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    Have you decided to start a new business, or to expand the one you already own, so are you looking for a practical and quick solution to find resources to be included in the workforce, or with which to establish a collaboration relationship? Good news: this tutorial might be for you.

    In the following paragraphs, in fact, I will point out some sites for personal research, within which you can enter job offers and publish them online in a few steps. Often these are portals also used by candidates looking for employment, you may have already heard of them. So, this time around, you will learn how to use them on the employer's side. On

    Web it is possible to publish paid advertisements, to receive greater visibility and to be able to carry out a more targeted search. Alternatively, nothing prevents you from using free channels: in the awareness, however, that the messages will be hosted in more generalist containers, compared to paid ones. Finally, if your reference sector is catering, you will discover that there are also sites to find specialized personnel in this field. Happy reading and good luck for everything!


    • Sites for research of qualified personnel
      • LinkedIn
      • Indeed
      • Monster
      • InfoJobs
      • Other sites to search for qualified personnel
    • Free personal search sites
      • Kijiji
      • bakeca
      • Facebook
      • Other free personal search sites
    • Sites to search for restaurant staff
      • Business Tourism
      • Other sites for catering staff search

    Sites for research of qualified personnel

    Is your business located in a specific sector or, in any case, the resources you need must have specific and specific skills? Well, the ones you should be looking for are gods sites for research of qualified personnel. Here are which ones to consider.


    LikedIn is a social network, owned by Microsoft, which aims to create and develop professional contacts, connecting those who offer and those looking for a job. The contents shared within it are linked to the world and the labor market: for all the parties involved, these can contribute to increasing the authority of one's figure linked to the profession. In short, they can also be exploited at the corporate marketing level, as is now increasingly the case on more generalist networks, you see Facebook e Instagram.

    Among the sites to search for people, LinkedIn is very popular among users who work in the commercial sector, in business, in sales, in marketing, in design, in training and so on. Although it is a platform known above all by job seekers, it also offers various opportunities to business owners who intend to expand or renew their staff.

    To post a job posting on LinkedIn, you'll first need to create one LinkedIn page, that is a company profile: find the procedure in my guide how to make a LinkedIn profile.

    Once the page has been generated, and filled with all the information that can testify to the seriousness of your company, you can start post job advertisements. Be careful: this option is available both for free that payment. Keep in mind, however, that only the sponsored ads greater relevance and ease of research will be given.

    The channel system is based on several service packages, which a company can join, mostly by paying for a specific plan (for example LinkedIn Recruiter e LinkedIn Talent Hub). Check out the Official Support for more details on posting a job on LinkedIn and free possibilities.

    If you want to use the channel functions from your smartphone or tablet, you will also find the LinkedIn, available for devices Android on the Google Play Store (or at an alternative store, if you cannot access the services Google) and for iPhone e iPadOS on the App Store.


    Among the most reliable personal search sites it should also be mentioned Indeed, which offers a section dedicated to companies, or professionals, who want to publish their job advertisements to find qualified personnel. Indeed, however, is also a reference for those wondering how to look for a job on the Internet.

    Accessing it is very simple: from the home page of the site, you have to go to the menu bar, at the top, and move to the right, then click on the item Indeed companies / Post an ad. On the next page, by clicking on the button ad, you enter the procedure for create an account on the site.

    With Indeed, an employer can run both ads for free both decide to to sponsor offers (find info and costs at this link) to get more visibility. At a later stage, from the company profile, it will be possible manage the applications received, plan i talks or edit your listings, if the results obtained do not seem satisfactory.

    Indeed is a platform best known for looking for work, by those who want a job, and can also be used via the app. It is found on the Google Play Store for smartphones and tablets Android (or on alternative stores, if the services are not active Google on your device) and on the App Store for iPhone e iPadOS.


    Another of the best sites to find staff, even internationally, is Monster. As is the case in most cases, Monster is best known among job search sites. However, if there are ads, it means that there are companies on the other side that have placed them.

    If you need to look for resources to be included in your business, or to collaborate with, you must connect to the official website of Moster and click on the button at the top right of the home page For companies. On the page that opens, locate the button Post an ad and, in the next one, you will need to choose the price that you think is best suited to the needs of your research.

