[Review] Rapoo VPRO V100: an imperfect combination

[Review] Rapoo VPRO V100: an imperfect combination

Rapoo is a Chinese company founded in 2002 but only landed in Italy last year. What do you do? It is easy to say: Rapoo specializes in the production of peripherals dedicated both to everyday use and to those looking for products suitable for gaming. Among these check the VPRO V100 set, which stands out primarily for its "tamarraggine" but which unfortunately finds it hard to assert itself in a market now full of mouse and keyboards designed for gamers. The reasons? I immediately try to explain them to you.

A rigid mouse

Let's start with the mouse first, optical, designed exclusively for right-handers and able to reach up to 3.000 DPI. Five i keys present: the two classics positioned on the upper part, two present on the side - which by default are associated with Forward and Back - and a button that allows you to increase or decrease the DPI. Of course, any of these keys can be customized by downloading the dedicated software, so you can associate each of them with the functions that best suit your needs. The program also allows you to change the lighting of this mouse, choosing within a convenient panel that houses well 16 million colors. 

From an aesthetic point of view, however, this peripheral is rather anonymous, albeit characterized by a good build quality. In particular you will appreciate the side and upper parts, rubberized to guarantee an excellent grip, the connector with gold plating and the rope cable. The latter, however, has a huge flaw: stiffness. Inexplicably, in fact, the 1,8 meter long wire is not very flexible, which compromises the use of the mouse during the most excited gaming sessions and even during operations that require great precision.

The keyboard: good but imperfect

The keyboard of the VPRO V100 set is the membrane, equipped with function anti-ghosting and capable of giving back great feedback although the key travel is slightly long. The plus is undoubtedly represented also this time by the software, which allows you to adjust the backlight - also in this case to 16 million colors -, of customize each key, to set the macro and to create 5 presets, using the internal memory of this device. There are also several multimedia keys that allow you to adjust the volume, start and manage music playback, access your mail or open the browser.

Unlike the mouse, the tastiera however, it lacks in build quality. In fact, there is no lack of unpleasant creaks and the general feeling is that you have an inexpensive and unfinished keyboard in your hands, accompanied by a plastic palm rest too short to be of any use. The only exceptions are the rope cord, which is surprisingly softer than the mouse, and the snap-on feet, which seem determined to stay in place despite having been mistreated a little.

Yes or no?

Rapoo VPRO V100 certainly stands out for the good level of customization and for the low price, 59,90 Euros, elements that make it probably one of the cheapest sets in the gaming market.


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