to be in love with their son. They know the risks involved in starting a relationship in the conditions in which they find themselves. We will see the concern of her parents who just want security and stability for their daughter.

We will also see the concerns of the two protagonists: Lee Jung-in, struggling with these new and unexpected feelings and the anxiety of doing the right thing. Then there is Yoo Jin-ho, in love in the true sense of the word for the second time in many years and, at the same time, afraid for himself, For his son, for his feelings.

There is something particularly magical within this TV series and I am always amazed at how Korean directors manage to give life to such intense stories of life and love. They are not trivial, they are pure and sometimes they seem surreal, even though they represent the reality.

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Within the series we talk about "Spring snow" and I think it's the best way to describe the story between Lee Jung-in and Yoo Jin-ho. As you well know - at least I think - the cherry tree is the symbol of Japan but this obviously does not mean that it cannot be found in other countries.

There are some scenes, perhaps the most beautiful, in which the protagonists walk along these avenues full of cherry trees in bloom. The cherry tree represents the fragility: our protagonists are very, they are almost helpless in the face of these new feelings. The cherry tree, however, is also a symbol of rebirth e "vita".

Experiencing these feelings for the first time, both Lee Jung-in and Yoo Jin-ho stand being reborn, they are finally experiencing. I don't know if you've ever noticed but the cherry blossom petals, when they fall e and slowly lay down on the ground, on the ground it almost seems that there is a light layer of snow.

Besides, when they fall they are soft, light, just like snow. This is the reason for the name.

This detail represents, in every slightest nuance, the love between the two protagonists. I really find it poetic and so Dolce. And what's even cooler is the fact that the characters manage to get to know themselves better thanks to these feelings.

despite the difficulties, the whole world saying no and it's wrong, they don't give up. They would have liked to do it many times, it is clear: sometimes it is easier to be satisfied rather than fighting for what you really want. But they don't give up, they are one the strength of the other.

And together they are indestructible.

So why should you watch One Spring Night?

One Spring Night, the snow in spring: Why watch it?

One Spring Night has the same positive vibes that Something in the Rain conveys (as well as to the lead actor himself). This series has the gift of make life more magical, More bella e fresh. With the cold approaching and the leaves slowly starting to abandon their shelter in the trees, I believe a good breath of fresh spring air could do for us.

One Spring Night is able to convey all these emotions and much more.

We are all a little bit dreamers, after all - especially us women. These daydreams, filled with love and magic, they are good for us. I am sure, however, that this series can succeed in thrilling even the more romantic boys, among you there is certainly someone with a pure soul like our Yoo Jin-ho.

You may have guessed it but the series, just to push you even more to see it, was made by creators di Something in the Rain (soundtrack and artists included). Who would have thought that, huh?

This series will make you to dream, weaker, free your mind and at the same time there it will teach many things, some you probably weren't aware of. In a certain sense, One Spring Night also manages to clarify some doubts that perhaps many of us have been carrying around for a long time.

One thing is certain: it will steal your heart and it will make you smile.

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