Pixel Watch: Everything we know about the Google Watch

Google's smartwatch is finally about to arrive: Pixel Watch it could debut in 2021. The conditional is a must: we have now been writing about rumors and possible announcements of Mountain View's response to the Apple Watch for three consecutive years. But in the last few hours the insider Jon prosser revealed some yield which seems to have been produced by Google itself, signaling that this could be the year of the Pixel Watch.

Google Pixel Watch: The Mountain View Watch is on its way

According to the analysis of Prosser, who created the 3D renderings based on the images that he claims to be leave the offices of Google, the smartwatch coming this year wants to be essential to the maximum in design. Pixel Watch (codename Rohan) would have a circular “borderless” house, with the screen that curves in 2.5D to maximize the screen-to-body ratio of the device. This minimalist design demonstrates in the renders an “all Google” soul, with the primary colors that shine (the screen should be AMOLED) and the graphic elements of the screen taken from the company's smartphones.

The rubber bracelet gives the device a very sporty air. We know of Google's effort to work on Google Fit and on sports and health software. And after the purchase of Fitbit, we expect Pixel Watch to make the disclosure of physical activity one of the cornerstones for the sale. But the simple, round design makes it easy to switch to one more elegant strap for more formal occasions, as with the Apple Watch that you can take both to the gym and to a meeting.

Pixel Watch: Everything we know about the Google Watch

Touch and voice controls with the crown and with Project Soli

I touch controls are flanked by one circular crown, which is very reminiscent of the approach used by Cupertino in the Apple Watch. We do not know the details but we expect that Google has also developed its own gestures for the use of the crown.

It also seems likely, also considering the latest patents filed by Google in the last two years, that Pixel Watch will implement the Project Soli gestures. This technology, on which Google has been working for a few years now, allows us to analyze i user hand movements, allowing interactions with the smartphone without touching it. Recently, Google announced these controls on the new Nest Hub. We expect to see them on the smartwatch as well, where they could be used to their full potential, activating functions when you clench your fist, when you shake your wrist, and so on.

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Furthermore, the presence of Google Assistant: the artificial intelligence that recognizes the voice is one of the flagships of the company. With all of these commands, controlling the smartwatch should feel natural to everyone. Although the fluidity of these controls remains to be tested.

Pixel Watch: Everything we know about the Google Watch

Google Pixel Watch: a second life for Wear OS

In any case, the most complicated challenge for Google and its Pixel Watch remains the operating system. If the gestures and the 2.5D screen can enchant technology enthusiasts, there is a need to offer for commercial success to arrive a software experience at the height. Google knows this: it's the reason why it sells so many Pixel smartphones (especially the cheaper versions).

Wear OS for the moment it doesn't have the same ease of use as Apple's WatchOS. But Google has been chasing Apple for a while in this area and we expect that Fitbit's billionaire investment can help shorten distances. Smartwatches are sought after primarily for sports and wellness features, an area in which Fitbit remains dominant.

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It is rumored that the new Google smartwatch is expected to have a homemade processor, designed to make the most of the potential of the device. In addition to the gestures, this could make it possible to have complete control with the Google Assistant, elevating the device from a fitness band to a smartwatch. The potential is many but we must see how Google will exploit them: there is a long way to go.

Pixel Watch: Everything we know about the Google Watch

Pixel Watch: Google smartwatch release date

If we cannot yet pronounce ourselves on the price of the Google Pixel Watch, it seems that there is a consensus among the various insiders on the launch period. It should indeed arrive in October, announced together with the smartphone Google Pixel 6. The smartwatch would make the Google ecosystem more coherent and complete: a health-conscious voice assistant to wear on your wrist. An important piece of Google's hardware strategy that could finally arrive in 2021. We can't wait for confirmation of these rumors with official announcements: we keep you informed.

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