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Telegram Messenger is one of the fastest growing applications in recent years. A messaging app that proposes itself as alternative to the most common ones, starting with WhatsApp, offering additional functions of all kinds. It is therefore time to discover them all, starting from what is Telegram and going deep into how it works and how to use it the app. In fact, in this Telegram Guide, you will find all the answers to the questions you may have, from the most general to the most specific. There are also tons of features that you may not know about but that could really interest you. For example you might want to find out if there is a version of Web telegram, how to use it with an app on desktop PC, if it is available in Italy, where it is downloaded, what are the Groups, Channels and Bots and much more. So let's not waste any more time and let's discover this increasingly famous service. USA the cast below to guide you better.

  • What is Telegram? 
  • Is Telegram free or paid?
  • How Telegram works 
  • Telegram guide: how to register and create an account
  • How to download and install Telegram
  • Eat if you use Telegram: the chat
    • How to send messages and chat
    • What are Telegram Stickers
    • How to use Telegram: manage messages
    • How to send attachments
  • What is a secret Telegram chat
  • Guide to Telegram calls and video calls 
  • How to search for people on Telegram and find new contacts
  • How to customize Telegram Messenger
    • Telegram settings
  • What are Telegram Groups
  • What are the Telegram Channels
  • Telegram bot: what they are
  • How to delete Telegram account
  • Bonus 1: tips and tricks for using Telegram 
  • Bonus 2: the story of Telegram 

What is Telegram?

Telegram is basically a instant messaging service, with which you can stay in touch with your acquaintances. Similar to apps like WhatsApp, it also offers the ability to send files, images, voice messages and much more. It then integrates a series of functions closer to the world of social networks (such as Channels and Groups) and the ability to use and create programs within it to add additional features.

What is Telegram for?

The main function of Telegram Is that of exchange messages. Unlike good old SMS and like the competing service WhatsApp, users communicate with each other over the web. For this reason the messages sent and received through the app are free, going to affect (in a minimal way if we are talking about simple text) only on data traffic.

In addition to this Telegram Messenger offers a wide range of additional services. Through the Channels and Telegram Groups it is in fact possible to have experiences closer to the world of more traditional social networks. These tools allow you to follow the updates of pages and influencers or to get in touch with other people with whom you share passions.

What differentiates Telegram from WhatsApp and other messaging apps

You shouldn't think of Telegram as one simple alternative to WhatsApp. This service has indeed developed much more some features common to both applications, such as Groups and Channels, making them much more advanced tools that go beyond keeping in touch with friends and acquaintances.

Telegram is also based on a cloud system, which is why it can be easily used on multiple different devices than the competitor. Finally, many appreciate the possibility offered by this app to get in touch with other users without the need to exchange the phone number but just a nickname, along with the increased focus that appears to be on issues such as privacy and data security within the app.

  • What is Telegram's target?

Telegram audience is theoretically total. Anyone who wants to keep in touch for free with friends, relatives and acquaintances whether by message, phone call or video call can use this application. Even the most advanced features, such as Groups, Channels and Bots, they can be of interest to anyone offering very varied contents and tools. By exploring the application you can therefore find reasons of interest to everyone.

  • How many Telegram users are there?

In January 2021, Telegram exceeded the dethe 500 million users. The previous milestone was that of the 400 reached in April of the previous year.

Is Telegram free or paid?

Telegram is absolutely free. The founders of the service have announced that in the near future they will introduce some paid features, as well as a new advertising system. This is a move to be able to bear the rising maintenance costs and at the same time maintain its independence. However, they have already promised the ads and additional features they will not touch one-to-one messaging features, which will remain free forever.

How Telegram works

The operation of Telegram is very simple and closely resembles that of the other category apps. If you already use an instant messaging service, you will find the very intuitive interface and methods of use of Telegram

Main interface

The mobile interface is essential and consists of three main sections: the chat screen, where you can find the list of your active chats, the menu screen, accessible via the "sandwich" icon on the left in the bar at the top (three horizontal lines one above the other), and the search section, which opens by clicking on the magnifying glass at the top right. In the web version, the search bar is placed immediately above the list of active chats.

By opening the menu, you will be able to manage most of Telegram's functions. In the mobile app, you will find the following menu items:

  • New group
  • Contacts
  • Call
  • Close people
  • Saved messages
  • Settings
  • Invite friends
  • Telegram FAQ

In the web version the items are as follows:

  • New group
  • Contacts
  • Settings
  • FAQ
  • Info

After quickly seeing how Telegram's main interface works, let's see together some additional information and features at your disposal.

“Last accessed recently”: what it means

When you open a conversation with a user you can check their Telegram access, that is, you can see if the contact is online or, if not, when it was last active On the app, however, you will not find a precise indication, with a detailed date, but general information. Specifically, the options, with their respective meanings, are the following:

  • "Recently”- the access took place in the last three days
  • "In a week”- access was made more than three days ago, but within seven
  • "Within a month”- it is an access of more than seven days ago, but less than thirty
  • "A long time ago”- last login for more than thirty days

This way you can know if the person is active or not on Telegram, but without being able to check his habits in too much detail.

