Pokémon News: the ancient secrets of Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire

Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire they hide various information within them, unknown to most. As time goes by, thanks to the analysis of the source code of old games, we are discovering numerous secrets and ideas never developed. Today, thanks to the Twitter user @eclipse_tt we learn of what has disappeared from the titles that we enjoyed now 17 years ago.

Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire: what's new?

Thanks to the source code of the two titles, @eclipse_tt found a lot of previously unknown information. The most interesting news concern the names of the Pokémon, subsequently modified, and the possibility of combining single moves in battle to create a new one that is much more powerful. This kind of information is very coveted by pokéfans, hungry for any news regarding pocket monsters.

Combo moves only came to the Pokémon world several years later, with Pokémon Black and White, in a slightly different way. The aquapatto, firepat and herbapatto moves can indeed be combined to increase their power, but they do not create a new type of attack.

In the source code it turns out instead that moves like Brazier and Gust, when thrown in combination, would turn into Hot Wave, a fire-type move with mind-blowing power. Ondacalda came as a classic move, available for many fire-type pokémon. 

This type of strategy would add extra spice to Double Battles, a novelty introduced in the Hoenn region. 

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Other Pokèmon?

In addition to the combined moves, the source code analysis revealed several details on other possible 68 pokémon. In addition to them, also several alternative names, and then discarded, for pokémon that we know well, such as Jirachi and Deoxys.

The following names were changed prior to the final release of the two Game Boy Advance video games:

  • Jirachi: Ganboo
  • Deoxys: Jiigen
  • Blaziken: Tōkei
  • Plusle: Bachin
  • My: Bachikone

Among the pokémon instead never made we find Kuroishi (Black Stone), a probable relative of Nosepass. We then Itazura (Spite), apparently a water / ghost pokemon similar to Duskull. Also present Tokonatsu (Eternal Summer) a pokémon that likes to live in warm regions and Kanboku (Shrub), a spinning pokémon that stores water inside.

The source code also provided a lot of other information, including unused Pokemon sprites and different animations. Pokemon Contests were also imagined differently: the judges of the contest had to cheer for a "favorite pokémon" and a "favorite move" at each match. There was probably no time to elaborate these last ideas, since the release date of Ruby and Sapphire was, at the time, three months earlier.


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✨Jirachi different Encounter Animation

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