    The costs are not very low, but you can take advantage of a wide range of services, from publication of advertisements, To consultation of the curriculum database present within the Monster platform, up to propose offers to find new customers.

    It will be possible to achieve very targeted results, on a level local, national e international, according to the training of the candidates, and many other specific features useful to solve the problems related to the search for compatible personnel for a specific activity as soon as possible.

    Monster is a practical tool that can also be used via the app, on smartphones and tablets: it can be downloaded to devices Android (from the Google Play Store or an alternative store) and on the App Store for iPhone e iPadOS.


    Also InfoJobs is a useful platform for companies and job seekers. The former will be able to contact the most suitable subjects directly, based on the curriculum.

    To post job advertisements on InfoJobs you need to reach the home page of the site and click on the button Business access, located at the top right. On the next page you can decide whether to click on the button Sign Up (o Log in, if you already have a company profile on the site) or get more information on the services available. In this case, you will have to contact the managers of the platform. Otherwise, opting for the registration, you need to enter i required data related to the company and proceed to configure the Company Profile. For more information, you should consult the rules of use and characteristics of the InfoJobs services.

    The app of InfoJobs, which is downloadable from the Google Play Store, for smartphones and tablets Android (or on an alternative store for those who cannot reach the services Google), or from the App Store, for iPhone e iPadOS.

    Other sites to search for qualified personnel

    If you also want some further solution to choose from, to publish your job advertisements online, I can also suggest you other sites to search for qualified personnel.

    • I am looking for a job - it is a very complete site where, in theBusiness area, several targeted services are available, including those of training, as well as the possibility of post ads. TheJob Search app to Android on the Google Play Store or alternative stores for those who do not have the services Google, and on the App Store for iPhone/iPadOS.
    • Jooble - in essence it is a Search Engine where job advertisements published from various sources converge, such as specific recruitment pages or Web magazines. Also on Jooble there is the wording on the home page To the employer, located at the top right: by clicking on it you can make the registration to the site and start posting job offers for free o paid.
    • Jobrapido - also in this case it is a ad aggregator coming from the Web and provides aaccess area for companies. Ad serving is paid.

    Free personal search sites

    If for the moment you don't feel like investing money to promote your ads, you can also rely on free personal search sites, or rather, more general platforms, in which advertisements of various types and belonging to different categories are hosted, which allow you to publish a job offer without necessarily having to pay. Here are the main ones.

    You may know for its popularity among sites for advertisements for the sale and purchase of used items. However, they can also be found inside job offers and requests from job seekers.

    To use for free, in order to post job offers: it is enough create a profile on the portal (if you want to know how to do it, read my guide that talks about how to subscribe to, then click on the button Insertion advert, at the top right of the account page.

    On the next page, select the Category in the drop-down menu and choose the item Job offers. Then fill in the form with i required data, sequentially check the text entered, confirmation e wait for the ad to be placed online. It usually takes a few minutes. can also be used from smartphones and tablets, by downloading the app on devices Android from the Google Play Store (or from an alternative store, if you do not have Google services enabled) or from the App Store if you use a iPhone or iPadOS.


    Among the simplest opportunities available to place a job offer on the Web are those proposed by Kijiji. It is a portal associated with eBay which can be very useful locally, easy and free to use.

    Once you reach the home page of the Kijiji site, to post a job offer, you need to click on themenu icon, top left, then choose whether log in and register (recommended) or simply post an ad. Fill in the information for create a profile on the site, fill in the fields in card relating to the message to be communicated e publish the announcement. The game is done!

    If desired, there is also the app for smartphones and tablets of Kijiji: for devices Android you can download from the Google Play Store or an alternative store (if you don't have the Google). Who owns a iPhone or iPadinstead, he can find the app on the App Store.


    Another major free classifieds site on the web is Bakeca. Like Kijiji, also in this case the focus is on the ease of entering messages, with or without registration to the portal.

    To start, simply search the home page, at the top right, for the button + Post ad, click on it, choose as category Job offers, then select thethematic area that is most relevant to the job for which you are looking for a professional.