How to transfer Whatsapp and other app chats to Telegram

You have fallen in love with Telegram so much that you want to use it as the main messaging app, but you don't want all past conversations to stay elsewhere? Don't worry, Telegram allows you to import chats from other apps very easily. To do this, just:

  • go to the starting application;
  • take advantage of the native export tool;
  • share all exported data with Telegram.

For example, if you want to transfer a WhatsApp conversation on Telegram, start by opening it. Then:

  • click on the three dots at the top right and on "Export chats";
  • choose whether or not to include media;
  • select Telegram.

At this point all your conversation will be inside the new app.

Here's how you can move your chats to Telegram if you're on Android.

- Telegram Messenger (@telegram) January 28, 2021

How Telegram works: the ticks of the messages

When you send a message on Telegram, it is accompanied by two ticks. The first appears when it arrives at the service cloud and consequently your interlocutor receives a notification. The second check appears when he has opened the chat and seen your message. In short, a check for "Delivered", two for "Bed".

  • Can I disable the ticks?

Unfortunately no, there are no options to prevent Telegram from showing your interlocutors whether you have viewed their messages or not.


Telegram guide: how to register and create an account

Telegram registration is very simple. All you need to do is open the application for the first time and enter your phone number. At that point you will receive a message with a code to type in to confirm that that number is yours. If the message does not arrive, Telegram will make a phone call to dictate the code in question. At this point the app will ask you to enter your name and surname and a profile photo, but they are all optional steps. Whether you enter them or not, you are officially registered on Telegram!

  • Is it possible to create a Telegram account without a phone number?

No, a phone number is required to subscribe to Telegram. Since the profile will rarely be used once created, you can try alternative solutions. For example you could take advantage of an old number you no longer use or look for a online service providing 'disposable' numbers for this purpose. Regardless, you still need to provide at least one phone number.

  • What should I include in my profile?

The only necessary data is the telephone number. This is to verify your identity and contain the creation of bogus accounts. You also have the option to add your first and last name and a profile picture to personalize your account, but it comes down to optional information. You can also define your own username, which will be used to allow people to find you without having to provide them with your phone number.

  • Can I have more than one active Telegram account?

Yes, you can log in up to four accounts Different telegrams on the same device. This applies to both the mobile and computer apps, but not the web version of the service. To do this, click on the three horizontal lines at the top left, then on the down arrow and finally on "Add Account".

How to download and install Telegram on desktop PC and smartphone

Telegram is available <="" h3="">

The web version does not require the presence of the smartphone nearby, simply exploiting the cloud synchronization of the service. Compared to the mobile version, Telegram Web offers some fewer functions. For those who want one perfect replica of the mobile experience, a separate application is available for Windows PC, Mac and Linux.

Download Telegram mobile and desktop

THETelegram app for smartphones is available for the main mobile operating systems. Just go to the Android, iOS or Windows Phone store to make the download for free of the Telegram Messenger app and start the installation.

If you want to use Telegram to PC, you can take advantage of the web client or dedicated applications, available for the main operating systems. In this case, download the version that suits you best from the link we just gave you, open the file and proceed with the installation. Once this step is complete you will only have to log in with your phone number and you will be ready to use Telegram with desktop.

  • What is the difference between Telegram web and Telegram desktop?

The first is easily accessible, directly from the Internet. Just go to the appropriate site and log in with the phone number, without having to download anything. However, compared to the Telegram desktop application (and also to the smartphone one) it is equipped with less functionality. Folder organization, animated stickers, personalization and much more are missing right now.

In short, the first is a version lighter and more agile, which however does not offer all the possibilities of the second. You evaluate the pros and cons when you have to use them.

You can quickly record a video message for your favorite friends and felines. They arrive in a flash, play instantly and let you keep watching as you move around the app. #TelegramTips

- Telegram Messenger (@telegram) January 14, 2021

Eat if you use Telegram: the chat

Telegram is extremely simple and intuitive to use. In its basic functionality it is not very different from any other instant messaging application. However, even its most advanced features remain very accessible, offering a truly pleasant user experience.

How to send messages and chat

To send a message on Telegram you must first choose the recipient from the list of open conversations. If you don't see the name you are looking for, you can type it in the search bar that appears by clicking on magnifying glass at the top to find it in your contacts. At this point you just have to write your message in the box below and then press the arrow icon on the right to send it.

Insert emojis or GIFs

Telegram is compatible both with emojis and with GIFs and stickers. This means you can add smilies, animated images and stickers to your messages.

  • To insert an emoji, click on the Smiley icon on the left and choose the smiley face you want to add.
  • If, on the other hand, you want to send a GIF, after clicking on the Smiley-shaped icon go to the small box that reads "GIF". You will find a selection of ready-made images. By clicking on one of the emojis you can find some suggestions related to the feeling that that face represents. If, on the other hand, you have a more specific request, you can use the search bar that says "Close GIF".
  • The third icon next to the box with "GIF" represents the Stickers. These are a characteristic feature of Telegram and are a kind of custom emojis, larger than normal and sometimes even animated. They are not accompanied by text messages, but are sent on their own. To find out more about stickers, take a look at the dedicated section.

