The Attack of the Giants, a timeless masterpiece - Why watch it?

THEAttack of the Giants it is one of those souls that remains imprinted in the mind and heart of the spectator: it is one unique show, different from what is around. Such a masterpiece cannot remain hidden and that is why today, together, we discover all the reasons why you should definitely watch this anime.

The Attack of the Giants, a different story - why watch it?

The Attack of the Giants is a japanese anime which is inspired bynamesake manga dark fantasy and post apocalyptic genre, written and drawn by Hajime Isayama. The manga was serialized in Japan from 2009 to 2021, the year in which it ended.

We are in an alternate world where the human race has been almost completely eliminated by the arrival of the Giants. They are large creatures, very similar to humans from a physical point of view, but whose height is between three and fifteen meters. Two of the main features of these Giants are the lack of a reproductive system and the fact that it is almost impossible to kill them.

The Giants are primitive beings with limited intelligence: it also seems that they do not need food to survive. All they do is attack humans and eat them.

The few survivors took refuge inside mighty concentric walls. Among them we find the Wall Maria, the outermost walls, the Wall Rose and Wall China, where the King is stationed. These walls are fifty meters high and were built precisely so as not to allow the Giants to enter.

To try to fight these creatures, and also to find out something more about their nature, three military protection orders have been established. The Garrison Corps they are the soldiers who defend the walls and the cities. The Corps of Gendarmerie it is instead the section that regulates public order within the cities and serves the King: in short, it is the most “safe” order. L'Reconnaissance Weaponinstead, it is the soldiers who venture out beyond the walls to fight against the Giants.

However, this is the military order most at risk since there are few who survive to these missions.

To fight against the Giants, the soldiers use equipment that allows them to perform the Three-dimensional movement. It is a device that allows them to soar in the air, so you can attack the Giants in a more "simple" way. In addition, the soldiers have gods with them sharp blades since the only way to defeat a Giant is to deeply cut the nape with two blades.

The plot

We are in the year 845 when, suddenly, a Giant of about sixty meters who, with a kick, creates a breach in Wall Maria, in the Shiganshina district.

The Giants enter the district and destroy it completely, killing and devouring every human in their path. In the meantime, some soldiers try to defend themselves and bring as many people as possible within the second circle of walls. Before they can close the inner door, though, a Armored Giant he breaks it down and forces the humans to go to the Wall Rose.

The protagonists of this thrilling story are Eren jaeger, Mikasa Ackermann e Armin Arelet, three children who miraculously survived the raid by the Giants in the Shiganshina district. A few years later, after witnessing darkness, atrocities and death, the boys decide to join the army.

In particular Eren, thirsty for revenge and determined to exterminate the entire race of Giants.

A complex and impactful plot

The Attack of the Giants, a timeless masterpiece - Why watch it?

As soon as you enter the world of The Attack of the Giants, it's hard to go back. One episode leads to another and in no time we will find ourselves in front of the TV or PC, with our trusted streaming platform revealing that this is thelast episode.

The plot that Isayama presents to us is tremendously detailed, complex e gigantic. This could be scary because when you tell such a plot, there is always the risk of falling into oblivion and of dimenticare some fundamental element.

With this anime (attention, let's talk about souls and DON'T in the manga), this does not happen. One of the advantages of this product is the fact that every single event will be explained, sooner or later. It is not important to know when, it is important to know that it will happen.

The plot of Attack on Titan is brutal realistic, brilliant e incredible. We are faced with these men, women and children who have never seen anything beyond those walls. If they look up, all they see in front of them are high and mighty walls. Of the outside world, they know nothing. They live like caged mice with a routine that has now made their lives tasteless. Humans actually they don't live at all.

The shocking thing is the fact that none of them, aside from the soldiers who constantly come out of the walls to fight, have ever seen a Giant. They feel safe inside those tall and mighty walls but because they don't know what's out there.

They are aware of the fact that these strange beings exist: however they do not know how brutal, violent they can be and how they manage to destroy everything in their path. Eren, Mikasa and Armin they know it, they saw it with their children's eyes: they saw those creatures take everything away from them.

This is an element that will be brought to the surface several times over the course of the series. The soldiers who work inside the walls, safe and sound, they speak out of turn of the Giants because they have never seen them up close. And our dear Eren would say "luckily", because those beings are theembodiment of brutality.

The plot of The Attack of the Giants is also chock full of twists. With such an anime, you can't rest easy even for a second. Events follow each other at a rhythm frantic ed pressing, prompting the audience to wonder: "And now, what's going to happen?"

Epic and adrenaline-pumping battles

The Attack of the Giants, a timeless masterpiece - Why watch it?

Another element that makes this anime truly amazing is the epic nature of the fighting between the soldiers and the Giants. There are in front of us proud soldiers, aware that that could be their last mission: yet they march with courage e honor.

The clashes against the Giants are a real feast for the eyes: it is like seeing a work of art that moves by itself, that dances in front of our amazed gazes. There sinuosity and speed with which some soldiers fight, leave the audience speechless.

Another wonderful aspect is how far these fights allow the audience to be participant. In a way it is as if we were also fighting with them: also thanks to one pressing soundtrack, the fights are full of adrenalina e power. It is impossible to observe them without being amazed.

Furthermore, the Attack of the Giants can boast the presence of realistic characters e well characterized. The amazing thing, and that doesn't happen often, is the power admire closely the growth path of each of them. Every event, decision they make, person they meet, there will shape more and more intensely.

We will arrive towards the end with well-defined characters, each of them he understood his path e he knows what his goal is. We will have characters able to make us move, laugh and others, instead, we will hate them from the bottom of our hearts. The attack of the Giants it's not just a story of brutal violence, bloody e adrenaline: it is also a story deep, able to highlight the most hidden side of people, a story capable of move e touch up close the viewer.

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So why watch Attack of the Giants?

The Attack of the Giants, a timeless masterpiece - Why watch it?

The Attack of the Giants is probably one of the best products of recent years, one of those souls that people will talk about even in twenty, thirty or forty years. It is a product that has completely left their mark, a deep e incredible.

From a strange event in his life, Hajime Isayama managed to pull one out full story, full of tiny details that blend perfectly with each other. He offered us gods real characters, Well outlined, each of which is characterized by its own personal path that we have the opportunity to observe closely.

The Attack of the Giants is a product balanced, owns really everything and the more we go forward with the episodes, the more we realize it. Nothing is left to chance: every event, detail, word is then explained throughout the entire series.

The questions you ask yourself at the beginning will be answered later and, at the same time, they will connect to other events you didn't know about. Of similar products, capable of hit so deep, there are few: theAttack of the Giants is one of them.

Un timeless masterpiece, which will remain in the mind and heart of every reader and viewer. Now, if you haven't done so yet, offer your hearts and absolutely recover this anime. The series is available on both Amazon Prime Video and Netflix (the second part of the fourth season will also arrive in August).

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