    At this point, read the publication rules and, respecting them, fill in the fields of the form with requested information. At the end you can proceed with the publication of the announcement.


    Well, among the free sites for personal research it should also be mentioned Facebook. If you have a company page that you administer on the well-known social network, you will be able to take advantage of the appropriate function to create job advertisements.

    Using Facebook from PCI agreed to personal profile, then search the left side menu for yours Facebook page .. Once there, click on the icon + at the top, which allows you to create a post, then, from the options in the menu that opens, choose Job offer and configure the ad. Once the post is published you can decide, at your discretion, if sponsorizzarlo to give it greater visibility. In this regard, to learn more about sponsored ads via Facebook, I suggest my guide on how Facebook Ads works

    From your smartphone or tablet, after logging in to your personal profile from theFacebook app (available on the Google Play Store for those with devices Android, or on an alternative store, if the services cannot be used Google, and on the App Store for iPhone / iPad), you have to choose themenu icon, tap on Facebook page . and scroll the buttons at the top of the display to the button Other. In the screen that opens, choosing the item Manage job offers, and in the card Post with job offer, you will be able to select the item Public to create the ad. Again, it is up to you to decide whether to invest money and sponsor the post, or use the service for free.

    Other free personal search sites

    At this point you might be interested in knowing other sites for free personal research: here are which I can recommend.

    • - it is a tool for companies, various types of businesses and agencies that are looking for staff. To take advantage of it, it is enough register to the site, then insert the announcement e wait for approval by the team for his publication. This should be done free of charge and, in addition, the job offers considered the most interesting can be shared on social channels.
    • - also in this case we are dealing with a site known above all for buying and selling used items but which, internally, has a section dedicated to job advertisements. As with, you have to register to the site to start posting advertisements. Find theSecondamano app your Google Play Store is there a device Android, or on an alternative store, if you do not have the services Google, or on the App Store for iPhone e iPad
    • Facebook Marketplace - still a known channel for the sale of second-hand, but which, like many others seen so far, has a section dedicated to job offers, which can be added by those looking for staff. To find out more, read my guide on how to activate Marketplace on Facebook.

    Sites to search for restaurant staff

    New workers are often needed in accommodation facilities, restaurants and bars. So, if you own a business of this kind, know that there are also gods sites for researching catering staff particularly suitable if you need collaborators. I'll point out some of them.

    Business Tourism

    For those who move in the tourism sector, Business Tourism has the intent to act as a point of reference among the sites for personal research and among those for finding a job, by candidates. Among other things, it is a portal authorized by the Ministry of Labor.

    To post a job offer on LavoroTurismo, go to the website and, at the top of the home page, click on the item Business access. On the page that opens, choose whether to take advantage of a quick announcement, register on the site or choose between profiles those to be consulted are present in the database. The services of this type on LavoroTurismo are paid.

    The platform was designed to bring together supply and demand for work in the restaurant and hotel sectors and boasts the registration (and therefore the advertisements) of many well-known companies operating in these fields. The site can also be used by job seekers.

    To take advantage of just go to the official website and click on the button at the top right Insertion advert, so you have to complete the form on the next page e register. You will be given the opportunity to post job vacancies and vacancies in a manner free and for more than one business you manage, contact profiles directly particularly suitable for the needs of the business and also link your website to create a section Work with us shared on

    You can also find the app for smartphones and tablets of Shake on the Google Play Store, for devices Android, or at an alternative store, if you don't have the services Google. For iPhone e iPad you can download it from the App Store.

    Other sites for catering staff search

    In case you would like to know more resources to look for professionals working in hospitality facilities, here is a list of other sites for personal research in catering.

    • - proposes to companies in the tourism sector, including those more closely related to catering, of register for free to the site and start running ads. There publication an offer also allows the business owner to view profiles entered in the database of, free for five days.
    • Job in Tourism - it is a platform that allows you to share information on training, updates, job offers and other areas related to the world of tourism. Inside the site there is a section dedicated to companies who wish to insert ads to search for resources.
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