Salto: the Council of State finally validates the platform, Free grinds its teeth

The future of Salto seems unclear, as the platform is subject to an investigation by the Council of State. Following Free's alerts, the institution will attempt to determine whether the agreements made between TF1, M6 and Your Country Televisions are anti-competitive. An investigation that falls badly for the streaming service which is struggling to find its place among users.

Update of Tuesday, November 9, 2021 at 20:05 p.m.:

Against all expectations, the Council of State did not agree with the opinion of its public rapporteur Laurent Cyterman, who advocated the partial cancellation of the green light attributed to the creation of Salto by the Competition Authority. This Monday, November 8, 2021, the judges of the Royal Palace validated the creation of Salto as well as the approval of the gendarme of the competition given in 2021. For the high court, the commitments made by TF1, M6 and Your country Televisions to avoid any anti-competitive behavior have been sufficient. Salto is therefore no longer in danger.

Original article

Barely a year before its release, Salto could already leave us. While this is the most extreme probability, it is nonetheless possible. This is indeed what the Council of State could decide, which has just launched an investigation against the streaming platform. The latter calls into question in particular the validity of the agreements made in 2021 between TF1, M6 and Your Country Televisions. The institution suspects that they do not comply with competition regulations, despite the verdict of the Authority responsible for trying these cases.

Free was the first to sound the alarm. Last year, the operator expressed fears that the three groups behind the project would use Salto to justify the increase in the prices of their television channels. In addition, if such an agreement was possible between the rivals of always - at least, before the takeover of M6 by TF1 - it is possible that they end up agreeing on other less virtuous projects. In order to show plank paw, these have promised to not get involved in program purchasing and general platform development.

Is Salto anti-competitive?

Things are not looking good for Salto. On October 13, the public rapporteur Laurent Cytermann announced a first verdict, which requires partial cancellation of the 2021 agreement, issued by the Competition Authority. The Council of State and judges generally follow the latter's advice.

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From there to sounding the end of Salto, there is still a course to be crossed. If justice considers that there is indeed a violation of the law, the three groups will have to consult a second time to lay new agreements, this time more compliant.

Still, this is a big blow for the platform. The latter is still struggling to find its audience and has been in deficit since its launch. Last February, the president of M6 indicated that the operation had cost the group approximately 100 million euros.

Source : Capital

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