How to send voice messages

Like all messaging apps now, Telegram is also equipped with a voice messages. To send an audio, just press and hold the microphone icon next to the box to type your message.

There are two peculiar aspects of Telegram regarding voice messages. The first is related to automatic playback. When you listen to a message in fact, once completed the next one will start immediately, until you get to the end of the chat, unless you choose to pause it. A great convenience for those who have friends used to sending series of short vocal notes.

Telegram then comes in handy too of those who can't stand voice messages. By clicking on the box that says "2X”Immediately below the name when playing a note of this type, it will go at double the speed. The message will still be understandable in most cases, but its duration will be halved. A nice time saver for those with friends who are a little too talkative!

Video messages: what they are and how to send them

In addition to traditional voice messages, Telegram also offers the possibility of sending gods video messages. These are short clips, similar in spirit to voice notes, but which also contain images. To send one, just quickly tap the microphone icon next to the text message box for turn it into a camera stylized. At this point, press and hold on it and start your video. Once your finger is removed, you will send it in the chat.

What are Telegram Stickers

Stickers are a feature introduced by Telegram since its inception. They are particular images that are sent to express a feeling, as one would do with a smiley face. However in chats they are displayed bigger and above all there is a huge variety of them.

In fact, every Telegram user has the possibility of create your own sticker set and this has allowed the birth of many different types of these instruments. There are packages that reproduce characters from movies, TV series, television shows, but also cartoons, comics and much more. This way you can express your emotions more nice and original.

To send a Sticker you have to click on the Smiley-shaped icon to the left of the message box. Then select the third icon at the bottom (the box with a smiley inside) and you will have access to your entire library. Above the Stickers you will also find a series of icons that allows you to navigate between the different packages you have saved, so as to help you choose the most suitable.

Alternatively, if your message consists of only one emoji, Telegram will pop up a window with some Sticke's suggestionsr related to that 'smiley'. Just click on the one you like best to send it.

Where to find other Telegram Sticker sets

One way to get new Telegram Sticker packs is to simply 'copy' them from friends. To do this, press and hold on the Sticker that was sent to you and then select the command "Add Sticker". This way you will have access to all the stickers in the pack.

Alternatively, open a conversation, click on the Smiley-shaped icon at the bottom left and then on the box with a smiley inside it at the bottom. You will find a row of icons indicating the different sticker packs you already have. On the same line, on the left, click on the icon in the shape of "+": A list of new sets will open that you can easily add to your library by pressing the"Add".

And again, on the web you will find a large number of platforms that collect Telegram Sticker packs of all kinds. The founder of the service has also often suggested some of his favorites. But if you want to become the real Sticker Master you should install the dedicated service Bot. Once activated (just click "starts"In the conversation that opens), every time you write in a chat"@sticker”Followed by an emoji, you will receive suggestions of all kinds related to that emoji. Furthermore, always through this Bot you also have the possibility of create your stickers, quickly and easily.

How to create Telegram stickers

Sure and the process is extremely simple and accessible. First you have to start the Telegram Bot dedicated to Stickers by clicking "starts". Once this is done, send the message "/ start”To receive the list of available commands.

At this point, you can type "/ Newpack”Or click on the message to start the new set creation wizard. It will ask you to name the package and send the images you want to be part of it in the chat. It will be the Bot a still guide you step by step, until you create your own personalized Telegram Sticker set!

How to use Telegram: manage messages

How to reply to a single message

To better manage a conversation, whether with a single interlocutor or within a group, it is convenient to use the reply function to a message. This allows you to clearly signal the message you are referring to, making it easier to follow the speech. To do this, just:

  • Press and hold on the message you want to reply to (which can be ours or that of others) and click at the bottom left on "Reply".
  • The same item can also be accessed by quickly touching the message in the menu that appears.
  • Another way to do this is simply drag the message to the left to which we want to respond.

How to forward a message in another conversation

If you want to send a message from one conversation to another just hold down on it. After about a second, the "Submit". This option is also available in the menu that opens by briefly touching the message. Select the chat where you want to send the message (with the original sender name) and you will have sent it.

How to pin a message at the top of the chat

Telegram offers the possibility of block a message at the top of the conversation in order to highlight it and make it always accessible. This function is most useful in Groups, where it is typically used for community rules, but it can also be used in single conversations. In any case, the procedure is identical: tap the message you want to fix at the top and choose from the menu that appears the option "fixed". At this point you can choose whether to put the message on top also for your interlocutor or just for you. If you are in a Group, you will be asked whether to send a notification of the change to the various members. Make your decision and confirm to fix the message above.

Edit or delete a sent message

Telegram offers the possibility of delete sent messages and, with some limitations, to modify them. To proceed just:

  • Touch the text in question and choose the item "Modification"Or"Delete“, As needed.
  • Another way is to hold down on the message and select the corresponding icons at the top (the pencil and the garbage can respectively).

