PayPal: what it is, how it works, how to use it and everything you need to know - Tech Princess Guides

PayPal is one of the most famous online payment services, available on many ecommerce platforms. It is a tool that helps to perform secure digital transactions, protecting buyer and seller. Thanks to it, you can always have access to your cards, your account and much more. In short, it is a very useful service that it is important to learn how to use it at its best. Precisely for this reason we have prepared this Guide that will accompany you to discover all the main functions of PayPal, solving any doubts you may have.

What is PayPal?

The best way to describe PayPal is to imagine it as a real virtual wallet. Just like these objects that we all usually keep in our pockets, in fact, the service allows you to keep cards and cash, and then use them to pay. Transactions can be both for online store purchases, both in physical stores but also between individuals. You can then use PayPal to pay for groceries, to order something from an ecommerce or even to give your share to the restaurant in a dinner with friends. All in a manner comfortable and safe.

Who is PayPal for?

You can use this service as private, by saving credit or prepaid cards in your digital wallet, as well as by paying money directly. Thanks to PayPal you have the possibility to pay quickly digitally, but also by receive money from your friends. If you have a business you can also use it for transactions, paying a commission. It can be an easy way to open yourself to cashless payments insecurity. A particularly useful aspect in this historical period where one tries to reduce the use of cash.

Can both individuals and traders use it?

Yes, PayPal is an open service both to individuals and to business users. The former can use it for free to carry out transactions of all kinds, in online or physical stores, in a convenient and safe way. You can also use it to exchange money with friends and family, perhaps for a collection for a gift or to pay your share after a nice barbecue, without having to resort to cash or a real bank transfer.

At the same time, the service can also be used by a commercial point of view. Online and traditional businesses can leverage this to offer a way to pay for their customers. It is also possible to exhibit a QR code (the squares full of black and white squares that you may have seen in some store or magazine) that buyers can scan with their mobile phone, paying even faster and completely contactless. Business use has costs for the trader, partly fixed, partly percentages, but none for the customer.

PayPal: what it is, how it works, how to use it and everything you need to know - Tech Princess Guides

What platforms is it available on?

PayPal is an online service, accessible directly from a web browser. There is also a mobile application that allows you to manage your account directly from your smartphone or tablet. It can be found on both App Store that of Android and is compatible with most devices.

PayPal: what it is, how it works, how to use it and everything you need to know - Tech Princess Guides PayPal: what it is, how it works, how to use it and everything you need to know - Tech Princess Guides Download QR-Code ‎PayPal Developer: PayPal, Inc. Price: Free PayPal: what it is, how it works, how to use it and everything you need to know - Tech Princess Guides PayPal: what it is, how it works, how to use it and everything you need to know - Tech Princess Guides Download QR-Code PayPal Developer: PayPal Mobile Price: Free

How do you pronounce PayPal?

For some reason one has spread in Italy incorrect pronunciation of the name of this service. In fact, many pronounce the "a" of the second part as an "o". It is such a habit rooted that PayPal has acquired the and domains which refer to the official page of the service. The name is made up of two words: "Pay", that is "pay", and "Pal", which means "friend" and is read exactly as it is written. The correct pronunciation is therefore “peipal”.

PayPal: what it is, how it works, how to use it and everything you need to know - Tech Princess Guides

How does PayPal work?

PayPal is a digital wallet, that is a tool that allows you to keep money and other payment instruments in a comfortable and safe way. L'Customer of the service in fact offers a series of safeguards against the buyer to protect him in the event that the purchased products do not conform to the description or do not arrive at all. This way you can make transactions on the web with peace of mind, safe from scams and other scams.

What is it for?

With PayPal you can make payments simply and above all safely, even online. Don't worry that those who sell you products on the web may steal your money or credit card details. You can also take advantage of the service for exchange money with other individuals, with a few clicks, instead of having to count coins and banknotes or resort to more complex tools such as bank transfer.

Can I use PayPal with friends?

You found yourself with friends for one pizza all together, ordered at home. Upon arrival of the food you anticipated money, to make things easier and because, let's face it, you were all so hungry. At the end of the evening, however, you have to do the math and each has to pay his share, which is specific with respect to the order or doing 'Roman-style'. You can choose to get paid in cash, finding yourself having to manage leftovers and change, hand over banknotes and in a couple of cases opt for the traditional "Okay, come on you will offer me a coffee next time". Or you can take advantage of PayPal and receive the amounts in a few seconds accurate to the hundredth, without complications or unhygienic cash exchange.

