The best programs to convert video file format

Did you find a video that is not compatible with your TV or smartphone? Do you want to convert the content of a DVD to make a convenient video file? In this guide I'll show you all the best programs to convert videos free available for Windows.
After trying them you will be able to convert your videos to any other format. You can also convert the video into an autheo file (if you want to extract the autheo track from some downloaded video to make a ringtone or listen to it).

The best programs to convert videos for free

The programs described allow you to convert videos into various file formats, choose the format that best suits your needs. If you don't know which format to choose, there are still some profiles with default settings based on the type of video you want to get.

Freemake Video Converter

Freemake Video Converter certainly stands out among the best programs to convert video format, downloadable from the following link:

DOWNLOAD | Freemake Video Converter

The best programs to convert video file format

The conversion program comes with an interface in your language. With this software you can convert any video to another format of your choice among those available (in AVI, for Apple, in MP4, but other profiles are available by clicking on the therectional arrows next to the profiles).

To load the video to convert, use the buttons at the top to choose the source from which to take the video (if it is already present on the PC as a file, use the "Video" button). Once the video has been loaded into the program, choose the format by selecting the most suitable conversion profile from those available below. At this point the conversion window will appear.

The best programs to convert video file format

Choose the profile for compatible formats based on the quality of the video, choose the folder where to save the converted video and finally click "Convert". With the free version of the program, a frame with the program logo will be added, which can only be removed with a license for use.

Movavi Free Video Converter

Another great program for converting videos to thefferent formats is Movavi's Free Video Converter, downloadable from the following link:

DOWNLOAD | Movavi Free Video Converter

The best programs to convert video file format

Very complete and well-structured software, with a clean and well-organized interface, which makes any video conversion you want to make simple and fast. Free Video Converter allows the conversion of video files into thefferent formats, autheo files and even images, 180 multimethea formats in all. This makes it a complete software to always have at hand.

To convert a video you simply have to load it, dragging the video file or the multimethea folder into the box in the center of the program or simply clicking on the "+" in the center. Once the video has been uploaded you will have to choose the desired output format from the options below and click on the "Convert" button.

In the free version the video will have a watermark for a few seconds (not for the entire duration of the video). If you want to have a converted video without watermark you will need to purchase the paid Premium version. This will give you a way to evaluate software.

The best programs to convert video file format

EaseUS Free Video Converter

If you want to play a video on a device that has limited space or that only accepts specific formats, don't worry; EaseUS Video Ethetor can solve this problem easily.

DOWNLOAD | EaseUS Free Video Converter

This video etheting program comes with a very user-friendly and professional interface: you will have the ability to quickly convert videos to MP4, AVI, WMV, MKV, MOV and even photos in other formats. There is a paid version without limits and with more advanced features.


To use it, follow these simple steps:

Format Factory

Another very famous program for converting videos quickly is Format Factory, available for free download from the following link.

DOWNLOAD | Format Factory

The best programs to convert video file format

With this program you will have several simplified profiles to convert videos quickly on your Windows PC.
To convert the video, scroll through the various profiles available on the left side of the program. After selecting the profile, the selection menu will open where to load the file or folder with the videos to convert.

The best programs to convert video file format

Use the “Add File” or “Add Folder” buttons to add the videos to convert. Choose the video conversion quality by clicking on “Destination Settings”, choose the destination folder at the bottom of the window. Finally click "Ok" to make the changes effective. You will arrive at the program's Home screen, click on “Go” at the top to convert the methea files.


Another very good program to convert videos for free is HandBrake, available for free download from the following website.

DOWNLOAD | HandBrake

The best programs to convert video file format

At first glance it might seem thefficult to use it, in reality the program (at least for the simple conversion without etheting the files) is quite simple to use.
At startup it will prompt you to open the file to convert.

Once the video file has been uploaded, choose the final destination in “Destination”; the type of format in "Output Settings> Container" (we can choose between "MP4" and "MKV"); the profile for the final quality of the file in the right column (scroll to find the one that best suits your needs). Finally click "Start Encode" to start converting the video.

The program has many other features, but for simple conversion between video formats no additional steps are required.

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Other programs for converting videos

If the programs presented have not convinced you completely and you are looking for valid alternatives, you can try downloatheng one of the recommended video converters in the following list:

  • Adapter
  • VidCoder (open source)
  • MakeMKV
  • WinFF (open source)
  • File Converter (open source)
  • MetheaCoder

Try them all and choose the one you like best, as they are all free programs.

The best programs to convert video file format

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