Modification is possible only within 24 hours from the first sending, after which corrections can no longer be made. In addition, the message will be accompanied by a label "modified”Which indicates that there have been variations.

It is possible instead delete a message at any time and without a trace. Even canceling it for both interlocutors, there will be no box left “This message has been deleted” or similar as with other messaging services.

Saved messages: how to save them and where they are

It's very simple save messages on Telegram. Just tap it, select “Submit"From the menu that will appear and then choose"Saved messages". This is a kind of chat with yourself, where you can collect all the messages that you think are important and that you want to have access to quickly. In fact, you can find them by searching for "Saved messages”Between your open conversations, either by clicking on the three horizontal lines at the top left and then on“ Saved messages ”. Tapping the arrow next to each of the messages will take you directly to the original chat where it was taken from.

How to send attachments

In addition to text messages, audio and video messages, Telegram allows you to send different types of attachments: from images to files of various extensions, up to position and much more.

How to send photos and images

To send a photo or image on Telegram you must first click on paper clip symbol on the right. A window will open with all your recent images. The first icon on the left represents the camera instead, in case you want to take a photo at the moment.

  • Select one or more photos you want to send.
  • By clicking on each you can add a caption or modify it, adding writings, stickers or drawing on them.
  • Once everything is complete, click on the blue circle with a white arrow at the bottom right to send.

Send other types of files

As anticipated, Telegram allows you to share different types of files chatting. To send one just click on the paperclip icon on the right and then on the "Fillet" down. The archive of Files on the device will open and you can browse it until you find the one you are interested in sending.

How to send the position on Telegram

Share your position on Telegram it can be very useful, perhaps to be able to be with friends by giving them directions in a convenient and fast way. To do this, click on the paperclip icon on the right and then on the "Location”At the bottom center.

Basically, Telegram will propose (if you have provided access to the location tools) to send yours Actual positionby clicking on the appropriate writing. By swiping your finger on the map, however, you can change the coordinates to be sent. At the bottom you can find one list of places already with the preset position, to facilitate sending.

In addition, you can submit your own live updated position. This means that your interlocutor will not only be able to see where you are at the moment, but also follow your movements using the GPS. You can share your updated location for one of three time intervals: 15 minutes, one hour or eight hours.

Share contact information

The app also allows you to share a contact's information. Specifically, you can send a Contact directly from your address book. This way you can easily pass phone numbers, emails and other information when needed. To do it:

  • Click on the paperclip on the right, then at the bottom on "Contact".
  • Scroll until you find the one you are interested in or use the search bar to find it more quickly.
  • Click on the name and choose which of the information you want to send.
  • Finally click on “Share contact" And that's it.

Send music files

Among the different types of files you can send on Telegram there are also mp3s and audios in general. To share one click on the paperclip on the right, then at the bottom right on the "Music". At this point you will have the complete list of files to choose from to send it.

What is a Secret Telegram Chat?

Telegram poses great attention to security and privacy. However, if you are looking for an even higher degree of confidentiality, you can create one Secret Chat. This is an incognito conversation that is encrypted with an end-to-end method, i.e. tied to the single device. In practice, the messages of this chat can only be read on the phone or computer from which they were sent and on the one who received them. No one else, not even Telegram itself, can view the content (text or file) of a Secret Chat.

In case the user on the other side takes a screenshot of the conversation also, you will receive a notification to warn you. In addition, in secret chats messages cannot be forwarded in other conversations and the preview of the notifications on the phone does not contain the message, precisely because it can only be viewed within the app.

As mentioned, Telegram Secret Chats are saved on the device only and do not go through the service cloud. This means that, unlike other conversations, it is not possible to view them on different devices (for example both on smartphones and on the web client). For the same reason, if you log out of Telegram on that device, you will lose all your Secret Chats and their content.

How to start a Secret Chat

If you want to start a Secret Chat you have to go into the conversation with the user you want to talk to. At this point click on its name, then on the dots at the top right and finally on "Start secret chat". Confirm your choice by clicking on "starts".

Alternatively, click on the pencil symbol at the bottom right and then on "Nuova Segreta Chat". Then select your interlocutor and you will be ready to go.

How to create self-destructing messages

Telegram offers the possibility of create messages that disappear after a certain period of time, which can range from a second to a week. A real self-destruct timer, as in the Mission: Impossible series (but without the explosion thankfully). You can activate this feature on individual media sent in regular chats and on all messages in a Secret Chat.

In the first case, when you send a photo you will find a clock icon at the bottom right. By clicking on it you can choose how long the image will remain available before disappearing from both devices. In the second case, after starting the Secret Chat, click on the three dots at the top right, then on "Self-destruct timer"And finally on"Done". The time period will also be indicated in the icon of your interlocutor at the top left.

Warning: the timer will not start when you send the message, but from first view by the recipient.