Can I use PayPal to pay in physical stores?

There is this possibility, but it depends on the individual stores, whether or not they have activated the service. Those who have a commercial activity can in fact receive payments on PayPal from their customers, whether it is an online store or a traditional one. In addition there is also the possibility of obtaining a QR code, making the transaction completely contactless. The customer scans the image via the PayPal app and quickly accesses the payment, without any physical contact and in safety.

PayPal: what it is, how it works, how to use it and everything you need to know - Tech Princess Guides

Is PayPal free?

Using PayPal is Free subscription for buyers. Specifically, there is no cost to send money in euros within the European Economic Area. There may be some additional fees in case of transfers across these borders or in other currencies. On the other hand, there are no costs for exchanging money between individuals, such as family or friends. As for the sellers, there are gods fixed and variable costs to be paid in order to receive money in a business transaction.

What are the costs for merchants?

There are different rates to be paid to receive money in a commercial transaction (it is always free instead between private individuals). The basic cost corresponds to 3,40% of the total, to which is added a fixed fee that depends on the currency: for the euro it is set at € 0,35.

If, on the other hand, i QR codes to receive the payment there is a further distinction based on the amount received. If equal to or greater than € 10,01, the rate will be 0,50% plus an additional fee of € 0,20 (variable depending on the currency). If, on the other hand, it is lower, it will be necessary to pay 2,00% of the amount to PayPal with an extra € 0,05, also in this case different depending on the reference currency.

PayPal: what it is, how it works, how to use it and everything you need to know - Tech Princess Guides

Guide: how to register and create an account on PayPal

Registering with PayPal is simple. Just go to the website of the service and click at the top right on "Sign Up". At this point you will have to select whether to create a Personal account, to be used as a private person, or if a Business account, dedicated to commercial activities. PayPal will then ask you to enter your mobile number and will send you a code via SMS which you will then have to enter in the dedicated form to verify that it is correct. It will then ask you to enter your first name, last name, e-mail address and a password to protect your account. Once these steps have been carried out your account will be ready to be used!

How to add a credit card on PayPal?

To add a card to your PayPal account you must first click on "Our customers" up. Then select "Link a card”And enter all the required data: card number, type, expiry date and security code (which you can find on the back). Choose your billing address and click on "Link card". At this point you can use it to make payments via PayPal in an easy and safe way.

How to connect a bank account on PayPal?

If you want, you can connect yours too Bank account to the account. This is also a necessary step in case your PayPal balance has exceeded a certain threshold, for legal reasons. To add an account, click on "Our customers"At the top, then select"Link a bank account”On the left side. Enter your IBAN code in the window that opens and the process will be complete.

Which bank accounts are accepted?

In order to enter your PayPal account, it must be registered in Italy or in one of the following countries: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Croatia, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Monaco, Norway, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, United Kingdom, Czech Republic, Romania, San Marino, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Hungary.

PayPal: what it is, how it works, how to use it and everything you need to know - Tech Princess Guides

How do i use PayPal?

With PayPal you can make payments and receive money in a simple and safe way. You can use it both for online transactions and in physical stores, but also for exchanges with friends and family. These are proceedings very easy and intuitive, which make it a really convenient service.

How do I send money with PayPal?

if devi send money to an acquaintance you can easily use PayPal to do it. You simply need to log into your account and then click on "Send and request”At the top of the page. At this point you will be in the "Send”Where you can search for your recipient by name, email address, PayPal username or mobile number. Alternatively you can choose it from your own recent contacts that you find immediately under the search bar. Select the person you want to send money to and you will go to another dedicated page.

Here you will need to enter the amount to be sent. You can optionally customize the payment by adding a personal message and a greeting card. You can choose different backgrounds suitable for any occasion by clicking on the gift box on the right. Once you have done everything, click on "Continue”And choose if it is a sending for personal reasons or if it is a payment for goods and services. In the first case the transaction will be free, while the second will have commissions for the recipient but will be subject to the Purchase protection PayPal that allows you to pay safely.

At this point you will have a final summary, where you can also select the source of the money. By clicking on "Modification" next to "Sending money viaIn fact, you can choose whether to withdraw it from your PayPal balance or from one of the cards you have saved in your account. To finalize the operation, finally click on "Send payment now".

Can I make a bank transfer with PayPal?

Yes, you can also send money to a Bank account, without the need for the recipient to have a PayPal account. To do this click on "Send and request", Then on"Send money to a bank account" on the right. At this point you are in service Xoom, always part of the PayPal universe, from which you can proceed with the transaction. You can send money this way to different countries around the world. This is not a free service however, but there is a commission to be paid which depends on the country of destination.

