Razer Blackshark V2 Pro Wireless: Review - The future is wireless

After their announcement, which took place a few days ago, we finally got to get our hands on the new ones Razer home wireless peripherals. In particular, today, we want to focus on cuffie Razer Blackshark V2 Pro wireless. As well as the wired model, these too are born with the intention of satisfy the world of eSports.

The new model proposed by Razer presents a really sober style, almost unexpected. We don't have any kind of LEDs (if not the light that warns us of the ignition) and not even bright colors. Compared to the wired cousins, the green colored Razer logo also disappears, which is replaced by the barely perceptible black symbol. The price rises dramatically compared to V2 with wire and comes to approx €200.
We always find driver from 50 mm, a connection wireless da 2.4 GHz con tecnologia HyperSpeed and weighing just over 300 grams.

Without further ado, let's find out in detail this new interesting product.

Package Contents:

  • Razer Blackshark V2 Pro Wireless headphones (with detachable microphone)
  • Soft case
  • Cavo AUX (3.5 mm jack)
  • Cable USB – Micro USB (per la ricarica)
  • Quick start guide

Razer Blackshark V2 Pro Wireless - Wireless convenience

As usual, let's start our analysis by starting from the aesthetic description of the new Razer Blackshark V2 Pro wireless. Like the wired cousins, these too feature a very sober and minimal design: we have one completely black livery, no frills. Also on the pavilions, the symbol of the Razer maintains the same coloring and is barely noticeable. The brand name also appears on the upper arch, engraved in the cover.
In terms of form, the headphones have very smooth lines, identical to the previous models. They consist of two oval shaped pavilions, a single upper headband and a removable microphone.

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The pavilion right is completely free, while, on that left, we find all function keys: we have the power button, the one to mute / mute the microphone and the volume adjustment wheel. Next to it, we have the door micro USB for charging, 3.5 mm audio jack input (to connect headphones via cable) and the microphone input.

La structure it is mainly composed of rigid plastic, we find it covering the pavilions and in the final part of the arch. This one presents though an internal core made of metal. As for the previous model, also in the Razer Blackshark V2 Pro wireless earpads are supported by a metal split, black in color and very thin.
L'Arco Superiore it is also covered by faux leather at the top and from textured fabric at the bottom, which also contains a memory foam padding. The pavilions also have the same padding and coverage as the inside of the upper arch.

Although the padding of the pavilions is not made of eco-leather, the whole conformation allows for a excellent insulation to the outside.

    The headphones are really sturdy and flexible: perfectly resist torsion and bending without any problem. They are slightly heavier than the wired model, in fact they reach i 320 g, but they still turn out ergonomic and suitable for long gaming sessions.

    HyperSpeed ​​Technology and Razer Synapse 3.0

    As announced in the presentation, the new ones Razer Blackshark V2 Pro Wireless, make use of Razer Hyperspeed wireless technology. It is an efficient system that can guarantee stability and speed, with excellent precision. All this translates into one ultra low latency, less than 20% compared to competitors.

    As with other Razer products, these headphones are also managed through the program Razer Synapse. Through this management software we are able to set the headphones in a personal way.

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    Within the program we will find a page dedicated to THX Spatial Audio, in which we will be able to hear the sound reproduced at 360 °. There will be pre-set profiles (game mode, music, etc) and here we will also have the opportunity to manually adjust, for each application, the type of surround desired. Below, we find a dedicated page, instead, to equalization. We always have pre-set profiles (game, movie, music), but we can create a custom one, emphasizing the bass, or focusing on the voice. The customization is extensive and well structured and allows us to have full control over the peripheral.

    The only real flaw of the program is that the battery level is never clear. Unlike other Razer peripherals, such as the Viper Ultimate or the Deathadder, we are not shown the percentage of the battery, but only its icon with an unclear bar. Among all this is the most negative note, since we are not able to understand precisely how much may be missing before the shutdown.

      How do the Razer TriForce Titanium 50mm drivers perform?