Guide to Telegram calls and video calls

In addition to chatting, Telegram gives you the possibility to call or video call your contacts. All this takes place via the web and not over the telephone network. This means that you will only consume your data traffic and not the calls of your subscription. A feature that is particularly useful when you want to talk to someone from abroad (but check that you have a Wi-Fi connection!) without exorbitant costs.

To start a Telegram call or video call, just go to the conversation of your interlocutor, click on the three dots at the top right and choose respectively "Call"Or"Video call".

How to search for people on Telegram and find new contacts

Basic Telegram allows you to import all your contacts phone book who are already subscribed to the service. Also you will get a message every time one of them joins the application. However, if you want to find new people to talk to, you can use tools such as the search bar at the top to browse by nickname or the function Close People, to view groups and contacts in your geographic surroundings.

How Telegram search works

At the top of the app you find a magnifying glass that opens one search bar. Here you can type what you are interested in, scrolling through the profiles by nickname. The results are divided into three sections: in the first part you will find your contacts that match the search terms, in the second there are Channels, Groups and users from the totality of Telegram and finally in the third there are the messages of your conversations.

The Telegram search is a tool that therefore allows you to keep in touch with people without the need to exchange phone numbers. If you want someone to write to you on Telegram, just give them your nickname and tell them to look for it in the app.

Furthermore, you can also use it to search Groups e Channels interesting in which to eventually make new friends. Try typing something related to your interests and passions and explore the results!

What is the People Near feature?

If you grant Telegram access to location services, you can know people and groups in your surroundings. Click on the three lines at the top left and then on "Close people". You will see a list of contacts some distance from your location and just below the Local Groups. If you want other people to be able to contact you in this way, click on "Make me visible”And then confirm your choice by clicking on“ OK ”.

Telegram invitation link: what it is and where it is

An even faster way to kickstart a conversation on Telegram is the invitation link. To get one you must first set up a username. To do this (or modify it) click on the three lines at the top left of the app home, then on your profile icon and finally on the "Username". Type the nickname you want to identify you and confirm with the tick at the top right.

Now people can find you without needing your mobile number, simply by typing your username in the search bar. If you want to do it even faster though, you can give him the link directly… by substituting your username for the three dots. By clicking on it, the user will immediately find themselves in the Telegram chat with you.

How to customize Telegram Messenger

Telegram offers you many possibilities of adapt graphically the service to your tastes. If you want to change the background, colors and general appearance of Telegram, first click on the three lines at the top left of the home, then on "Settings"And finally on"Chat settings". Here you will find a long list of possibilities to beautify your Telegram.

For example, you can set a custom background for your chats, change the theme sifting through various options, choose the color of that theme (and possibly holding down the circles to open countless further possibilities of shades to choose from), indicate the size of the text and much more.

If, on the other hand, you simply want to switch from light / day to dark / night mode and vice versa, click on the three lines and then on symbol of the Moon or the Sun that you find on the right.

How to reorder and organize Telegram contents

Chats, Groups, Channels, Bots… Sometimes the home of the application can really be chaotic. Fortunately, Telegram offers the possibility of organizing it in the best possible way, dividing everything into different folders. Click on the three horizontal lines at the top left, then on "Settings"And finally on"Folders".

From here you can create categories that will appear in the home page, in which your conversations are present according to the subdivision. By clicking on "Create new folder”You can name each and choose which chats to include and which to exclude. Either way you can choose either individual conversations / groups / channels, or give a general indication such as "All Groups".

Telegram Guide: settings

When approaching a new social network, even a slightly atypical one like Telegram, it's good to be aware of where the settings are and explore them. This for adapt the instrument immediately to our needs, with the ability to change later, and control our privacy on the platform.

For Telegram, the settings are directly accessible from within the application. From the home click on the three lines in the upper left and then on "Settings”And you will find everything.

How to change the language

If for any reason you want to use Telegram in another language, click on the three horizontal lines in the app home, then on "Settings" and finally on "Language". Here you will choose the language available between 19 possible choices, including Russian, Spanish, English, Korean, German, Dutch and Italian.

How to change your profile information

When you sign up for Telegram enter a number of details on you. Some are required, like your phone number, others are optional, like your profile picture. However, all of these can be changed later.

First click on the three horizontal lines at the top left of the home and then on "Settings"And then proceed as follows depending on the data you want to change:

  • Your name - Click on the three vertical dots at the top right and then on "Change name"
  • Profile picture - Click on the circle with a camera and choose your new photo. You can also quickly snap a new one by clicking on the box at the top left of the list. Position it as best as possible (you can also zoom in if you wish) and confirm
  • Phone Number - Click on your current phone number, confirm your choice and enter the new one. You will receive an SMS to verify that it is indeed your number. With this process, all your chats and information will be transferred from the old number to the new one
  • Username - Click on your current username and set the new one, making sure it is still available. Finally, confirm by clicking on the checkbox at the top right.
  • Bio - Click on your current bio and edit it

How to change Telegram notification settings

First click on the three horizontal lines at the top left of the app home and then on "Settings". From here go to "Notifications and sounds”Where you will find all the options regarding this aspect of Telegram. For example, you can choose to activate or turn off alerts for groups or Channels, set a special ringtone for calls with this app, choose which sounds to keep active within the service and much more.