Are there any other ways to send money?

Among the functions offered by PayPal through Xoom there is also the possibility of send cash. It can be an excellent tool for sending sums even abroad in case of need, perhaps for a family member who is abroad on vacation and therefore does not have a bank account. Once the procedure is complete it can simply go to one of the collection points and get the sum in question.

To use this service, select "Send and request" and then "Send money to be withdrawn". Follow the procedure by choosing "Cash withdrawal" when required. This is not a free service, on the contrary it tends to cost more than a bank transfer. However, in some cases it can be really useful and it is good to know that you have it available.

Can I cancel a payment?

Yes, if the payment has not yet been collected, you can cancel the transaction. To do this, click on "Chronology", Search for the operation you are interested in and click on"Cancel". In case it is not available it means that the payment can no longer be simply canceled and you will have to proceed to one refund request or to a dispute.

Something went wrong. How do I get my money back?

PayPal has a system called Purchase protection, which defends the buyer in case of products that have never arrived or do not conform to the description. It is a tool that ensures that everything goes well in the buying process, keeping the consumer safe.

In the event that a product has not arrived (after at least three days from the transaction) or is different from what was promised, you can go to the Resolution Center to initiate a dispute. From the date of purchase you have 180 days to start the procedure. Click on "Report a problem“, Select the transaction to dispute and proceed by providing the necessary information.

In a first step you have the option to contact the seller to try to agree on a solution. If this is not possible, within 20 days you can turn the dispute into a real complaint. Go back to the Resolution Center and click on "View" next to your open case. Select "Convert to PayPal Complaint”And follow the directions. The service will analyze the situation directly and will issue a refund if necessary. You will get your money back.

How do I get money on PayPal?

If you want receive money on PayPal you can send a request to the person who has to send it to you. Click on "Send and request", then on "Request”And search for the subject in your contacts in question in the bar, by entering the name, e-mail address, username or mobile number. You can also request money from who does not have a PayPal account, simply using your email address or mobile number.

Alternatively, you can share your link with them PayPal.Me on WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, SMS, email or whatever you like. At that point they can simply click on "Send”And send you the agreed amount.

Does the sender necessarily have PayPal to send me money?

No, it is not necessary. You can receive money from up to 20 different people without them having a PayPal account. You can send a payment request by going to "Send and request" and then "Request”And enter an email address or mobile number in the search bar.

PayPal: what it is, how it works, how to use it and everything you need to know - Tech Princess Guides

Where can I find my PayPal.Me link?

If you want people to send you or request money on PayPal you can take advantage of yours PayPal.Me link. This is an address that leads directly to your account, from which they can perform the transaction quickly and easily. These links all follow the same pattern, “”, with your username in place of “xyz”.

Alternatively you can share it directly from PayPal. Go up "Send and request", Then on"Request"And finally on"Share your PayPal.Me link" on the right. Check that the information is correct and if necessary change it in the screen that opens. At this point, click on the arrow pointing to the right next to your name. In the new screen you will be able to choose whether copy your link to send it with the service you prefer or use directly sharing on Facebook, Messenger or Twitter.

If you want, you can also find both your PayPal.Me link and the quick sharing tools on the right side of the screen, after clicking on "Send and request" come on "Contacts".

Where can I see my PayPal balance?

Once logged into your PayPal account you will immediately see the money you have loaded into the account. If you want to check at any time, you can select "Riepilogo"Or"Our customers”At the top of the screen.

How do you upload money to PayPal?

From the section "Riepilogo"Of your account, scroll down to the"Transfer money". Alternatively you can find it in the "Our customers". At this point select "Top up your balance”And you will find all the instructions to make the transfer from your bank account to your PayPal account.

Can I transfer my money from PayPal to a bank account or card?

If you want you can easily bring your money from PayPal to your account or card. Select "Riepilogo"Or"Our customers", then "Transfer money" and finally "Transfer to the bank account". You can choose whether to send it immediately to a card or in about two business days to the account. In the first case there will be one 1% commission on the amount, while the second is free. Now click on "NEXT", Select how much money you want to transfer (by default the entire balance is present, but you can change it) and finally confirm by clicking on"NEXT".

How can I manage my contacts?

It can be very useful keep your address book up to date by PayPal. In this way you can easily manage all transactions with friends and family with whom you usually have to exchange money. To check your contacts, select "Send and request" and then "Contacts". Here you will have all the people you have recently interfaced with. You can also find your PayPal.Me link and share it easily on the right of the screen.