      After some aesthetic and software analysis, it's time to get down to some technicalities. The Razer Blackshark V2 Pro Wireless are equipped with 50mm drivers made with TriForce Titanium structure; What are? Let's go and see them in more detail.

      Compared to the regular version, these feature titanium-coated diaphragms for greater clarity in vocals. It is a composition stiffer and stronger for better resonance, while being light enough to deliver ultra-fast response times and one accurate sound reproduction. In addition, the composition allows the headphones to being able to focus on the low, medium and high frequencies separately, resulting in improved per-band sound quality.

      The targeted tuning of the frequency bands also allows for a smaller deviation in sound levels, this confers more coherent audio, without drops or spikes that can make tones more muffled or exaggerated.

      By reducing distortion between left and right chamber, what you feel is at stake precisely positioned, without ever sounding asymmetrical: a noticeable difference from the industry average that surpasses 5dB.

      Did we like the in-game experience?

      Le Razer Blackshark V2 Pro Wireless offer good overall sound in both video games and music. Since these are peripherals created mainly for the esports world, we have focused more on their performance in game. We remind you that, through Synapse, we can also access all the functions related to THX Spatial (a feature we have already talked about in the previous analysis).

      The virtual surround provided by THX Spatial Audio is truly exceptional in many titles, what not like it however is the default EQ system. From headphones of this range we would have expected a little more in terms of software. In any case, by manually modifying the parameters, you can find a good match for all situations.

      First of all we wanted to immerse ourselves in an open world, Horizon Zero Dawn; the surround sound here was really good. We managed to perfectly perceive the sound of each car in the distance, the voices and even the rustle of the wind in the grass. Every shot fired, every arrow fired, all precise, clean and prefect. The same happened in other titles, such as The Witcher 3, Nier Automata, where we managed to immerse ourselves perfectly. The melancholy melodies of Nier lulled us, without canceling the sound of the attacks launched. The sound in DOOM Eternal is also perfect, where the spatiality was particularly appreciated.

      To try, instead, directionality, we relied on the old Rainbow Six Siege and the new Call of Duty MW. In this case we have succeeded perfectly to perceive the sounds coming from every direction, without the slightest doubt. Clean, clear and crisp steps and precision in the direction of the shots. Slightly the spatiality of the steps is less precise: it is easy to understand if the enemy is in front, behind, to the right or left, but it has not always been accurate in the half-way directions, the more oblique ones (front-right, back-right, etc).

      How does the microphone sound?

      Le The Razer Blackshark V2 Pro wireless features the same microphone as their wired cousins. The strengths and weaknesses, therefore, are practically the same.
      We have a (fully removable) microphone that is capable of playing a clear and precise sound, but that loses itself a little in quality. On some occasions, in fact, a metallic sound seems to emerge. The appliance it is perfect for use in game chats, has a slight emphasis on high sounds and distortion in deep sounds.

      As usual, in order to have a more precise idea, we leave you the registration made without the use of any post-production processing:

      Razer Blackshark V2 Pro Wireless: Did they pass the test?

      The Razer Blackshark V2 Pro Wireless are great wireless headphones; offer comfort, ergonomics and style. They are light enough, the pads are soft and these allow you to wear them for long gaming sessions without feeling too heavy. They are easily transportable and, therefore, are perfect for use even in a competitive environment. The sound is good, especially in relation to the Razer Synapse 3.0 program, which helps create a custom surround. Good autonomy (about 20 hours of use) and the connection system, precise, fast and able to transmit without any delay.

      Il microphone it's not perfect for streaming, but it is good enough to be used in a voice chat (such as Discord, Teamspeak or game). In short, a product that goes well with the world of competitionsi, although it could improve in some respects.
      The real sore point? The price. There are competitors who, in fact, are around slightly lower figures: unfortunately, € 200 is not for everyone.

      Razer Blackshark V2 Pro Wireless

      • Read to be a wireless product
      • Clear microphone sound.
      • Robust, resistant and flexible
      • Ergonomic
      • Improved spatiality
      • … But only suitable for in-game chats
      • High price


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