Set a reminder for notifications

A very useful function of Telegram is that of notification reminder. Basically if you get a message, but you miss the first alert for whatever reason, you can ask the app to send you a new one after a certain time. This way you can be sure not to leave behind no important communication.

To activate this feature and possibly change the interval for subsequent alerts, click on the three horizontal lines in the home page and then on "Settings"And"Notifications and sounds". Now go down to "Repeat notifications“, Click on it and choose the interval you prefer (“ No ”deactivates the feature).

Check privacy on Telegram

One of the flagships of Telegram is his own attention to privacy of its users. This translates into both highly protected tools such as Secret Chats, and a particularly privacy setting system granular. In fact, you can check many details of your presence on the application.

From the Telegram home click on the three horizontal lines at the top left, then on "Settings"And finally on"Privacy and security". Here you will find all the items you can change. For example, you can decide who can see your phone number, your last login or your profile photo but also whether to insert a link to your profile when someone forwards a message from you and who can add you to groups or channels. The advice is to explore this section thoroughly, to be aware of what you share with the application and other users.

How to make the access to the Telegram account more secure

With Telegram you have two possibilities very useful to strengthen the security of your profile. To activate them click on the three lines at the top left of the home, then on "Settings"And finally on"Privacy and security". Now scroll down to the "Safety”Where you can check which sessions are active at the moment (ie, the places and devices where you currently have active access to the account and possibly disable them all) and strengthen the protection.

A first tool is the "Lock code". Activating it will ask you to enter a password which will protect your app from prying eyes. On the home page, a padlock will appear at the top right and by clicking on it you can 'close' your chats. Anyone who wants to access it will have to enter the code you have set, otherwise they will remain blocked. You can also make the protection activate automatically after a certain time interval and activate or deactivate the possibility of replacing the code with your fingerprint.

Parallel to this you can set the "Two-step verification". By clicking on this option you will be asked to enter a password, re-enter it for confirmation, add a hint in case you forget it, an email (optional) for the recovery service and code of confirmation for the latter. Once all these steps have been carried out, you will have activated a stricter verification for accesses to your account. If someone wants to access your Telegram profile (for example through the web client) they will need both your phone number to which they will receive the code, and your password. In short, it's like having two locks on your bike!

Telegram account self-destruct

Not only can you, but from a certain point of view, devi. In fact, Telegram has a policy of deletion of inactive accounts. This means that if you don't log into your account for a certain period of time, it will be deleted. How long exactly? Well, this it's up to you to decide.

If you click on the three horizontal lines at the top left of the app, then on "Settings","Privacy and Security" and finally "If far for”You will be able to indicate after how much time of inactivity your account will be deleted. It ranges from a minimum of a month to a year. So remember to check your app periodically again so as not to lose all your data!

How to optimize Telegram data consumption

It's important monitor the traffic consumption of our applications. It is easy, in fact, that without careful maintenance of the settings, this skyrockets, with considerable consequences on the bills. To check this side of Telegram, you can click on the three horizontal lines at the top left of the app, then on "Settings"And finally on"Data and archive".

Here are a number of options to define to protect your data consumption. The main advice we can give you is to disable the "Automatic media download”At least for the cellular network and in roaming. You will still be able to see images and videos and other files sent, but you will have complete control over them, deciding if and when to download them. No risk of running out of Giga unknowingly then!

What are Telegram Groups

Un Telegram Group it's a great conversation that instead of being one-to-one involves multiple people. This application allows you to create very large ones, with a fixed maximum limit a I 200.000 membranes. They are an interesting way to give a community the opportunity to interact directly and chat freely. There are many different types, dedicated to countless themes, from those of individual cities to those for TV series enthusiasts up to of course private ones created between friends.

How to create a Telegram Group

The easiest way to create a Telegram Group is to click on the three horizontal lines at the top left, then on "New group". Select the members you want to add, click on the arrow at the bottom right, enter the name and any profile image of the group and at this point you will have your Group ready. Another way to kick things off is to click on the pencil icon at the bottom right of the home page and then on "New group".

How to search and join Telegram Groups

Telegram Groups are of two types: public o private. This setting can be changed by clicking on the group name, the pencil icon at the top right and finally on "Group type".

In the case of a Private Group, to join you will need receive an invitation by a person already present in it. It can be a simple user in theory, but in some cases administrators choose to reserve the ability to add new members only to themselves. Alternatively you can have the invitation link, for faster access.

If, on the other hand, it is a Public group, you can simply search for it in the dedicated bar on the home page. If you want to discover this aspect of Telegram, you can try typing something related to your interests and you will find new Public Groups of all kinds. Click on the one you are interested in to join and start chatting!