Where do i see my transaction history?

If you want to see all payments that you have made or received on PayPal, you can simply click "Chronology”At the top of the screen. Here you will have the complete list of all your transactions. You can also use the search to find a specific payment, select only a specific period or introduce other parameters by clicking on "filters".

How can I change my account details?

If you want to change any information on your PayPal profile, whether it's your name, billing address, phone number or other information, simply click on the gear icon at the top right of the screen. Here you will have access to yours complete card. By clicking on the appropriate section you can modify and correct it.

Can I switch from a Personal to a Business account?

If you want to start using your PayPal profile for your business as well, you can. First click on the gear icon at the top right of the screen to access the settings. At this point, go down to "Switch to a Business account". Now you have the choice if create a nuovo account dedicated or if modify your account current. Follow the steps and you will be able to get your new account.

PayPal: what it is, how it works, how to use it and everything you need to know - Tech Princess Guides

What is a PayPal Money Box?

If you need to do one collection among friendsWhether it's for a trip or a birthday present, you can take advantage of the PayPal tool called Money Box. With this you can easily collect a sum for a specific use between acquaintances, completely free of charge.

How do you create a Money Box on PayPal?

To create a Money Box go to "Riepilogo", Click on"Other"And then on"Create a Money Box". PayPal asks you to enter a name for your collection and possibly the final amount to be reached and the end date. You can also choose whether to show the total collected so far to those who will pay their share. Once the process is complete, forward the link to participants and they can easily send money to your Money Box. In the Summary you will have the opportunity to see how much you have collected and all the other information you need.

How can I delete my PayPal account?

If you want delete your account by PayPal the process is very simple. Click on the gear icon at the top right of the page, then scroll down to "Close your account". Follow the directions offered and you will have deleted your PayPal account.

PayPal: what it is, how it works, how to use it and everything you need to know - Tech Princess Guides

Bonus 1: take advantage of PayPal offers

You may have been a longtime PayPal user, but you never knew that this service also allows you to get exclusive discounts! Going to visit the section "Proposal”Accessible directly from the site you can find a lot of promotions organized by categories. There are both percentage and fixed-amount discounts but beware: they often have a limited period of validity. It is therefore good that you come back often to visit this section so as not to miss even a discount!

By the way, do you know that Tech Princess has a fantastic Telegram channel entirely dedicated to the most captivating offers on the web? Sign up now!

Bonus 2: PayPal cannot be used on Amazon

It is often surprising to find that among the services that they do not accept payments with PayPal there is Amazon. In fact, the ecommerce giant does not allow you to take advantage of this tool for purchases. It is a situation that has arisen due to the competition between Amazon and eBay, of which the PayPal group was part until 2015. The hope for many users of both platforms is that soon change course and an agreement can be found between the two realities.

PayPal: what it is, how it works, how to use it and everything you need to know - Tech Princess Guides

Bonus 3: the PayPal story

Typically it is said that PayPal was created by Elon Musk, the eccentric South African billionaire who has become famous especially in recent years. This is true, but only partially. The origins of this service in fact date back to two different companies: Confinity, created by Peter Thiel, Ken howery, Luke Nosek e Max Levchin, and, of Musk. The first was a company dedicated to digital security, the second to internet banking services.

The two realities they merged together and, starting from 2001, they officially took the name of PayPal. Thanks also to its managers and the usefulness of the service, its use grew more and more with the opening to the public officially took place in 2002.

In the same year, the company joined the eBay group, becoming a subsidiary of the famous online auction platform. It was one very strong synergy, which has simplified and made transactions on this ecommerce extremely safer, helping it to reassure potential buyers and allowing it to grow more and more. In 2015, they then opted for a spin-off of the service, which had grown enormously, thus taking on its own quotation on the stock exchange.

To date, PayPal is a gigantic reality, with over 250 million users worldwide. The service is accepted in more than 200 countries around the world and compatible with 25 different currencies. Given the steady development of the online shopping industry, it's easy to imagine a bright future for PayPal. It is therefore time to learn how to use it to the fullest and we hope that this Tech Princess Guide has served you just that!

And if you want to know more about PayPal directly from the voice of an expert, read the report of our meeting at Spazio all'Ospite with Maria Teresa Minotti, country director of PayPal Italia PayPal: what it is, how it works, how to use it and everything you need to know - Tech Princess Guides Elon Musk: Tesla, SpaceX and the challenge for a fantastic future
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