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Vosteran is a site that is installed on the home page of your browser to take its place. It then becomes very difficult to separate yourself from it: not only does it considerably slow down your loading time when you visit web pages, but in addition its links and advertisements are often riddled with spyware and other unwanted items of all kinds. Here is a simple trick to get rid of it, the method remains quite similar to Movies Toolbar or Tlbsearch for example (with a few details).

  • Remove Vosteran extension from your browsers
    • In Google Chrome
    • In Firefox
    • In Internet Explorer
  • Resetting the browser
  • Remove Vosteran
  • Finally
  • For the rest

Warning, follow all the steps described below!

Remove Vosteran extension from your browsers

Depending on the browser used, you will have the Vosteran extension to remove, it will have been installed without your authorization among the extensions of your browser.

In Google Chrome

Open the menu by clicking on the "Customize and control Google Chrome" button at the top right of Chrome. Then click on settings, then extensions, find Vosteras, then delete it (confirm deletion when the dialog box appears) Enjoy -en to remove anything you haven't installed yourself.

In Firefox

Open the menu at the top right of firefox (like for Chrome) and click on Modules
Then search in "extensions" and in "plugins" Vosteran to remove it.

In Internet Explorer

Click on the cogwheel at the top right of the browser (tools) e Tools button Tools button, then on "Manage add-ons"
From the "Show:" drop-down menu, select "All add-ons".
Then select Vosteran, and you can delete it.

If you are unable to remove the add-on, Vosteran is preventing you from doing so, then skip this step.

Resetting the browser

Then reset your browser by going to this page, and follow the method according to your browser.

Remove Vosteran

AdwCleaner is free software that will remove all unwanted items hidden in your computer. It is formidably effective! Download AdwCleaner. Launch adwcleaner.exe and click on the "Scanner" button. Once the scan is complete, click on the "Clean" button:

Follow the software instructions completely, you may need to restart your computer.


Configure your browser again to return to your usual home page: follow this link

For the rest

Finally, install Malwarebytes Anti-Malware. It's free, and it will protect you from threats when you download new software.

Here is a Tutorial to explain how it works.

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