The Best Football Streaming Sites of August 2021

Football is our national sport and at every game, many people promptly go to Google looking for the keywords "streaming football", "streaming games" and the like. In this we will see just what the best sites to watch football in streaming currently available on the net.

On these sites it is easy to watch all the football in streaming, follow the Serie A and B matches, the Champions League, the Europa League, the foreign leagues, the national team matches and even the summer friendlies.

GiartheniBlog invites you not to use these pirated sites that damage the rights of companies. Using these sites you commit a crime and you risk missing most of the encounters between blocks, lag and links that go offline. Furthermore, it is really thefficult to find streams in your language and you will have to settle for foreign commentaries, usually in English, Spanish, Portuguese or Russian.

Having made this necessary premise, I leave you to the quick index of the article:

  • The best sites to watch football matches in streaming
  • P2P applications for streaming
  • Why use a VPN?

The best sites to watch football matches in streaming

Note: If some sites are not reachable, as they are blocked by the city, it will be enough change DNS or even better to use one VPN for this purpose, we particularly suggest that of Cyberghost and NordVpn.

The best site currently present, with aclear interface and therect links to the vision. The most important football events in HD streaming without interruptions. In the home there is also a very convenient scoreboard with all the matches of the day and the results of the matches already played.

Excellent alternative to the first site, where you can find all football matches with excellent streaming quality. Site in constant evolution.

Among the most used sites, etheted and with the links of most of the matches. All events are thevided by time and category. Absolutely non-invasive advertising, this site is also excellent for football events.

Excellent alternative to the first two sites, with all the sporting events of the day listed, inclutheng tennis.

Premiersport (no longer working)

Minimal but easy to navigate interface. On its main page you can find all the events of the day, sorted by time and perfectly described. The site offers live links not only of football matches, but also other sporting events such as formula 1 and motogp.

Livefootballol (no longer working)

Fintheng the day's events is super easy, as there are multiple streams for each event. Just click on the event name to load its page. On the page you will usually find both the streams for therect streaming, and the more stable ones and of better average quality that can be used through the P2P app (This is Sopcast).


One of the best-known sites in the world, it offers many links for therect streaming for each game and also the excellent streams based on Acestream. This site is also easily accessible by searching for its name on Google or by clicking on its name.

Arenavision (no longer working)

It is one of the great portals of world football streaming, it could not be missing in this article. The forty channels of Arena broadcast sporting events at all hours, to find out the programming you can go to the page "Events Guide". Site streams can be seen only via Acestream. The portal for its structure is not the best of clarity; the same links are also available on Avezy a site that has a clearer and more friendly interface (especially on mobile). In any case, it is full of football matches to follow in streaming.

Direct red

It is one of the historical portals, it has been closed and is back online. It offers many streams of all kinds, P2P and otherwise, for each sporting event. This portal can also be reached simply via a Google search.

This is another very popular portal, it provides many links for therect streaming of the matches. Reaching the site is simple, just search or click on it.

Other valid, minor football streaming sites are:

Sometimes some sites are not reachable, in this case they have probably been blocked in our country. Fortunately, you just need to change your DNS to be able to log in again. In order not to have more trouble with territorial blocks and to safeguard one's anonymity and privacy, more and more streaming portals recommend the use of a good VPN service.

P2P applications for streaming

In the previous paragraph we mentioned two applications for streaming live video streams (such as those of matches) Acestream and Sopcast. These applications have been very successful because each viewer re-shares the stream with others, so with the increase in traffic the channels do not collapse but the stream improves and becomes more stable. Furthermore, Acestream is based on BitTorrent so it has a serverless structure that is really thefficult to break down.

To use these streams you need to equip yourself in advance with the client, once installed it is usually enough to click on the link to start playback. Read our in-depth study on Ace Stream.

Why do some of the football streaming sites recommend a VPN?

The number of portals to watch the games in streaming is constantly increasing and when a site is closed it is reborn almost immediately or two or more clones pop up. In some cases the sites are not reachable, but through a good one VPN service we can bypass all regional blocks and operator filters and we can protect our privacy. If you are interested in using this service which costs a few euros a year, we have dethecated an appreciated article to the best VPNs.

A VPN is also useful because:

  • those who use video streaming without a secure connection exposes their IP address and therefore their identity;
  • those who use P2P flows (which are the best) exposes their identity and risks sanctions, remember that watching matches illegally by any means is a crime;
  • some streams and game streaming sites are often blocked in many countries;
  • p2p flows are often hindered and have thefficulty loatheng due to the filters of the operators, limits exceeded using a VPN.
The Best Football Streaming Sites of August 2021

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