Where to find the settings of your Groups

By opening your Group and clicking on the name at the top and then on the pencil at the top right you will access the settings. Here you can change the name of the Group and its representative image and enter an optional description, which may be useful for new members. You will also find the following options to set:

  • Group type to choose whether to switch from private to public group and vice versa. Here you will also find the invitation link to bring in new people.
  • Chronology for new members where you choose if new entrants can see everything that has been written previously or if only the messages from their entry into the Group onwards.
  • Permissions where you decide what your users can do. You can prevent media from being sent, adding new members, changing the group name or image, and more. You can also introduce a minimum amount of time that must pass between messages to better manage discussions.
  • Directors where you can add new people to take care of the Group. You can optionally give them different powers by clicking on each. If you want you can also customize the title of each of them.
  • Members where you will find the complete list of Group members. By clicking on the three dots next to the name you can choose to make each of them administrator (and decide which powers they will have) or remove them from the Group.

Gruppi Telegram and piracy

You may have heard that there are Telegram Groups dedicated to sharing copyrighted files, starting with classic movies, TV series and music. This is true: by exploiting the confidentiality guaranteed by Telegram, several were born communities dedicated to piracy, both Italian and international. Some of these have also developed Bots to accompany the Group, acting as a search engine and a tool for requesting new content. It should be noted, however, that it can be risky download files the exact origin of which is not known, without forgetting that piracy remains aillegal activity, also on Telegram.

What are the Telegram Channels

A Telegram Channel is an additional communication tool compared to private chats and groups. If the former are one-to-one discussions and the latter many-to-many, here we are talking about one-to-many. Basically, with the Channel you can send messages to a large number of people, which, however, cannot respond. It is a very convenient tool for receiving updates: a newspaper can use it for publish the most important news or an influencer to share the publication of a new content and much more.

How to create a Channel

If you want to create a Telegram Channel click on pencil at the bottom right of the home page. Now go to "New channel”And confirm your choice. Then enter the name of the channel and if you want a representative image and a description. Then continue, choosing if you want it to be public (that is, it can be found through the app's internal search) or private and set up your invite link. At this point, choose which people to invite to subscribe to the Channel among your contacts and the process will be complete!

How to find Telegram channels to join

You can find new Telegram channels to subscribe to by looking in the search bar on the home page. Click on the magnifying glass icon at the top right and enter a topic that interests you. You will find several achievements to explore and discover.

If you are interested in a specific community, you can check it out if they have activated a Telegram Channel asking who is in charge of it or the influencer you want to follow and clicking on the invitation link they will provide you. In case, we remind you that there is always the Telegram Channel of our Fjona ...

How to manage a Telegram Channel

You have a number of options to set for yours Telegram Channel, which will help you manage it better. First, click on the name and then on the pencil at the top right to access the settings. Here you can change the name and image of the channel, as well as the description. Then there are a number of additional options that can come in handy:

  • Channel type to switch from public (which can then be found via the Telegram search) to private. Here you will also find the dedicated invitation link and you can change it if necessary.
  • Discussion, in which to set any Group connected to the Channel where users can comment on new posts.
  • Sign messages, which comes in handy if you add other administrators. You can insert an automatic signature for the different posts, to distinguish who is the author.
  • Directors, where to add new administrators, change their permissions and generally manage this aspect.
  • Members, with the whole list of Channel users.
  • Removed users, with the complete list of people who have been excluded and who will not be able to re-enter with the simple invitation link.

Telegram bot: what they are

A particularly useful and not very common function elsewhere that offers this service is that of Bot. These are programs created within Telegram that offer particular additional functions. They offer the possibility to greatly expand the boundaries of the application by making it extremely versatile. There are Bots that allow you to play within a group, request images and even create photomontages. And if you can't find the Bot that's right for you, you always can create your own!

How to find Telegram Bots

You can try to search for new Bots within the application itself. From the home click on the magnifying glass at the top right and enter what interests you. You will find a series of results and by clicking on each you will find instructions to start the Bot and understand how it works. Typically these are instruments from the guided operation which are quite simple to use, almost as if it were a conversation with a real person.

How to create a Telegram Bot

Creating a Telegram Bot is a process at the same time quite simple and quite difficult. The difference is in how much you know about programming. For those who are already quite familiar with this field, it is a very accessible task, while those who are new to the sector road is up and it will take a little more effort. But regardless, it's not nothing impossible and anyone can create their own Bot.

To get started, you can go and visit the Telegram instruction page on how to create a Bot. And in any case do not worry: to help you create your Bot you will have a very capable support or ... another Bot! Is called Botfather and is ready to guide you all the way to create your new virtual friend.

How to delete Telegram account

By deleting your Telegram account you will delete all data on the platform tied to you. To do this, you can go directly to the page dedicated to the cancellation of the Telegram profile. Here you will have to enter your phone number and then the code you will receive on the app. At this point you can choose to delete your account. Remember that you will no longer have access to conversations and groups you joined, but the messages you sent will not be deleted. Your friends will then still be able to read what you wrote in the past.

Furthermore, for the purpose of optimizing its servers, Telegram has added an automatic account deletion function in case of inactivity. This means that if you don't log into the service for at least six months (default setting), your profile will be deleted. You can change this time interval by clicking on the three horizontal lines at the top left and then going to "Settings","Privacy and Security" and finally "Delete my account if away for".

Bonus 1: the tricks to use Telegram at its best

Telegram is a service that offers huge possibilities and that, thanks to its philosophy of continuous innovation and openness to user contributions, creates many interesting uses. So there are several tricks to learn, small and large, in order to take advantage of everything it offers. Let's see some of them together.

Quickly switch from day to night

If you want quickly change the color of your app, by switching from the day version (lighter) to the night version (darker), you can do it in a flash. Just click on the three lines at the top left of the home and then on the icon Sun to switch from night to day or on Luna for the opposite.

Have you tried playing with emojis?

In the latest updates Telegram has practically made it each animated emoji, if sent individually. For example, if you send a message with only "?" this will be displayed large and in motion. Very nice is the heart "❤" that if touched will do sounds and vibrations that replicate the beat. But there are some even more fun emojis that you can even use to play.

If you send the die "?", The target "?" or the basketball "?" each of them will have a custom animation, from the random result. You can then roll the dice, throw a dart or try to score. Similar effects are also available for the soccer ball "⚽", bowling "?" and the slot machine "?". Within a group it can become a real challenge with friends to who is the best (although it is simply coincidence)!

Creating a sticker set is super easy

- Stickers they are one of the funniest features in Telegram and add color to the conversation. The effect is even better if they are images that are particularly meaningful to you or your friends. So why not create your own set, instead of using the classic funny animals or characters from a TV series? The process is much simpler than you might think. Just a few messages with the wizard offered by the dedicated Bot and you can have your own customized package!

Telegram offers the possibility to play (even with friends)

With a 2016 update, this app launched a internal game service, which were activated via a dedicated Bot. These are small mobile challenges, which also appeal to i Flash products of the early years of the web. However, they remain very fun and engaging. The possibility then to insert them in a group chat, automatically creating one ranks with the best results it will overwhelm you and your friends, opening the doors to endless challenges. Try them now if you don't know them yet!

Organize a Group in a hierarchical way

Anyone who has tried to manage a group knows how much it can be complex. Whether it's a large community or even just a company of friends, sometimes the weight of the crown is hard to bear alone. Telegram offers aexcellent management of administrative powers However. Thanks to this it is possible to create different levels among the users of the Group, making sure that they can help without bullying. An idea may be to replicate the old structure of Moderators / Admin / Founders of the forums of the past, but in reality there is a lot of freedom from this point of view and the possibilities are many. Do some tests and you will see that everything will be easier!

You can transfer chats from other applications

If you are interested in switch entirely to Telegram for your communications, but you don't want to lose the messages exchanged elsewhere, you don't have to worry. This app is compatible with all major instant messaging services and allows you to transfer all chats and media in no time. Just go to the conversation in question, look for the option "Export chats”And choose Telegram as your destination. A not indifferent convenience to have everything in one app.

You can schedule messages

Have you ever wanted to write something to a friend, but you looked forward to it and it definitely was too late to disturb him, so you decided to postpone until the next morning (then, maybe forget about it)? Here, for these and many other occasions, Telegram has included the message scheduling function. Just type your text, then hold down on the enter key and select "Message schedule". Then choose the date and time you want it to be delivered and the app will take care of it at the right time. And if you want to avoid sending a notification to your interlocutor (perhaps because you know he is busy) you can always choose the option "Send without sound".

Subscribe to Tips

In the spirit of "give a man a fish and you will feed him one day, teach him to fish and you will feed him forever" our last tip for the use of Telegram concerns where to learn other tricks on the service. We therefore suggest that you follow the Channel created by the platform in which you will find many other suggestions, always updated. In no time you will become a great Telegram expert too!

Bonus 2: the story of Telegram

This service was born in 2013, thanks to two Russian entrepreneurs, the brothers Paul e Nikolaj Durov. The two already had the creation of the social network on their shoulders VK, a great success in the East, and with Telegram they aimed to revolutionize the instant messaging sector. The idea was to promote a service that would remain as independent, free, secure and away from the commercial interests of advertisers as possible.

The growth did not happen suddenly, but with constancy this app has spread more and more, becoming the main alternative to the dominant WhatsApp for many. In just over a year it reached 35 million active users and in 2016 it touched the figure for the first time of 100 million.

At the beginning of 2021 the number of accounts working on the service has exceeded 500 million. This milestone, announced one of the founders, will mark a partial transformation of the service. In fact, similar figures require higher costs and it is no longer possible to support them without a return. However, the expected news they shouldn't go to impact concretely the service for normal users and nothing will change in private chats which will always remain free from ads and / or controls.

This result, however, seems to be the effect of a huge transfer of users who have chosen to abandon the competitor WhatsApp due to its new terms of service from a privacy point of view. An event that underlines how the public is increasingly attentive to this aspect.

And so ours ends Guide to the world of Telegram. Have you already downloaded it? Are you ready to dive into this world? If you have other doubts, remember that we are always available!

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